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  1. I think he's a dynamite sell-high candidate right now. His stock keeps rising to ridiculous levels. I think he could be exceptional, but you can probably couple him with another so/so back and get a more proven commodity. I was able to move Johnson/Graham/Rivers for Lynch.
  2. A 66 yard TD where no one touched him against a terrible defense isn't super impressive. It was a weak weak weak defense and a hole to run through.The other 5 carries for 11 yards is worrisome to say the least. He'll be great if they can get him in space, but I wouldn't bet on him being an everydown back any time soon.The run wasn't that impressive. Pretty much ran a straight line, which a handful of guys have the speed to make that play, but probably 90% of backs get tackled before the endzone.Still, to say 5 carries for 11 yards is worrisome to say the least? Are we equally worried about Maroney, Ray Rice?
  3. If he keeps this up he'll catch up to Matt Leinart in just a few more seasons.It would appear this was THE game where Rivers found himself. Though, Tennessee made it easy for him twice, he did a great job of making plays today. They basically decided they were going to make Rivers beat them...and Rivers beat them.
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