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  1. Unpopular opinion...? Bought a Switch for the family at Christmas. Bought Breath of the Wild for myself and the wife to play because the kids are too young for it. I'm really not enjoying it though. It is essentially the same type of game as Red Dead Redemption 2 which I played through last year. Except it's significantly dumbed down. Stupid cartoon characters who only grunt or squeek when talking to you, forcing you to read speech text instead of professional voice overs. That #### was ok in the 90s but I expect more from my games now.
  2. I love how the new common germophobia that has developed in recent decades is so very selective in when it's exhibits itself. No logic behind it at all, just poor emotional reactions. Let me ask OP...why do you worry so much for the "health" of your member and ignore your mental health?
  3. Camel Up - a racing/gambling game that is just silly and fun for everyone. Avalon or The Resistance - two very similiar games that always play best with 6+ people Shadows over Camelot - for a deep cooperative strategy game with a possible traitor in the midst Bang the Dice Game - I really enjoy this one. Quick game but you could easily play it over and over all night. Between Two Cities - a unique game where everyone is has two "teams", one with the person on your right and another with the person on your left. Wits and Wagers - an impossible trivia game where it's all about gambling on which answer is closest to the real one Ethnos - an area control game that plays surprisingly fast Keyflower - a worker placement strategy game For Sale - a quick, easy to play card game about buying and selling real estate. I know that makes it sound boring but it's really not.
  4. You are delving into story lines that the general public won't watch. And right now Star Wars can't even make their main sotry line sequels at a top tier level. I'm not sure why you think a Thrawn movie could ever get John Q Public to lay down the price of a ticket.
  5. It's strange how opinions can vary. You guys are bashing that scene but I find it to be one of the best parts of the entire set of sequels. THE defining moment between those two characters. Duty and honour bound Kenobi has to take down his arrogant and foolish apprentice. One could argue it's the most important moment in the Star Wars universe.
  6. Star Wars 1 and 2 are virtually unwatchable. #3, 7 and 8 are decent but deeply flawed additions to the story. And only the original trilogy stands as true classics. Rogue One is a nice side story. Plus there is limited future left within the Star Wars universe. One more left in the 3rd trilogy. The upcoming Solo movie which looks awful. And what else really? Marvel has 19 movies done with the worst of the bunch, Thor, Dark World, still being more watchable than SW Ep1 and 2. And the future of Marvel is far more bright with the conslusion to Infinity War, plus sequels to all characters still coming. Add on top of that the beginning of the Xmen and Fantastic Four universes (done right) and we'll have 30+ movies to watch before 2021. It's not even that close and the fact that SW is winning shows that people are answering with their hearts and not their heads.
  7. https://en.boardgamearena.com/#!gamelobby Here's a website where you can play board games for free if you are willing to put up with a promo message sometimes before the games start. Personally I paid for the subscription because I was playing so much and it's only the cost of a reasonably priced game in order to play for a whole year. They have something like 125+ games to play including some really good and popular games like Tokaido, Takenoko, Carcassone, Stone Age, Puerto Rico. etc
  8. The Hellfire Amulet is part of my gear. I have the best options for the weapon/armor/jewelry abilities set. But I haven't yet progressed yet to a point where I'm doing Caldesann's Despair ranks. I still need to get the gems I have slotted in my gear up to 60+
  9. Popped an Ancient weapon for my build on only my 4th upgrade attempt.
  10. I have a pair of steel wings that spread open to reveal glowing orange feathers or something. It was just a really rare random drop, just like my 5 pets.
  11. I think you are mistaken in believing that more autonomous cars is a bad thing. It's actually a good thing. Because the more of them there are the more data is available to them. All their lidar scans, camera video, etc can be shared and creates a live database of road conditions. Literally when the roads are swamped with these cars they won't ever need to worry about what might be coming ahead in the road because the cameras of the autonomous cars ahead of it have already tracked all relevant info and passed it along. A solo autonomous car is more worrisome because it's completely dependent on it's own sensors and programming.
  12. I'm more than happy to have them tested on my streets. But that's because I have accepted that they are already equally as safe as regular cars. Which is what my point was in my original comment to you. You seem to be ok with your family being around regular cars but you are scared of autonomous cars. Which is why I'm saying your fears are without merit.
  13. My Leapquake MOTA Barbarian is crushing season 13. In the last 24 hours I have added 250 paragon levels. I just cleared GR72 without a death. But I am definitely feeling the boss power creep up. It's taking a solid 45 seconds now to take him down. So I probably won't be able to go much higher than GR75 or so. At that point I'll need some replacement Ancient gear. Building up my gems and putting on more paragon levels will of course help in boosting my power too. I'm actually getting 15+ levels for every GR clear right now. I know that won't last but it sure if fun right now. I never had that experience with my Wizard.
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