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  1. I really don't understand the mock drafts that have the Eagles trading Wentz and then trading up to draft a QB. What am I missing here? Isn't one of the reasons that Wentz is getting traded because Hurts looked pretty good? I really think that drafting Hurts destroyed Wentz's confidence, creating the situation they are in now. So why would they do the same thing again?
  2. According to this, there is no guaranteed money for Goff after this season, so the Lions can move on without taking a hit. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/lions-trade-matthew-stafford-to-the-rams-for-two-first-round-picks-a-third-round-pick-and-jared-goff/ It is still early in the process, but this certainly feels like a totally different front office approach. Hope it leads to success, great start so far!
  3. I think Rodgers' contract situation makes moving him this off-season more difficult than it would've been for the Lions to move Stafford last season.
  4. It seems like a more reasonable solution would be to give the team that gave the person a chance a pick too, as this would, in theory, give them a better chance to succeed. And 2 third rounders seems a little bit much.
  5. You can have the best coaching staff in the world, but if your team doesn't do a good job identifying talent, they'll always be trying to catch up. Add to poor scouting an inability to develop what little talent is discovered, then you don't have chance. And this is exactly where the Lions have been forever. If he really is great at finding talent in the draft, I'm all in. I sure hope so.
  6. Trading down should definitely be in play. I would like to see them take Parsons. It has been an eternity since they had a difference maker at LB. Although Tulloch was good, I think the last exceptional LB they had just got hired to help advise the owner. That defense needs a sideline-to-sideline warrior that finds his way into every play. I've seen Parsons compared to Luke Kuechly, and I would ABSOLUTELY use a top 10 pick on someone like that. The Lions' defense has no heart, no identity. I think this would be a good start to changing their identity. ETA: And I really think the
  7. Every recent mock draft I see has the Lions drafting either a QB or WR. If they decide to move on from Stafford, I understand taking a QB. But I really hope that QB is the only offensive position in play there. They need defensive playmakers in the worst way. When your defense sets records for the worst defense in team history, maybe you should consider addressing that side of the ball? And when you consider that the Lions have never been known as a defense-first franchise and were the first team to have an 0-16 season, setting that kind of record is really saying something. Here
  8. What do you think that premium is? At what point do you think the package is too much to pass up (but at the same time realistic that some team might offer it)? I don't have the answer for what that point is, but UNLIKE LAST OFFSEASON, they should make it clear that they will consider all offers. Who knows what a team like the Saints or Colts might offer. They should be willing to listen, and if a good enough offer comes in, they should trade him. He's certainly not the player they should look to trade at all costs, but if a good offer comes in, they shouldn't hesitate to pull the trigg
  9. That is some good quality. Does the fact that Chase opted not to play this year give you any concern at all? I haven't heard anything about how he's been training. If he's been training by himself, I might be a little concerned. If he's been going to one of those training factories then I might not be as worried, but if he was concerned enough not to play this year he may not want to train with anyone.
  10. Was that guy in front of you employed by the Lions' front office?
  11. If you are sold on one of the RBs, I would take that RB with the 1.01, and try to trade down from the 1.02. Personally, I would be taking Harris with the 1.01 if I had it in any leagues. If your league is as RB obsessed as you say, someone will want to get the 1.02 pick to grab one of the remaining RBs (Williams or Etienne). If you can drop back to the 1.05 or so, acquire a good young WR for dropping down, then you could draft Pitts at the 1.05 and take the best WR available at 1.08. With all of the hype now, I doubt Pitts lasts until the 1.08 in 1 QB leagues, so you may have to get int
  12. Yeah, I've got the #3 in a couple of leagues, and I was expecting him to be there, but not anymore. This is going to be a very solid 1st round, although the later rounds won't compete with last year's insane depth.
  13. Personally, I REALLY like the Spielman move. I would not have wanted him as the GM, because I don't think he has the requisite experience. But in this position, I think he can help the owner/president making better decisions from a football standpoint, instead of just from a bottom-line standpoint. His passion and fire as a player shows me that he is a true competitor, and I don't think that ever changes. I don't think he will be able to stand by if they continue to put a crap product on the field. I think that he will want to win, and 60+ years of ownership by the Fords haven't shown tha
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