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  1. I would be shocked if they killed off any of the big characters. First that would be a real slap at canon. Second I think Disney would find it a little disconcerting for their money truck to lose an asset. Agreed. I wouldn't put it past Whedon, but I don't think Disney would go for it... unless it was one of the minor members. No way they whack Iron Man, Cap, Thor or Hulk, but I could see them getting rid of Hawkeye or Black Widow. Though being the only woman, I'd say Black Widow is pretty safe. Yeah I think they would let Whedon weed out some bit players but not the marquee folks. And yeah
  2. Now I do! Thanks!

  3. Why don't you have any profile comments?

  4. GAMERTAGS: The gamertag is listed first and then their forum name. Gamertag - FBG FBG Alias - Alias jakeeb - bauer EAbell - belljr Model Engine - Bonfire Super Chet - Chet BruceZowned - Chris Bruce SmoothChris13 - cjdavis JD PJ - Cowboys#1 Ren H03k - dantheman8417 FBG dude - dude Strifewind - dude Mirra9 - Eagles09 STEADYMOBBIN 22 - Emmit Smith SirFelixCat - fasteddie_21 FBG Badger - Giant Wooden Badger Tango Zulu - goonsquad Green94 - Green94 hamster133 - hamster_13 Harris85 - Harris FBG JTG - JerseyToughGuys JNox3 - JNox3 FBGKGB - KGB LA LAUNCH - Launch TheEyeDoc - Mad Cow Meat99 - meat ston
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