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  1. Got it today for 110.97. 3 payments of 36.99. I have actually never tried to get it for free. Just give me a price I am comfortable paying and I'll pay for what i think is a great product.
  2. If Jacksonville came out of the top 2 rounds with Joeckel and Geno Smith, thats an A+ in my book.
  3. Texans Rep just got busted texting the pick to an insider I think.
  4. Agree - just cant watch espn for more then NFL Networks commercial breaks
  5. Do not like that landing spot for Eifert - was thinking he would have been a top 3 Dynasty PPREC guy
  6. gotta think the saints would love to recoup that 2nd rounder they lost
  7. Would be sweet if Oakland trades back again and picks up more picks.
  8. Wow - Raiders could go Geno? Probably gotta be Lotulelei though right??? Has DJ Haden risen enough?
  9. Or Could the jets turn the tables and build the offense? Geno Smith and follow that with Eifert?
  10. Wow Jets draft plans have really gotten Blown up I think. Milliner?? Floyd? Trade down?
  11. ESPN is really annoying. Tavon Austin with Sam Bradford - 1.1 in dynasty formats???
  12. They pulled in more than Minnesota did for Harvin in my opinion. Nice job Jets. And really solid job by Tampa adding the best CB in the NFL. Everyone wins.
  13. For me, I dont mind paying for something like this. Id rather not, but understand that they do not HAVE to give me deals. It pays to make that phone call and just ask. I called this afternoon, explained that money is tight and I just dont know how I can swing the Sunday ticket, but this is the main reason I have direct tv. The lady I spoke with took 30 bucks a month off of my monthly bill, took 10 bucks per payment off the Sunday Ticket, and added the redzone channel for 5.00 per month. So bottom line, I got the Sunday Ticket + RZ channel for regular price - 5.00 per month. I also got 30.00 credit to my monthly bill for one year. I cant complain about that at all. They didnt have to give me anything. This is why I love Direct Tv. They treat you like you matter. Can you imagine if every company in America cared about keeping your business like Direct TV? Edit to add - Sunday ticket is 199.99 per month this year with the Sunday ticket Xtra or whatever for 299.00
  14. I have said it from the Start - Elway cannot stand Tebow and this is why. Tebow is bigger in Denver already than Elway ever was.
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