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  1. Crabtree has been a huge disappointment I dropped him this week
  2. local media here already gave him the new nickname of Billy Lohan last week during all the partying with Josh Gordon talk
  3. Early projections have us possibly losing every game this year, or winning as many as 3 games. That said we already know that it will take multiple drafts to TRY to rebuild this team. Our QB options should include: Goff, Wentz, Lynch, Watson, Kayaa. Add this years borderline 1st in Cook if you're a believer. Then you have DE Myles Garrett who most likely will be the #1 overall pick in 2017 barring injury (#2 college prospect in the nation behind Fournette). Barnett is the #2 DE prospect and will be a top 10 pick also. So in the next 2 years we have 2 blue chip opportunities to address our biggest needs: QB & DE/LB(Pass rusher). Its a would you rather.. 1. Wentz/ Goff -2016, Garrett/ Barnett -2017 2. Buckner /Bosa /Jack -2016, Watson/ Kayaa -2017 We obviously have other needs but Im hard pressed to prioritize anything above these 2. Personally as much as I love the idea of Myles Garrett here, after seeing what Watson did to Bama and their defense stacked with NFL talent, I think Id rather go with option 2. Buckner/Watson
  4. Seems crazy to me going QB at #2 now. Id bet on us trading back. -which Id hate.. This team is going nowhere for the next 2-3 years BEST CASE which is Joe Thomas's window of playing at a high level. No way can you now try to trade him for a 1st given the current Oline issues.
  5. The win dropped us two spots on the draft order. The way Tennessee has been playing they'll probably lock up the top pick and San Diego isn't much better in the second spot. Here is the current top-ten go to the link for the full read. --------------------- http://www.sbnation.com/nfl-mock-draft/2015/12/13/10064384/2016-nfl-draft-order-titans-chargers-browns-cowboys Three teams at the top have a 3-10 record, but a strength of schedule tiebreaker gives Tennessee the top choice over Cleveland and San Diego. or now, here's the full 2016 NFL Draft order (will be updated after Monday's game): 1. Tennessee Titans: 3-10 (.498 strength of schedule) 2. San Diego Chargers: 3-10 (.527 SOS) 3. Cleveland Browns: 3-10 (.529 SOS) 4. Dallas Cowboys: 4-9 (.517 SOS - 3-8 in conference) 5. Baltimore Ravens: 4-9 (.517 SOS - 3-6 in conference) 6. Detroit Lions: 4-9 (.529 SOS) 7. San Francisco 49ers: 4-9 (.531 SOS) 8. Jacksonville Jaguars: 5-8 (.469 SOS) 9. New Orleans Saints: 5-8 (.512 SOS) 10. Chicago Bears: 5-8 (.524 SOS - 2-7 in conference) I think it's actually because we beat them and have the tie breaker earlier in the year. Johnny's 1st win.. that said, today on local radio they were saying that the corrected standings currently have us at #2 after TEN. I just can't trust Johnny given his immaturity & decision making to lead the Browns. I never was a believer in his game translating to consistent wins, nor his size/frame holding up. The Browns haven't been in position to draft the #1-2 ranked QB in a long time. We now are. Id love for him to come out these last 3 games play lights out and prove me and a majority of others wrong. My perfect scenario has him traded away for something of value and we draft Lynch, and a WR in 2nd(Thomas, or the Baylor WR) & Go get Wilkerson in FA.
  6. Talk about a meteoric rise. This guy was hardly on anyone outside of Memphis' radar at the beginning of the season, and now he's considered by some to be the top QB in this class. FYP. Memphis (and many opponents in the AAC) were well aware of Lynch prior to this year... though he has definitely taken that proverbial "next step" thus far this season. One of the more intriguing things is he's doing it with a starting WR and TE corps that are almost exclusively WALK ONS. http://www.commercialappeal.com/sports/tigers/football/walk-ons-play-critical-roles-in-tigers-success-228ffc92-a3e0-46f5-e053-0100007fb7a3-334879181.html Cleveland needs to get this guy. Im not sure how the front office will shake out this offseason but there are just so many things to like about Lynch. Get whatever you can for Johnny and move on.
