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  1. Faith in LL Less faith in NP Not too much faith in FDA
  2. Good question. Listening to NP now. See if we get more clarity
  3. FDA allow for adjusting when there is an imbalance between PL and Treatment arms 🤷‍♂️
  4. Maybe beef stew for dinner tonight @ 6PM his house 🤷‍♂️
  5. BreezeWoodAcres says 6PM Let's see if that holds up 🤥
  6. I''l wait until I see it on some more official channel
  7. I don't think it did, You would have to know who the placebo participants were and that was only known last week at the earliest (or whenever the exact date of the unblinding happened).
  8. Is it not calculated from the trial end date of 12/16?
  9. That's the best take on this I've heard. Makes total sense. It also explains why NP would not be so eager to advertise what is happening.
  10. Here's my estimates: Results by: 2/28 - 3/9 41 LL / 46 PL = 56% reduction in mortality & p < .000057 EUA 80% / Approval 20%
  11. Link The answer was yes, so if this is true then positive.
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