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  1. He is on the COVID IR. He is out at least 10 days and until after he passes two tests (negative tests). He is out this week for sure.
  2. Read the article Ray Barboni posted. Stop smokin' and pay attention.
  3. I think people are dramatically underestimating Detroit. The Lions ALWAYS do well when the consensus is that they will suck, and the Lions almost ALWAYS suck when the consensus is that they will do well. It is as consistent as the sun rising in the east. So hard to actually make the call, but historically, they should win the division. Just saying. Patriots North?
  4. Choo Choo! I am on board! The Lions ALWAYS do best when everyone writes them off. And no one is going to give them credit until right before they collapse late. Choo Choo!
  5. The Detroit Lions look surprisingly good. They always under-perform when they are the favorites and over-perform when they are the forgottens. Everyone is talking about every other team in the division. Take it for what it is worth. That is all.
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