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  1. Every time Ahmed touches the ball there are five Raiders in the backfield already
  2. Miami getting beat on both sides of the ball they are stinking it up so far....
  3. I think they wanted the movie to fit who they pictured Tony Stark to be. He wasn’t some brooding angry dude like Nolan’s Batman. He was the fun loving playboy guy in the comics. It was definitely different from what they tried to do with the Hulk movies and the earlier movies from other studios where Feige and Arad did have creative influence.....the formula worked and I think Marvel decided to stick with it
  4. I thought Ragnarok was one of the better Marvel films...I also must be one of the few who liked Iron Man 3...
  5. Captain Marvel could be total bland cookie cutter stuff and it would still gross a quarter billion or so the Marvel train keep rolling interconnecting the characters/universe was something Stan Lee did in the comics that was brilliant in the MCU, it has really helped to expand the audiences for each new character...and making each movie work as a stand-alone and yet have each movie be a part of the whole story is brilliant.
  6. Roseanne is not a bigot. Roseanne is a Green Party leftist who has a visceral disdain for the corrupt center left establishment. She posted a single unfortunate and tasteless tweet comparing Valerie Jarrett, who happens to be 46% African American (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valerie_Jarrett) to a creature of simian origin. It was an unfortunate error, as Valerie could easily pass for not being African-American, at all.
  7. Actually it’s not RT has a thing where you can say if a movie is one you want to see or you are not interested in it. Repeat, these are NOT reviews
  8. If you Dvr off of tbs or tnt or USA or syfy or wherever, I doubt you will miss anything because of editing...
  9. В России мы смотрим телевизор. В Америке на вас смотрит телевизор.

  10. WORST



  11. If you puke in your mouth, then swallow, then almost die choking on that puke, this is what you call a Sam Quentin.  ####### awful. 

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