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  1. My guess would be that the DA looked at the officer’s record as part of making the determination that he did not possess the required criminal mental state - if the officer did not have an exemplary record but rather had a history of questionable incidents maybe there would have been more doubt about his criminal mindset sufficient for charges to be brought.
  2. The inconsistency here could be that you have two incidents that occurred in two different states (PA and MN) with two different sets of laws. I don't know the penal code for those two states but if the PA DA quoted in the article is correct that a criminal mental state is required to be charged under PA law then that could explain why the PA officer was not charged while the MN officer was charged (i.e. the MN officer was charged under the equivalent of a criminally negligent homicide statute which does not exist in PA according to the DA's explanation).
  3. George Carlin has been dead for almost 12 years, I don't think this bit was about digging up stuff against Trump.
  4. Yes, by not doing the simple gesture of calling someone by the name they wish to be called, you are not treating them with kindness. And why are you yelling at me?
  5. Do you see how your two points completely contradict each other? You start off by saying how it is important to not assume that people you interact with don't have problems and/or issues in their lives, which I assume means to treat people with kindness and respect. Then in your second point you go into why you think you are justified in not treating someone with kindness and respect. It would take such little effort to show that kindness and respect to someone in your hypothetical situation, despite your objection to their self-labeling. The hypothetical trans person you would be speaking to could be going through massive problems themselves (as you mention in your first point). Doesn't intentionally being a jerk to them go directly against your first point?
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2018/01/15/obamas-federal-debt-grew-at-a-slower-rate-than-reagan-h-w-bush-or-w-bush/#64a149161917
  7. And you are, of course, the judge of Tiger's character. Not THE judge. MY judge. I personally consider a guy who cheats on his wife with 20+ skanks while he has a baby at home, to be a low character guy. You're free to make your own determination on what kind of guy that makes him. How is Lebron a low character guy?
  8. On a 5-11 team with a brutal OLine. Ingram is averaging a similarly poor YPC on one of the best teams in the league, with an elite OLine, along with a stud QB that teams can't possibly put 8 men in the box. Just sayin'.However, to play devils advocate against myself, the fact that Ingram is used as a closer to run up the gut, in game-closing situations, is a great reason (*cough* excuse) for his low YPC. Here are some backs who averaged less than 4.0 ypc their rookie years (since 1990):Marshawn Lynch 7-9 Willis McGahee 9-7 Matt Forte 9-7 Marion Barber 9-7 Emmitt Smth 7-9 Tiki Barber 11-5 Charlie Garner 7-9 Reggie Bush 10-6 Ricky Williams 3-13 Travis Henry 3-13 Thomas Jones 3-13 Jahvid Best 6-10 Tim Hightower 9-7 (NFC Champs) I think it's safe to say that averaging less than 4.0 ypc is not unusual for quality rookie RBs. I'm not sure why you felt like you had to defend yourself when I pretty much agreed with the main reason why Ingram has a low YPC. In any event, I'm too lazy to look it up (maybe I'll do it when I have more time) but feel free to post the team records for all of the above players during their rookie years. I can absolutely guarantee you that none of those above players played on a team as good as the 2011 NO Saints. Oh, and please add Emmitt Smth to the list too. Bottom line, is that you can't just cherry pick players that had a low YPC during their rookie year because almost all of those players played for horrible teams. I can also play your game by picking rookie HB's that had YPC seasons above 4.0, but that doesn't mean they had successful careers. It just isn't a good defense because the success of the teams they played on varies so much.
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