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  1. Top to bottom based on your own chosen time frame. Based on mine the following without detail: Pittsburgh>NYG Baltimore=Philadelphia Cincinnati<Dallas Cleveland > Washington
  2. This was known as soon as Trump was impeached the first time.
  3. When even your 80 year old level headed reasonable mom chooses sides you know a spits gone too far.
  4. $2.15/hr +tips with a shift from 11:00am-6:00pm at a restaurant that now does 50% curb side where tips are minimal is a crappy job. $15/hr with no tips at that same place is an ok job. Job 1 does not get me to give up my unemployment, job 2 does as an example...
  5. Matrix 3- Didn't walkout but shoulda. Sat there and fulminated the whole time waiting for the stoopid to stop which it never did. Matrix 2 was same but I like beating my head against the wall so I was hopeful 2 was a set-up for a grand finale in 3 but noooooooo, 3 was even dumber and more assinine than 2. I contemplated driving to LA to shake down the Wachowski sisters for stealing my money. Grand theft writ large.
  6. Order shutdowns, limit capacity, decide essential a non-essential but then dont offer financial support and watch folks and businesses whither.
  7. Yes, I was fortunate to work for a firm eligible for ppp and that allowed me and my coworkers the opportunity to stay employed. That was 6 months ago however and now there is talk of a further shutdown in my area and this time there is No ppp to bail pout my firm. Also the folks in many small businesses in my area did not recieve the ppp help and the owners and any employess continue to be shut out now that the unemployment bennies are scaling back and the evicition moritorium about to lapse. Folks are struggling, anxious and scared.
  8. Restaurants and other small businesses are being pummeled by public health and safety initiatives leading to unemployed or underpaid employees struggling to pay rent/mortgages and the US govt cme up with a whopping $1200/ 6 months ago as a cure all and Now we are on the precipice of massive evictions and defaults while the govt fiddles. Looking at Sanders data I am infuriated and ashamed.
  9. Im less concerned about the new paradigm on a personal level but on a societal and national level. Watch the Obama interview on 60 mins as well as the Farad https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2020/11/15/fareeds-take-trump-biden-election-transition-sot-gps-vpx.cnn piece here : to understrand the larger implications.
  10. The bigger issue to me is the vitriol that was thrown at Obama and Hillary by many of the same who are hardcore Trump supporters who then react in a scorched earht manner when you point out trumps failings. Its truly amazing to watch the contortions as folks now lambaste twitter/facebook et al and herd over to parler to enjoy a larger echo chamber of bitterness.
  11. We are now arms length for just the reason of lack of mututal respect. Shouldnt have come to this but thats where we in this country are today.
  12. let the healing begin https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/776645-trump-2020-hq-the-great-place/?do=findComment&comment=23085836
  13. I was accused by a good friend of being a traitorous socialist pig-her words- because I voted for Biden which automatically means I am in favor of defunding the police. She is legit worried the madding hordes are going to overtake the country so she and her family are stocking up on ammo and making plans just in case. She informed me that I hurt Her deeply by my choice as it shows we dont share core values. Also I dont love America. Again her words backed up by her family support. I've bent over backwards to listen but now apparently the leftists are stealing the lection so its more proof that I support the downfall of America. This is a mindset that is not easy to approach with empathy when its me alone that is expecting to bend.
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