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  1. He is on the COVID IR. He is out at least 10 days and until after he passes two tests (negative tests). He is out this week for sure.
  2. Read the article Ray Barboni posted. Stop smokin' and pay attention.
  3. Tyrod Receiver Question arm and Question scheme No thank you, good sir. Howz that?
  4. Anyone who thinks the Raiders are not going to draw in Vegas is out of their minds. Vegas is a draw by itself in the winter months. With that new stadium, the Raiders are set for ever.
  5. I expect the expanded rosters to allow teams to have deeper Special Teams players and more gameday linemen. Overall, it will drive down salaries by increasing the supply of players. I suspect QB salaries will adjust soon to the new rules protecting QBs, increasing the supply. Just my two cents.
  6. Nice grab on Hurst. I meant no slight on HOF TE Tony G. But, IMO he was more of a converted basketball player who benefited from size mismatches when he played for KC. He developed into a great receiver also, but early on I remember him as a end zone jump ball specialist. IMO As a prospect out of college, Hurst had a different gear of speed than Tony G did and a more complete route tree. At this point in his career with KC, I don't remember Gonzalez having Hurst's ability or skills as a receiver. I think Hurst may turn out to be something in Atlanta.
  7. They don't have to necessarily give up points on defense. Later in the year, I suspect we will be seeing Herbert. The closer I look at Herbert, the more I think that is going to be a learning experience. Or, to put it another way, IMO Herbert is going to get sacked and throw a lot of interceptions in the beginning of his career. I think they may need to force the ball to Allen later in the year (see above). Also, Allen has had trouble staying on the field for his career. This is a contract payday year. I don't know if "career" numbers are in the cards (I would expect him to miss 2 games), but I don't see why he couldn't put up decent numbers in spots. Not trying to start a fight here.
  8. I think he takes on Peyton Barber's role in the offense. There are enough snaps for Vaughn and Jones.
  9. The Falcons were looking for the Replacement for Tony Gonzalez when Hooper stuck. Hooper was the poor man's TG. Hurst is a faster, a more natural receiver than either Hooper or Gonzalez. Hurst may blow up in this role. He may finally actually be the replacement for Gonzalez in this offense.
  10. I'm not sure it is his anticipation or his release. I lean more towards his slower release. Anticipation gets better and better (generally) as QBs get more experience.
  11. If Allen catches the ball 7 times a game for 60 yards as an average as an "off" year, is that worth a spot? I think Allen will lead the team in receptions (if he stays healthy) and there is a potential high upside if the wheels come off the Chargers this year. But, for the record, my opinion IS swinging the other way on the Charger's offense as a whole (at least for this year). Herbert ran a hurry up, single back RPO at Oregon. This offense is not that. To my knowledge, Herbert has not worked in an offense with two RBs. So that is a real issue IMO. He has to learn an entirely new offense. Two RBs. Coordinate blocking schemes. Call audibles. There may be a longer transition period for Herbert than I what first thought. And the Chargers should have known that before drafting him. That means the Chargers are committed to Tyrod for this season. IMO I agree with you that the offense may bog down and the defense may play up. Moreover, I believe that Tyrod's is below average at getting the ball out of his hand quickly (which, by comparison, was a strength of Rivers). IMO That difference will hurt players coming out of the backfield or working in the slot. In fact, the more I look at the Chargers, one of my favorite teams in the NFL, the more I am thinking one or two injuries on offense and they are in real trouble. The only reason I think Allen may turn out to be the player to own is that the situation may turn into a disaster there. The Chargers may be getting blown out towards the end of the year (once people have a handle on the offensive limits). I could be wrong, but I also think Allen is in a contract year. So, potentially (if it is a lost season), Allen may be working on his ticket out of town and trying to get a big payday. He has quietly wanted out of town for a while (to my understanding).
  12. This is the opinion I share. Why do people think that Arian's offense is so different from the offense Brady ran when the Pats had the superior talent at WR? The Pats offense would mutate to the talent on the roster. I can remember pedal to the metal Pats offenses. And I think that is how TB wants to go out. Not dinking and dunking to 5'10" slot receivers.
  13. I think part of the equation is looking at the other side of the ball. That defense is special. The offense will get opportunity. And the team will likely be coming from behind in division games (IMO they don't have a corner that can match up physically with Hill, Ruggs or Sutton - I am not impressed with either Harris Jr or Hayward Jr). Tyrod really isn't my concern. He is what he is. A good game manager and a QB that doesn't turn the ball over. Eventually they give the keys to Herbert. Then we see an uptick in offense and interceptions. The question is, how fast will they fall behind in games and how many pass attempts will that translate into? How many targets to Allen? And what happens to the offense later in the year once they begin to start Herbert. IMO
  14. I am still not sure I trust Rivers' arm. Last year, some of those throws...
  15. Plan? Brady went to Tampa because he knows what he needs out of an offense and he wants to go out with a bang. His legacy changes completely if he wins a Super Bowl in Tampa. If he sets offensive records. To show that it was him in NE, not Bill. And he ran a hurry up, gas pedal to the ground offense before. And I know where the staffers have him at. That is why I posted early. I have a feeling those estimates are going to be fluid as we head to the season. I am happy to start the hype train.
  16. Let the hype train begin. A little under 10% believe. I think Brady did this with a plan.
  17. Pro Football Focus' projections have Brady at 4995 yards. How is this aging so far? https://www.pff.com/fantasy/projections
  18. Look at the schedule and tell me how many of those games Tampa is going to be leading comfortably on and why is the running game suddenly going to become Tampa's strength? Also, if you watched Tampa games last year, BA never took his foot off the gas on offense.
  19. I am actually thinking it will go the opposite way. I think Arians will hand TB the playbook and TB will study and adjust the playbook to his style of calling plays. I don't think this is going to be as hard as people are thinking. TB is 20 years in the league. He is a coach on the field. He is more than capable of calling his own plays.
  20. There is a difference between "expecting" and "theorizing". I think it is very possible. More likely than <10% the poll is at.
  21. I think he would be thrilled to step aside and worry more about the defense.
  22. I think Brady is like having another coach. I wouldn't be surprised if Brady has the keys to the offense.
  23. First, I am not sure how much it is Brady in decline or it was the NE receivers that really were not very good. Aside from Edelmen, they had no one who could get separation. Brady's mind is not in decline. To me, he can still throw the ball. I remember when Manning could diagnose Demaryius Thomas was going to be open before the play started through motion and throw it instantly to Thomas and Thomas would run down the field for the TD. This team has that potential. And there should be a period where the receivers and Brady will be out of sync. Plus they are going against a really good offensive slate of teams. To me, that means a good chance they are trailing. And, again, I get 5000 yards sounds crazy, but Winston put up 5100 and left a ton of points on the field.
  24. Winston threw for 5100 yards in this offense last year - that while throwing interceptions and missing open receivers every 3rd throw. Brady is at a completely different level. He isn't going to be diagnosing the defenses or missing open receivers. And, as we should know from NE, he isn't going to let off the gas until maybe the 4th quarter. I agree this was an aggressive projection. I put it at the outer cusp for a reason. And I will defend the position for the sake of discussion. I think Tom Brady wants to go out with a bang. This offensive scheme and the talent around him should let him do that.
  25. Manning was playing through a serious neck injury. Tom Brady has never been seriously injured. And I would argue the skill players are much better on this team than those Denver teams.
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