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  1. like any female actor couldn't be a drag on Bateman's character? She reminds me of the wife on Breaking Bad. The poor pitiful me wife that has a breakdown, or I don't want to uproot the kids, or letting her kids drop F bombs at will. Just the whinny constant hag during the show. I think she is the only bad character so far after watching all 10 episodes. The rednecks are great, the cartel people, even all the people they are in business with at this point without giving away spoilers I don't find the character of Wendy as poor pitiful me. I think she is a strong woman, and I think Linney plays her great. Her breakdown in the grocery store was a combination of losing her lover, stress over everything that has evolved over her husband's cartel involvement, and culture shock. That doesn't make her poor pitiful me, it makes her human. There are other women characters on that show that are strong willed too including the daughter and the redneck girl.
  2. I would like to see Norwell signed too. I'm not worried about next year's draft unless they keep Hurney on past Interim status. I agree with stratocatter that we are lucky to have Hurney around to fill in for the season. He knows the organization, and he says he has learned from past mistakes. Hopefully they find a great candidate to hire for GM next season. We shall see. I am interested in seeing how the offense will be this season, including if Cam can get those short passes out, and do it softly and accurately.
  3. It absolutely does and if you dont see that then I cannot help you. Its pretty apparent actually but if you choose to wear blinders then so be it. It seems that one issue, and I would think there were several issues, the Big Cat had with Gettleman was over how he handled the players. I don't find it surprising that Koncz was let go since he was promoted by Gettleman to be the director of player personnel. They must have felt a clean slate was needed there. I don't think that makes Richardson "fire happy."
  4. Its weird that East Carolina is in North Carolina. I guess they call it that since it is located in the eastern part of North Carolina. There is also a college in the western part of the state in the mountains called Western Carolina, but not West Carolina.
  5. I guess it depends on what you read. The last several years it was behind NC State as the 2nd largest. This was posted on May 4th of this year: Greenville, North Carolina is the home of East Carolina University, the second-largest university and fastest-growing campus in the University of North Carolina system. The university provides outstanding cultural programming and the excitement of a nationally recognized division 1-A sports program. Wikipedia says it is the third largest, although last year it said it was the second largest. Another East Carolina University is a public, coeducational research university located in Greenville, North Carolina. The school is the largest institution of higher learning in the region and, according to US News and World Report, the second-largest university in the state. It has held the title of the fastest-growing campus in the University of North Carolina system for six consecutive years. Whether it is second or third largest now, it isn't a small school.
  6. You keep referring to Zay's college as a small school, but East Carolina is the second largest university in North Carolina.
  7. Glenn Frey died in January last year, and got a tribute song too by the Eagles with Jackson Browne.
  8. You responded to massraider and said, "I guess I owe an apology for assuming the worst in this poster." You didn't directly apologize to Hooper. You should treat people better no matter what you assume.
  9. You are saying us and we, so is there more than one person that runs your team?
  10. I dunno man. Ware looks much shiftier than West to me. West isnt terrible or anything and I do think he deserves some playing time but to be the 3rd down back and passing down back when Ware has shown to be even better in the receiving game makes little to no sense to me I think West is faster, but they both are good receivers. Ware is more a bulldozer, and West is more a speedster. I guess they don't want to wear Ware out, so they put West in during 3rd down and passing downs. It is like how the Redskins use Thompson. It is hard to wear Ware out with the limited carries they give him. They could use Ware like Indy uses Gore. Gore usually gets around 15 carries, but they use him some in the passing game too even though Turbin is faster. They use Turbin also, especially in the two minute drill, but they do include Gore in the passing game.
  11. He is really good. His only bad game as far as it being his fault is the two fumbles he had against Denver. He catches everything thrown to him. When he gets lower yardage it is just because he didn't get a lot of targets. In an offense where the ball is spread around, he has built great chemistry and trust with Brees, and that says a lot since he is a rookie
  12. West is fast and shifty like JC, and since they were in the hurry up, my guess is that is why he was in.
  13. In standard he usually gets around 8 points per game. Touchdowns do hold him back from being a top 10 RB, but so does the number of touches he gets, which is due to the play calling. They also always have him run up the gut. They could be much more creative with him, but they use Hill for anything like that now, although they used him under center a couple times last night. They hardly use him in the passing game, and they just like to throw a lot, which is Andy Reid's signature.
  14. I think Peyton will continue to use both Ingram and Hightower, but Ingram will more than likely get the most points simply because he is better.
  15. He'll never have a better opportunity than he has right now. He's TE11 on per game basis. That's not great return on Detroit's top 10 pick. It's actually laughable. Along with his mediocre numbers under pristine conditions I've never seen a moment on the field where I said "wow" watching him. Sometimes TEs are asked to block. He did that today and the Lions won. I'd say that is a good day at the office.
  16. With Ware right there too. I mean Ware scores there a lot. He doesn't score there a lot, because he doesn't get the opportunity.
  17. He hasn't had enough GL carries to even be in the discussion of best GL back in the league.
  18. He is a RB 2 based on carries, passes, and touchdowns. West will continue to get time on the field too. Some of the Chiefs play calling is suspect. Reids time management is always suspect.
  19. F Lee Bailey said in an interview that Travolta nailed Shapiro. Also it is true that a prison officer that was guarding the jury did tell OJ the verdict before it was read. Kardashian did throw up after the verdict was read, and he doubted OJ's innocence.
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