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  1. The highlight of the season was finding out that the undercover cop that arrested Ajax in the Warriors is Vince and Johnny Chase's mother. The show sucked this year. Vince Chase hanging in a tree whining like a little beaoitch will be my memory of this season. Also, does anybody else find it pathetic that a cast member of an HBO Show is portraying herself in another HBO Show? How pathetic is that? Apparently Jami-Lynn Sigler's career has hit a dead end. "Hi there Turtle, remember me in Homie Spumoni?" Pathetic: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0797464/
  2. I'm from Chicago, so I'm biased to start off with. CHICAGO STYLE PIZZA SUCKS!!! It's like eating a loaf of bread with some tomato sauce on it. Thin crust is where it's at - where it's ALWAYS been at - and where it should always be at.
  3. I told my wife (as I was slobbering down the prime rib Saturday night). No more turkey anytime. Lasagna or prime rib for me from now on.
  4. I'm a big fan of the prime rib. Gotta make sure you have some horseradish sauce as a condiment though. Not that prime rib needs it. Thumbs up - great idea. Sure beats turkey. Then again, so do White Castle Sliders.
  5. I love this place. You really think he wrote the ending based on what Steve Perry wants?LOL... Capella, don't get your clown pocket all puckered up... I was just pushing the Chase-apologists buttons.
  6. Steve Perry saved Tony Sopranos life. I never thought I'd read that story, but it's true: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So did you know ''Don't Stop Believin''' was going be in the episode? STEVE PERRY: I did know ahead of time because they had wanted the song and they approached us, the writers — myself, [Journey bandmates] Jonathan Cain, and Neal Schon — a long time ago. Honestly, it didn't clear until last Thursday, because I was concerned that this could be a finale bloodbath or a Valentine's massacre. So I said, ''Well if you can't tell me what's gonna happen [in the episode] and trust me that I won't tell anybody, I can't personally feel comfortable approving the use of the song.'' Chase is REALLY a wuss bag for caving in to such pressure from a primadonna has-been hairband whacker. Link: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20040769_2...0042340,00.html
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2000s version of Alan Alda! Stereocast for life!
  8. Just fan fiction--none of these 3 people cited are correct--the dude in the Members Only jacket was just cast for this scene according to the interview with him before. And all black people don't look alike, these are different guys. It's just like the jukebox said: "Any Way You Like It" Any Way You Want It was the bad Journey song used in Caddyshack. Don't Stop Believin' was last night's bad jukebox song.
  9. With this vague-ness, I guess his uncle is the night janitor at the top floor of HBO headquarters. Uncle is a higher up...
  10. Upon further review, I think their promo image tells us the end: buh bye SopranoS.
  11. THAT was the wussiest way in the world to end the show. We've been PuNk'D !!!!!!!! ...and how dare they take the World Series Champion Chicago White Sox 'mantra song' from 2005. I started five minutes late and at first I thought my TIVO cut out. I was fuming.
  12. The final episode "MADE IN AMERICA" What do you read into that? Somebody is gonna get 'made' towards the conclusion of tonight's show and the final episode? Furio Giunta... come on down!
  13. at least Bobby died in his personal heaven - a toy train store. Nice camera work in that scene. VERY nicely done.
  14. I missed it last night, but I think a nice three day weekend free of Tony Inc. is a nice refresher... one step back before three steps forward.
  15. Do you know a Todd Wilkinson? Because I do...weird.It's a MY BLUE HEAVEN reference.
  16. I think Tony will come out of this alive, they'll relocate him out west, perhaps San Diego and give him a new name: Todd Wilkinson.
  17. Maybe the fed that is 'pals' with Tony is actually the guy playing both sides of the fence. Trying to entrap the mafia into cooperating with undercover Fed playing terrorists... It's GOT to come into play.
  18. Previews for next week, or in two weeks? I was under the impression both the Sopranos and Entourage are not going to air new episodes next Sunday (on Memorial Day Weekend).
  19. Or the fact that Tony's son was visiting a middle east website, and predicting bad things in Iran.
  20. Very solid episode! I dunno know where this whole thing is going, but I enjoyed Tony going all Edward Norton on Coco, and I loved the subtext: "Somebody get a mop!" Nice!
  21. Maybe Tony knocked up his sister and Christopher is 'his biggest mistake'.
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