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  1. It's not a strong enough signal either way to make anything out of it. Could just be filler to keep people guessing until they have results. I can't make any case either way for it.
  2. Taking bets now. Approval over or under the 26th 😆
  3. Perhaps someone allowing shorts to cover as much as they can at $5?
  4. Yea, @Don Hutson It will be interesting to post analyze this to see if that's correct. Could be that SOC mortality is higher for our trial but I agree with your point. Chet seems to agree on the first link as well 😆
  5. Read these two. Sounds like a knowledgeable person IH Link1 Link2
  6. https://www.cytodyn.com/investors/news-events/press-releases/detail/493/fda-provides-guidance-for-adding-an-open-label-extension-to So tomorrow 1/13 at the earliest but I agree with Chaz 👇 Although most of the previous data has been sent to Amerax, the final few days of data will need to be audited for errors and then everything locked. (That's my summary of discussions by others on the boards)
  7. Must have finally hit some significant stop losses
  8. I feel it's a 60/40 for EUA/Approval. It would be 80/20 except my lack of confidence that FDA will be fair. I'm all in so it's up to the cards.
  9. I believe that is true. There are requirements for them not to be associated with the sponsor I believe.
  10. Where did we get the 1/12 date for the unblinding from? I thought the PR was on the 12/21 so wouldn't that be the 16th (+28 days)?
  11. Some banter about early 10-Q filing. Interesting
  12. Medical Layman but I'm pretty sure of the following: LL stops the immune system from going haywire (modulates it) which is the cause of most severe/critical cases of Covid. CCR5 is the signaling pathway that is to root cause of this out of control feedback loop in the immune system. If the virus mutates to spread outside of CCR5 LL will still work as the body will still use CCR5 to signal immune response.
  13. Just don't get caught with your morning wood out and your pants down 😄
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