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  1. I mean, it depends on what your strategy is but I didn't take any players on teams I don't expect to be playing in the AFC/NFC Championship... I have Bills in Super Bowl so considered McKenzie... but I wouldn't have taken Robinson unless he was maybe around $3 or less since I don't expect the Bears to survive past week 1, and surviving week 1 shouldn't be difficult.
  2. QB - Josh Allen - BUF - $40 QB - Aaron Rodgers - GB - $36 RB - Alvin Kamara - NO - $28 RB - Aaron Jones - GB - $25 RB - Zack Moss - BUF - $13 RB - A.J. Dillon - GB - $6 WR - Davante Adams - GB - $36 WR - Stefon Diggs - BUF - $32 TE - Travis Kelce - KC - $34 9 Players $250... obviously only works if GB/BUF is the Super Bowl, and Kamara and Kelce blow up weeks 2 and 3 to help keep me alive. [edit] - Swapped Singletary for Moss on BUF, and M Lewis for Dillon on GB
  3. Thanks Steeler! Sorry to hear yu won't be running it for future years of the contest... what's the "obviously" part though? Am I forgetting something from earlier in this thread? I know it was a pain to scramble to point to MFL instead of the prior feed, but now that work is done is there additional lift for future seasons?
  4. Congrats SLB... assuming this holds it will be the second year in a row that the 2nd place finisher was a forum thread participant!
  5. Ghost entry would be in 54th place after week 13. @Joe BryantThanks for restoring the score view for eliminated teams.
  6. To be clear, this is a recent change in the past few days... previously it did continue to show all scores for a team even after we were eliminated. Ideally it would just be backing out whatever code change has suddenly removed those scores.
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