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  1. I came here to post something similar. I'm cheering for Dog to find him.
  2. At my company it's all about the $$$. They're saving money on the travel budget. They'll approve client facing travel no questions asked, however going to a conference/show you need to go through multiple layers of approval. I think there also might be a safety component. I know my boss continues to make work related traveling 100% optional for now, but I don't know of a company wide policy.
  3. Planes are full but seems like less flights.
  4. Awesome. Enjoy brother. LOL on the BOW. I grew up on Busch Light too in my teens!
  5. Isnt Patterson and Dr Yo treating patients with Ivermectin?
  6. Agree. For me that's typical of a Kanye album. I think it sucks on initial listen, and then it grows on me and I really like it.
  7. Have to finish some shopping and my goal is to have something in the mail this weekend.
  8. Thanks so much! Haven't been to any of them, heard of a couple. Currently drinking the beer from Kelly Green Brewing 🍻
  9. Yo!!! Just got back from vacation to a monster shipment. I'm not sure who my stalker was since there wasn't a note (ironic that they're from South Jersey though and sending me a package to New England), but they hooked it up!! Thank you!! Also judging from the National Guard swag I assume you serve/served, thank you for your service! Beers Shirts 1 & 2 Shirts 3 & 4 Lots of Swag! Thanks again mystery stalker, this was awesome! Also thanks to Kutta for running this, it's one of my favorite summer traditions.
  10. I'd recommend Schwab. I'd also recommend their checking/banking product. Been a customer for years. -No minimum balance -ATM fee reimbursement from anywhere -fast/easy to move your money from your checking to savings/brokerage/IRA -low fee index funds -low fee robo advisor (I believe slightly more expensive then some but more or less in the same ballpark -- I don't use the product so I might be wrong) -excellent customer service The only downside is if you have a bunch of cash you had to find a Schwab location to deposit it. Though I rarely have that problem. Switched here from BOA over a decade ago and am so happy BOA does not get my business anymore.
  11. I think this is a fairly obvious tip but when I was interviewing folks for a completely remote position I got the response a few times: When interviewing for the WFH job of asked about why you're interested in the position make sure your only response isn't "because it's a remote position." I'd recommend not mentioning that and stick to the BS about how you're passionate about the job.
  12. I'm gonna be about a week past the deadline for my stalkee. Heading on vacation this weekend and plan on picking some stuff up while I'm out of town.
  13. At this point do we admit that Adam Fuerstein and the "short mafia" were right?
  14. Lol as usual this time of year I have already bought beers for my stalkee and drank them all. Still haven't picked up shirts so there's time to replace the beer.
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