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  1. Did any one fully read the legal notice sent to CYDY shareholders today? Have any summaries of that been posted?
  2. In $GME. Just put about 3x the equivalent of what @David Dodds has helped me win in fantasy football over the past 15 years into this. It was hard trimming positions in stuff I like but...YOLO!!
  3. Been considering joining my local country club for the past few years. Go figure that this year when I'm ready to pull the trigger and join they have re-instituted the initiation fee due to increased interest/applications (the past 2 years they waived the initiation fee).
  4. This seems dumb. But I think I also had that same reaction a decade ago when someone started the "Let's Mine Bitcoin Together" thread in the FFA. So I guess I'm in!
  5. Been reading this Peter Lynch book and came across this part last night: https://imgur.com/a/jiDqiBM
  6. I assume this isn't good for Leronlimab https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-roche-tocilizumab/roches-tocilizumab-cuts-deaths-in-hospitalised-covid-19-patients-study-idUSL8N2KH49D
  7. Looked it up because I thought they got it from Progenics, where one of my relatives used to work, but I guess Lantheus owned Progenics... As part of the acquisition of Progenics, the Company acquired the right to receive certain future milestone and royalty payments due to Progenics from CytoDyn Inc., related to a prior sale of certain intellectual property. The Company has the right to receive $5.0 million upon regulatory approval and a 5% royalty on net sales of approved products. The Company considers the contingent receivable a Level 3 instrument (one with significant unobserv
  8. I sold 90% of my shares today. Everything that qualified for LT capital gains was sold. I was getting too nervous. Cashed out the equivalent to my wife's annual salary. I couldn't stomach such a big chunk of my money in a company run by Nader. Still have enough shares to care about this, but also wouldn't shed a tear if this goes back to $0.50. I'm sure now that I've sold some awesome results are coming and this will shoot to $50+. Much love and thanks to the homie @chet for the 5 bagger!
  9. Good point. Never thought of that because I do not have the stomach to trust a portion of my retirement savings in a company led by Nader.
  10. For the guys who do this...how many shares are you trading for this to be worth it with ST capital gains taxes?
  11. When a listed company completes a private share offering to an investment bank is that good/bad/wash?
  12. Bought some $PSTG today. Recommendation came from my mom who is retired in her 70's and has been crushing the YOLOs in her IRA over the past 2 years. Her analysis was "it's cloud storage and going to be big." She doesn't know anything about finance and probably got the recommendation from some talking head on CNBC, but let's see what happens.
  13. One of the things I learned from WSB: PrICe DoESnT MaTteR
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