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  1. Order shutdowns, limit capacity, decide essential a non-essential but then dont offer financial support and watch folks and businesses whither.
  2. Yes, I was fortunate to work for a firm eligible for ppp and that allowed me and my coworkers the opportunity to stay employed. That was 6 months ago however and now there is talk of a further shutdown in my area and this time there is No ppp to bail pout my firm. Also the folks in many small businesses in my area did not recieve the ppp help and the owners and any employess continue to be shut out now that the unemployment bennies are scaling back and the evicition moritorium about to lapse. Folks are struggling, anxious and scared.
  3. Restaurants and other small businesses are being pummeled by public health and safety initiatives leading to unemployed or underpaid employees struggling to pay rent/mortgages and the US govt cme up with a whopping $1200/ 6 months ago as a cure all and Now we are on the precipice of massive evictions and defaults while the govt fiddles. Looking at Sanders data I am infuriated and ashamed.
  4. He could try and be more human with some semblance of understanding and compassion for the protestors, similar to how he voiced understanding with coal miners, factory workers and farmers. It may be just talk but sometimes talk helps.
  5. Or maybe not be such an incendiary and sensitive figure requiring metal cages set up around his "office". He's reaping what he sowed and the commentary comes along with the rest of it all.
  6. Was it one of Trump's many appearances on howard Stern's radio program that led you to see trump as a beacon of hope?
  7. What possessed you to look for hope in a failed real estate devolper, silver spoon Playboy, meat salesman, condo con artist and all around grifter like the 2001 version of trump during your time of stress?
  8. He was an instigator as evidenced by the shooters online postings, more so than the media who Trump called out and more so than video games which Trump called out.
  9. I don't know if discussed previously in this giganto thread, but can someone fill me on the teams in this battle?
  10. Think you have that backwards. The glue traps are considered inhumane. Yeah, glue traps are the suck. When I was in my late teens I got a job working the overnight at the local gas station. One night I see a mouse go running into the back closet so I leave my boss a note about the situation. Next night he leaves me some glue traps to set out and says to place them around the edges and under the counters and then check on them throughout the night. Sure enough, about 1:00 in the morning I hear 'squeak-squeak' coming from under the candy counter. Yep, I got one! Now comes the hard part- wh
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