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  1. Separately is anyone in this thread a CREFC attendee?
  2. Hey guys - So all this recent talk about an investment/crash pad property has me thinking. I love NYC. I live in Charlotte and work for a major bank. I'm in NYC often for work and sometimes for fun. Do any of you have a property you rent via AirBnB or something similar? Would use a few times a year personally and rent otherwise. Thinking one bedroom with room for a couch.
  3. This is amazing. I love this movie and totally missed this. So great!
  4. Would love if you could grab me a 4 pack buddy! I know I owe you a response on your PM...
  5. Cherry Abduction Raspberry Abduction Orange Abduction Orange 1, raspberry 2, cherry 3
  6. BGE owner and love the Looftlighter. Great product!!
  7. Points Unknown IPA - eh, this was underwhelming to me. It's what it's described is but it comes off super malty. Is complex tho. 2015 Prairie Bomb - always good and now locally distributed, woo 2015 KBS - courtesy of ilov80s. Thanks buddy! Always great. Much better than bomb to me. I love this beer.
  8. - wicked weed sours - westbrook BA beers and sours - green man sours - Olde hickory BA beers
  9. Cheers man. I drink both those beers all the time. Definitely my two favorite IPAs that I can get fresh regionally. Hop drop has that dank stickiness to it that I just love in an IPA. Of the three hoppy beers you sent the general consensus was Smells Like Weed 1, Freedom of 78 2, and Huma 3. Everyone enjoyed all 3. Thanks dude!!
  10. Nah buddy brought to an impromptu bottle share. Assume he traded for em
  11. Shorts Freedom of 78 courtesy of ilov80s Shorts hums Luma licious courtesy of ilov80s Dark horse smells like weed courtesy of ilov80s Dugarde bu weisse Cantillion iris Cantillion vigneronne Cantillion grand cru bruocsella Olde hickory omega point Amongst others Going up...on a Wednesday...
  12. Ha. And they don't let you leave that market area where you buy the can. Happy chuggingOh ####. It's a full terminal over too.There's a wine bar in the main lobby that has HDR as well as Bad Daddy's in Terminal B. Dunno what time they open. Good luck!
  13. Ha. And they don't let you leave that market area where you buy the can. Happy chugging
  14. It tastes just like root beer. Can't taste the booze. Doesn't taste like beer at all. It's an amazing and dangerous beer
  15. My friend just got a dream job at the Bruery so is moving to California and had to clear out most of his cellar, which is truly amazing - probably 500 bottles or so of crazy great beer and he's decided he's only going to be able to move a few cases. I could only stay for a couple hours but we were opening one great beer after another and it was just really getting going strong when I left. I recall Black Tuesday, a few different Dark Lord vintages, Firestone Walker XVIII anniversary, Smooth Criminal, several older Central water barrel-aged stuff, lots of old sours and other funky stuff including 2010 Juliet as a palate cleanser, New Glarus 20th. The ten years of BigFoot was pretty interesting. I personally thought the 05, 06 were declining, the sweet spot for me was the beers with about 5-7 years on them.Awesome man, sounds like a great great time! Good friend! What's he doing at Bruery?
  16. Are these available in Charlotte or did you get them out west? How did the bachelor party go? Is there a write up somewhere around here? Can't get 50/50 here, this was in San Fran. This is a whale of a beer but current 50/50 releases are very obtainable anywhere in the west. They are expensive usually though 20-35 bucks. Which bachelor party? Sebowski, I was at a local bottle shop (Salud) in Charlotte last night that has like 8 taps. They were doing an event to celebrate that they now have food. Lo and behold some dude walks in with an Ocelot shirt on. He's friends with the manager I guess but knew your brother too. I had an Ocelot sticker with me to put up in the bottle shop. Too funny
  17. Any of you NY guys have plans for the derby or fight? I just found out I have a client event on Sunday evening and the flight up was way cheaper saturday than sunday. So gonna do derby and fight in the city. Staying in midtown. Was thinking about Maysville for the derby but they will not have it on TV, just radio. Any suggestions? Anyone want to grab a drink or watch the fight?
  18. How much?A few years ago one of our local stores got the FiftyFifty for the first time, a bunch of the variants. Priced them all at $30. 2-3 years later they were pretty much all still on the shelf. I'm sure they're all great, I've had tastings of a few, but I can't bring myself to drop $30 on just 1 bottle of beer. Hundo. I don't think it was "worth" it, but I've wanted to try that beer for a long time and it goes for a lot more than 100 in resale/trade market so splurged. It was damn good. I do agree that the eclipse variants are expensive in general but they are very good and fun to taste the different barrel characters.
  19. 2008 Pappy Van Winkle 23y FiftyFifty Eclipse. Bucket list beer for me. The 2011 Elijah Craig 18y remains the best Eclipse variant I've had but this was damn good
  20. Awesome! The place looks immaculate on FB. I'm jealous you got to try their beers. Especially if it's going to be a regular occurrence!Grapefruit Sculpin tonight. Not sure what you mean by that. I would love to get their just once. I dont know what the area is like. Is it a decent vacation spot? Meant jealous about being able to go, even moreso if it's a regular occurrence for Palmer. Place looks amazing and listening to Sebowski talk about the brews makes me want to get in the car and start the drive tomorrow.Second that. It looks and sounds realky good. If there was ever a cornhole I went to, it would be Ocelot.I don't live in VA (I'm in Charlotte) but travel a lot for work and will def be back. Very convenient to Dulles.
  21. Had three beers at Ocelot Brewing today, Sebowski's brewery! An imperial pale wheat ale (he can describe it better, but ale yeast, kinda of like an imperial gumballhead is best thing I can think of). A RIS that was excellent. Very roasty. Once they get their barrel program up, this one will be a lot of fun with different variants. Very good beer in its own right. And then a citrus forward IPA. Was very good. Crisp, clean, grapefruit but not too bitter. Very nice. The venue is gorgeous and they have great equipment and some cool stories about their bartop and tables. Good times. Thanks for hospitality Sebowski! I'll be back and are already recruiting friends in the area!
  22. - heady topper - bissel brothers swish - 2013 tart of darkness - there Gose the neighborhood - bottle logic dark star November - weyerbacher sunday morning stout - new glarus oud bruin - lawsons finest chinooker'd - NoDa hop drop - triple c 3c ipa
  23. This is a hot topic in NC. I really don't get it. bells is picking a fight they lose no matter what... Innovation isn't blameless, they've fanned the flames, but this is so stupid. Hop drop tonight
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