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  1. How far do you think he falls in Dynasty drafts that haven't happened yet?
  2. I like the Gus Edwards call. He had over 700 yards last season WITH Ingram on the team, now Ingram is gone. If Dobbins were to miss significant time, Edwards could be a league winner.
  3. This is exactly why they should try to acquire him. If they can get him for a 7th and get decent production out of him, that is great value. If he does better than that and plays himself out of their price range, they can turn that 7th round pick into a higher-round compensatory pick, say a 4th rounder.
  4. Same here. I also usually avoid Jags players. But then in one of my current on-going drafts, I had four 1sts (1.04, 1.08, 1.09, and 1.11) and I ended up getting Etienne, Lawrence, Moore and Carter. Two each from the Jags and Jets. Not sure that's a winning dynasty strategy.
  5. While I agree with the general point of your post, there's one area where draft capital can be misinterpreted in fantasy football: when people don't take into consideration that a WR was drafted on day two or early on day three because of their prowess as a returner. That doesn't seem to happen much for RBs, but it does with WRs all of the time. If a player profiles as a returner, and the team that drafted him needed a returner, then I'm assuming that player was picked earlier because of their skill as a returner not because of their skill as a WR. I can't think of a good example off the top of my head, but it seems to happen about every year.
  6. I don't think they have enough talent on the roster to win a lot of games, but I want to see them put up a fight in every game. I want to see them beat up their opponent, even if they score fewer points. I can't remember the last time when the Lions were physical enough on defense where they could stop the other team from easily running out the clock. It always seems as though the Lions are always the team that even when they know the other team is going to run the ball, and all they need is one first down, and the Lions would let them get 8 yards on first down.
  7. I'll admit that I was unhappy that Sheila Ford Hamp was going to be the owner, but it had nothing to do with her being a woman, just that she was still part of the Ford family. Up until her, the Fords have not seemed to care one bit about whether they put a winner on the field. My pointing out the Speilman hire was not intended to give him the credit for everything, but rather to point to a moment in time when it seemed like the Lions organization had changed. It was a change that was perceptible even in real time. For the first time, the Lions seemed to genuinely be trying to make good football decisions. I was also a little skeptical with the "everyone has a voice" mentality, because I wasn't sure they could get everyone focused on the same goals, but whatever it is they are doing really seems to be working. I think it will take a couple seasons, but I really believe that in the next five years, this team will win the division and win a playoff game. Since they haven't done either of those things since the early 90s, that would be a good first step.
  8. I think that is a great move. Pretty telling how bad the Lions organization was, when their two best players of modern times (at least, possibly all time) retired early, and then didn't want to associate with the only team either of them ever played for. I believe that Spielman is probably behind this move, but good for SFH for bringing in some football people and to start making football decisions instead of just bottom line decisions.
  9. Nice work! Maybe instead of "Reverse Bird Gauntlet" we should just call it getting "Hitchcock'd."
  10. Has any Big Cat (or other NFL team) ever LOST the bird gauntlet? Because I'd take THAT action.
  11. Well, I think he will have two years left as a starter. Goff had more playoff victories (and Super Bowl appearances) in one season that ALL of the Lions QBs in the Super Bowl era COMBINED! I've never said or thought Goff was better than Stafford, but I also know that Stafford has limitations as well. I am interested to see how McVay does this year with a QB with Stafford's physical talent, while also seeing how he reacts when Stafford makes one of his patented costly mistakes. Maybe Stafford doesn't do that anymore, because he doesn't feel like he has to carry the team, but I would be comfortable taking that bet.
  12. I think you're really over-estimating McVay. Ever since he went full-on conservative in the SuperBowl, his offenses have not been very impressive, even with the weapons. Now, that decline also coincides with Goff seemingly falling off a cliff. Is Goff a great QB? I doubt it. But I don't think all of the Rams' offensive struggles the past two seasons have been because of Goff. And once a Coach-QB relationship starts to sour, there's almost never any coming back from that. It was clear the past couple of years that something had changed, but what was it? I think that the atmosphere building in Detroit is going to be one that players want to be a part of. I would not be surprised if Goff has a resurgence, just because the extreme pressure is gone, trying to play for a control freak.
  13. I like the Sage Surratt UDFA signing. Wish they would've drafted Wallace and Cox instead of St. Brown and Barnes, but was still very happy overall.
  14. I was very happy with the Lions' draft. It just feels like for the first time in my lifetime, they finally have people who understand how to build a football team. The whole off-season has felt different. I'm not totally sure about McNeil in the 3rd, but can't argue with building from the inside out. In the 4th, I was hoping they would take Wallace and Cox. They took St. Brown and Barnes, so the same positions just different players. All in all, I would give them a solid B, which is a marked improvement on where they've been for something like 60 years.
  15. I don't think too many players' stock went up due to landing spot, but a lot of the higher players' stock seems to have gone down. We've gotten spoiled the past few years where many of the best players went to above average situations.
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