  7. Until the QB is undisputedly resolved I think we have to keep throwing darts at that position. **I never wanted Johnny here. His improvisation worked in Texas but IMO that won't CONSISTENTLY translate in the NFL. Add his off field baggage, and most importantly his stature/frame.. Im ok with them taking a chance on Johnny last year. He failed to do his job and Im ready for my team to move forward without him. Get me Goff or Lynch. Id like to see M.Wilkerson here in FA.
  8. Agree. Having Matthews I was clamoring for the TD but this is exactly why I figured they didn't look at it again. Momentum was in Philly's favor.
  9. Sam Bradford $13 Derek Carr $7 Kirk Cousins $3 --------------------- Mark Ingram $20 Chris Ivory $15 Ameer Abdullah $14 Isaiah Crowell $13 Danny Woodhead $12 Christine Michael $3 ------------------------ Julio Jones $26 Brandin Cooks $21 John Brown $12 Davante Adams $9 Markus Wheaton $5 Eddie Royal $4 -------------------------- Rob Gronkowski $33 Owen Daniels $8 Crockett Gillmore $4 Maxx Williams $3 ------------------------- Dan Carpenter $3 Josh Scobee $2 Sebastian Janikowski $2 ----------------------------- Arizona Cardinals $7 Miami Dolphins $7 Cleveland Browns $4
  10. Todman claimed two days ago can play eh? So he knows where to line up and they trust him in pass-pro? And Dri Archer isn't anything other than a 3rd down specialist. The Browns drafted a FB who has looked great catching the ball and I'm sure they'll use him a lot if Duke isn't cleared in the next five days. Its not unreasonable to expect he will be cleared since his concussion happed in the third preseason game so it will over two weeks by game time. If Duke clears then all is good IMO. If he doesn't this is looking very ugly, potentially. If Crow were to get injured they are screwed. Only having 2 RBs capable of playing is a big risk IMO.Lol, sorry the Browns are not screwed if Crow gets injured. I like Draughns a lot BTW.If a team loses a superstar that cannot be replaced they are screwed. If a team loses an easily replaceable RB who was a FA acquisition they aren't screwed. If we lost Joe Thomas or Joe Haden then yeah any hope of a respectable season is gone. I like Draughn a lot and think he's very under rated and under the radar. I love Duke and I also like the guy we put on IR and who is eligible to return in a few months Glenn Winston. Farmer picked up Winston early last year off the wire and Draughns after he cut Tate so he liked Winston even before he was considering cutting Tate so he really likes him. As for wild speculation, if the Steelers lose DeAngelo that game could get ugly and the next game as well since LeVeon is out the first two games. Its sorta silly to assume Crown and Draughn will get injured. You can like Draughn all you want but he was just on the practice squad, presumably for a reason.I'm in no way confident in what Pitt has at RB right now but seeing you outline it makes me view it as far better than what Clev has, if Duke isn't playing. Just rating the group of backs; Williams Crow Todman Archer Draughn Ranking them isn't really the crux of the point, though. Maybe you like the Clev duo better than all 3 Pitt RBs. It doesn't really matter. Sometimes it's just about having viable bodies. Pitt is in a far better position to withstand an injury because there have power in numbers, 3 guys as opposed to 2. So, lol about it all you want but there is a reason it's rare, extremely rare, for NFL teams to carry only 2 RBs into an actual game. It's a violent game and RB is perhaps the most violent position. looks like a tallest midget contest.. Pitts Oline < Cle OLine.. heard on the radio a couple days ago that 1 rumor is that the Borwns will sign a RB immediately after week 1. Something to do with avoiding guaranteed money for whomever is signed.
  11. They didn't call him Terrance "East to" West for nothing.. and by they I mean me. well, that's some pretty damning information right there, if you ask me.Actually they've been calling him that since last year on local radio here in Cleveland.
