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  1. So the National Enquirer or STAR magazine get to print trash. I mean i see both sides of this issue. Just like I kinda see "Why" citizens united was ruled the way it was. On the other CU has virtually destroyed any small hope that somehow politics should be more than about money, and politicians should only have their constituents best interests in mind and not the lobbyist or whomever is shoveling them money like crazy.
  2. That is the water we swim in. What is worse is that if is often not just a speech issue. How about being penniless and accused of Murder? Your court appointed lawyer flunked the JV squad and the police know you can't afford to dispute their evidence. So here we are. What can we honestly do about it?
  3. Gawker 's best article was the Christine O'Donnell. I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O'Donnell - Gawker It basically destroyed her.
  4. What is the right move here? Around the end of salad my grandmother might have died.
  5. Because hanging them high is better? You ####### bigot!Teabaggers love'em low - less neck strain.
  6. I think the private sector has been (understandably) spooked since May when we had both the Flash Crash and fears about the European debt crisis were at a high. As a result, they were tentative to hire or expand and wary that we were about to plunge back into a double dip situation. You could see both the equity and labor markets moving sideways throughout the summer while bond prices rallied on the uncertainty. Now that the fears seem to have been oversold, the private sector appears to be loosening. I think those macro factors could help explain why you would see a sudden uptick in your company.It is the anti business climate in DC that has businesses spooked, it is that smple.Please Mister Economy, tell me the real reason. I know business owners and this is the most common reason for stagnation.I know business owners also. The reason they are worried is that their customers are not buying or are cutting back - not the climate in Washington.
  7. I bought the Serious Sam HD package for $9.99 about a week ago - it is really very good.
  8. I saw copeman on LFD2 last night and almost jumped in but was just too tired. Anyone up for a LFD1 campaign or two this weekend?
  9. Deus Ex is an amazing game. A little dated, but loved it.Yea, just got done test driving Gothic II. Seems like it would have been a great game, in 1998! Giving it a go still though. I can't wait to play Deux Ex. Never got very far the first time around.Finished Deus Ex it was great can't wait for Deus Ex for the PS3 coming in Feb. Jan is Dead Space 2 Feb is Deus Ex and just found out Mar is Max Payne 3.Dead Space 2 and Max Payne 3 are must buys for me.
  10. you tried "borderlands"? i just finished "infamous" and found it to be pretty fun.I thought borderlands was mostly multi-player?To get the full enjoyment, yes.Assassins Creed 2?Bioshock is a much if you haven't played it.Dead Space wasn't my cup, but it was cool.I grew to like Dead Space after finding a way to adjust the controls to my liking.Bioshock was good with very nice visuals and good storyline but it didn't grip me like HL2 or RTCW did.I have AC creed loaded and tried it - thinking it would be like Splinter Cell - again I was sadly disappointed.
  11. you tried "borderlands"? i just finished "infamous" and found it to be pretty fun.I thought borderlands was mostly multi-player?
  12. Have you played ME or ME2?I bought ME really really cheap on Steam -but I did not like it.The game mechanics with the controls just made it frustrating for me - I never even finished it.I think if you give it time, it will grow on you a lot.I agree. My BIL hated the game, but only played it for about an hour or so. I told him, he needs to play beyond the first trip to the Citadel to get into the meat of the game. I've loaned the game to him for well over a year and he still hasn't put the game back in, and I don't think he ever will. I'm glad I don't quit games based on the first level or so. I'd miss out on a lot.OK I will try it again.\
  13. Have you played ME or ME2?I bought ME really really cheap on Steam -but I did not like it.The game mechanics with the controls just made it frustrating for me - I never even finished it.
  14. I have heard that you should let your grass grow longer if you expect a drought - the theory being that the longer grass protects the roots. Does anyone know if this is true?
  15. I am having the exact opposite problem. I can't get the ivy to grow on the walls.
  16. I got the same freaking problem with this Bluegrass weed. A huge section of my year as succumb to this and I can not stop it.
  17. This is indeed an extremely grim statistic.If you are employed in a field like carpentry or some other craft best utilized by the housing boom, then you most likely will not in the foreseeable future be able to garner the type of money you once did.Sadly many of these people now are having to readjust to lives of less affluentness.
  18. Well, as we continue to shape ourselves into a European type of country... that just may be right. However, I think that the American people are not one that would be 'ok' with it as the Europeans are. They will demand real 'change' for a 'hope' to bettering the employment numbers. As each day goes by, regardless of whether it is 'right' or 'wrong', Obama owns the economy more and more in the eyes of the electorate. We will already see a bloodbath in Congress and there is real anger out there. It could just possibly lead to real change for this country by forcing the Democrats out and the Republicans to actually act like Republicans.This belongs in the "This is Funny" thread.Its a process. We're never going to get real change until someone other than the democrats have a supermajority. That's when you start up the process of constitutional amendments and radical changes to reshape how this nation operates. And despite the 2008 election, we're closer to that goal than ever.No this belongs in the "This is Funny" thread.
  19. You don't think perjury designed to circumvent the will of a judge, so that they could exclude said lesbian, and all the disabled kids as well. Kids are somewhat fragile. Especially disabled kids and gays kids. The above actions are atrocious, shock the conscience, whatever you like. Since not ADA covered the gay issue is dicier, but the other kids have dream cases on bith IIED/NIED, and ADA 14th ammendment violation (seperate but equal is inherently unequal etc) This seems like a pretty easy case to sell to a jury (a federal jury too as this probably is accompanied with a civil rights claim under ADA). I mean the PI attys must be lighting up the disabled kids as we speak.Your conscience is easily shocked. Discrimination of a gay person by teenagers or anyone for that matter regarding admittance to a party is hardly intolerable in a civilized society. The ADA is a big stretch too. As for the 14th, where exactly is the state involvement? If the teachers/admins weren't being paid by the school for their time, its non-existent. Even if they were, there has been no indication the school (i.e. the state) was involved at all with the second party. And the damages themselves? I dont consider them severe and certainly not something I'd be banking on being large in monetary value.Sure, you could win attorney fees, but if this girl walked in my door and I was a single practioner, there is NO chance I take the case on contingency. You'd need to put in massive hours and there would most certainly be an appeal and possible cert before any damage payout, and thats if you win. Plus, there's enough problems with proving state action or even color of law that the chance of success isn't nearly as high as you're making it out to be.wait for the evidence. The state is gonna be all kinds of tied up in this. Just watch.Plus she ain't walking through your dorrs. She's walking through the doors of someone who wants to fight an injustice (likely lamda, aclu, stonewall, etc) and could potentially have the EEOC on board too. People in thise kind s of jobs LIVE for these cases (and usually make more of the 'name' than the case) in the long run.This is the type case Lawyers want to take for pro bono.
  20. The facebook page is better.I don't get facebook at work. Can someone please describe (or cut and paste) the essence of what it is about?
  21. Played a little bit last night and am working on some key bindings using glove. Like when I launch my rifle grenade it will switch back to the normal rifle automatically.
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