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  1. Oh baby. Finally watched Hereditary and it was fantastic. Totally worth all the effort I put into not spoiling it and then forgetting it existed. In addition, the song over the credits shot me deep into a rabbit hole of exploration and feels and staring into my fire pit while nursing another beer. Judy Collins covers Joni Mitchell on Both Sides Now I guess it's not a good predictor of how I'll like Midsommar but I'll get to that soon.
  2. I liked In the Tall Grass on Netflix. Not without flaws but a decent Stephen King bender of time and space. Not mentioned much in here and not well regarded when it was, but I've wasted time in worse ways.
  3. Robᵉʳᵗ Graham #PcapsOrItDidntHappen @ErrataRob 20h 11/ Router announcements (using BGP) and name lookups (using DNS) represent the logical structure of the Internet. When things fail, it's usually DNS and sometimes BGP. Robᵉʳᵗ Graham #PcapsOrItDidntHappen @ErrataRob 20h 12/ Facebook put their DNS servers inside it's own address space (instead of locating them elsewhere). Thus, because of the BGP problem, there's also a DNS problem. . . . Robᵉʳᵗ Graham #PcapsOrItDidntHappen @ErrataRob 20h 20/ You can imagine right now that employees are no applying sledge hammers to concrete walls to make a hole so they can get into the server rooms to fix the BGP problem, because their badges don't work. Robᵉʳᵗ Graham #PcapsOrItDidntHappen @ErrataRob 20h 21/ In theory, fixing this BGP problem should be a quick fix. But when your entire infrastructure is interdependent on itself, then there's a lot of impediments to fixing the core problem. RRRRAAAAWWWWRRRR!!!!
  4. I've watched two episodes and should get to the third shortly. Lately I've been listening to the audiobook versions of the Foundation novels to put me to sleep. Galaxy, Asimov's characters speak oddly.
  5. I want to play TLOU but my only option is streaming it to my PC through PSN. Tried that a little for Bloodborne and it sucked enough to quit after an hour or two. Try again?
  6. Looking forward to this for a long time. Visuals look good.
  7. I read this post in the same voice I read @Studs & Duds
  8. If he started late and hasn't generally been exposed to top level coaching, the best ROI is in skating instruction. There's always improvements to be made to technique and every last bit of balance, efficiency, and tactics makes all his skills and natural attributes better. As he gains better command of his edges and can change speed and direction better, some basic pulls and a snap shot (quick, from imperfect setups) gain a lot of value. After that, it's having enough skill and fitness for his brain to see and play the game. Where's the space going to be and how can I position myself to either take advantage of it or help a teammate to take advantage of it? The sticks can be ridiculously expensive but represent a serious advancement in the game. They're more durable than you'd think but we've also broken a couple. I had a daughter playing high level club and while there's no shortage of physical contact in her game, the boys' game is comparatively horrifying. Get the best helmet you can for concussion protection. Virginia Tech hockey helmet rankings are the best resource I know. Good luck!
  9. If you're expecting colder weather, there's a lot of value in a propane can heater and/or clip on "sides" for your canopy. Doubles as a reheat station as you can put a pot of cold chili/chowder/gumbo on top and it'll warm up nicely.
  10. My 2013 Outback consumed a lot of oil. It earned me a new "short block" (new engine inside the valves) on warranty after 75k miles. I got the sense that efforts to meet high demand by Subaru really drove down the quality. Had lots of small electrical issues, too. Too many burnt out bulbs before LEDs were prevalent. But it was a good drive and very reliable in bad New England weather.
  11. Comcast insists that I can transact any business on their app. No thank you, I'm not a customer, not downloading your app. Doing this for a parent and I'm deeply suspicious that you'll be able to take the router MAC address through the app.
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