  12. What flaws does he have that aren't correctable? He cannot read a defense, he has actually gotten a bit better at not locking onto a receiver but he has zero pocket awareness. I can guarantee that with Weeden you see an increase in off holding penalties, injuries( go back and watch the pass to Bess just before halftime; needed 10yds, throws a jump ball 5 yds down, into double coverage.) Not unlike the Campbell pass that ended Lewis's season.. You cannot just look at the stats. Hoyer made quick decisions and many times allowed his receivers to make plays in-stride. Weeden's passes are late or too high which is a big part of his problem. He really is Derrick Anderson and his only saving grace is the occasional broken play 40+ yd bomb that luckily Gordon is able to convert. Regardless of Weeden, Our defense will help us to win a few more games which unfortunately will keep us out of the top 4 lottery of Bridgewater, Boyd, Mariotta, or Clowney. But that's typical for this city..given our history of QB issues I think you have to draft a QB 1st and let him and Hoyer compete next year.
  13. Just saw a Keith Britton tweet saying they are looking at Tyler Thigpen.. Yikes. Info originated from Tom Pellisaro fwiw.
  14. The issue with cleveland is that their receiving corps is young and inexperienced- and potentially not very talented (MM and Robiskie). Signing plax doesn't really help as he has been out of football for a couple of years and won't be expected to produce a lot the first season. He will playing himself back into shape and getting readjusted to game speed. What the Browns should do is make a run at D Mason. His experience, attitude and reputation could help the young receivers while he will be most productive when they are least productive (this year) and fade as they are getting stronger. Plax is a guy you want to stick in a strong WR corps where he can specialize for the first season not in a corps that needs a quality all around player.Plax is still a huge target. Ive been onboard this idea of getting Plax since before his release. He'd come cheap and I'd be very surprised if he doesnt come back in focused and a little more mature. I just love his redzone potential and know he adds to our playbook. We dont need Mason, there will be much cheaper veterans to provide leadership if needed.
  15. Colt's the guy, if AJ Green is there he is the pick.?? Although I like Colt ALOT and was pleasantly surprised at how well he did considering being a rookie, If Cam is there you HAVE to go get him. The guy is special, has great size and big arm which Colt does not. Colt could be a very good QB in the NFL but I highly doubt his ceiling is anywhere near Cams. As for Green WR's are scary to draft in the 1st. Id rather invest 1st round money into a "stud QB" like Cam then a WR. AJ Green may be the 2nd best player in the draft and we are not going to get Luck.I don't believe in any non-Luck QB in this class, I'd rather have Colt than all of them. I was dead wrong about him last offseason and am thrilled about it.Can someone compare what kind of money/term it would take to sign VJax vs taking AJ Green in the 1st?? If its even remotely close then you go get VJAX period..again I feel Colt did good considering but just not sure you dismiss the QB position because he's here. AJ being #2 talent in this draft is arguable..
  16. ..and MoMass is a WR3 on any other team outside CHI (WR2). He is soft and really pi$$ed me off yesterday not blocking in the play that ended in Cribbs being reinjured.. watch the play and youll see him take the play off and just stand there.. hes avg on his best day.
  17. Colt's the guy, if AJ Green is there he is the pick.?? Although I like Colt ALOT and was pleasantly surprised at how well he did considering being a rookie, If Cam is there you HAVE to go get him. The guy is special, has great size and big arm which Colt does not. Colt could be a very good QB in the NFL but I highly doubt his ceiling is anywhere near Cams. As for Green WR's are scary to draft in the 1st. Id rather invest 1st round money into a "stud QB" like Cam then a WR. We need to sign a solid vet there. If we do not draft DE Clayborn here then I say the pick has to be Cam. Screw needs.. you go get the best football player available period. **If CLE signs Gruden as HC then its probably safe to bet Colt is here to stay as Gruden is rumored to be the main driving force to Holmgren drafting him..(per Sig B tweet today). Im not a Gruden to CLE fan fwiw.. Give me Fisher!!
  18. If I had to chose betwen those 3 Id take Kolb all day. He put up some great games last year when he started. The other 2 absolutely scare me..
  19. Cutler needs a big sure handed WR which he does not have right now. He has no fear throwing the ball and expects his guy to just make plays. Fact is that the Bears have 2-3 WR2's and no true WR1; maybe if they did then a couple of the drops from tonight dont happen and maybe the Bears win. As for the "3 of the 5 INT's were not his fault" comment(arguable) but lets say that's true, he still was responsible for 2 including 1 that could of been the difference of the win. Cutler costed them the game tonight. period.
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