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  1. You make a good case for getting a new driver for the next race ( Just finishing the analogy ) and if your betting on winning the season there is still time to win that bet.
  2. PR: Drug works... BOOM! :micdrop: As bad as that is I'm assuming their PR will be worse
  3. As with anything CYDY, the news looks great but results 🤷‍♂️
  4. And um, the last three credible witnesses: Bourbon_on_my_cornflakes u/Forsaken-Broccoli-63 Evil Rabbit Will conclude by providing evidence about true malfeasance and skulduggery at CYDY.
  5. That's because most people here already direct a lot of their crazy at FF. Not much left after that.
  6. I would love to see some of those names read in court 🤣
  7. @chet I"m sure your buddies will be talking later today. Let us know what you can.
  8. Unless there's some black swan event. Everything happens the same way until it doesn't.
  9. It's pretty easy to see which way some people have their cognitive bias set. Once you recognize that it's easy to listen without over analyzing how they get to their conclusions. It is nice though, to have a mix of opinions where you can challenge your own. I personally don't like when the only reason for the ultra-opinionated post is to influence the stock price or just stir the pot (above and beyond normal humor). I hope we continue the discussion. Have a good holiday break FBG's!!
  10. It adds up if you consider a drug half-life of 10 days and only 2 doses given. Imagine what could have happened if they were able to provide more at 14 and 21 days. Then consider what an initial dose given via IV would have done. The one thing it does almost conclusively prove is that LL works for Covid. For those of us hanging on to our shares I think it might be the one thing that convinces the FDA to change their direction from further trials to EUA. Also from what I've read and heard it was the FDA that decided not to have additional dosings. Next couple of weeks should be interesting.
  11. Hope that happens has well, let's see. The drumbeat outside the FDA's gates got a lot louder today.
  12. I think the company is going to take the bullet for the FDA on that and in turn something good will come from the FDA.
  13. I've given up trying to parse PR's, CC's, Tweets and Posts. I"ll await the finality of people actually getting the drug.
  14. Faith in LL Less faith in NP Not too much faith in FDA
  15. Good question. Listening to NP now. See if we get more clarity
  16. FDA allow for adjusting when there is an imbalance between PL and Treatment arms 🤷‍♂️
  17. Maybe beef stew for dinner tonight @ 6PM his house 🤷‍♂️
  18. BreezeWoodAcres says 6PM Let's see if that holds up 🤥
  19. I''l wait until I see it on some more official channel
  20. More drama that most likely will not pan out
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