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  1. OK.. In L2 Might as well keep it going... I'll need to study up tho and get a new avatar LOL
  2. OH MY GOD, (12u) The Drama... We just played pretty much a full season just shifted later into Summer..... Great times!!!! Then Try Out season started. Parents are INSANE... they panic, they huddle up, they feed off each other and Explode. All season my thing was "Man I've been in Travel for almost 1.5 years and I feel like I can write a book"... then it goes to another level then another. MINDBLOWING To make it quick - Me and another Dad left an organization that was just horrible - 1st time young girl coach - Zero training. She was basically alone - Dad had to help coach in games. She coudn't manage the pitchers and put pitchers in with little warm up. She listened to the parents that Whined and played those kids...She had little time for the game and ran horrid practices that we sat there and mocked. So me and this Guy Left last December and even 3 weeks ago we were saying it was so stressful at the time but, it was one of the greatest moves we could make I talk to this guy almost every day for almost 2 years - Big Italian mafia guy tells me "Hey we're family My kid wants to play with your kid wherever we go we go together" Mostly talked and joked about how inept the old team was and how the parents were just not good people, Last week he's like "Don't be nuts No one is leaving and no one would ever go back to that #### team" This Weekend "LOL a bunch of the kids tried out just for fun at that old team... ha ha? 😩 Saturday "yeah they went back for 2nd tryout - NO ONE IS GOING THERE!!!!! Trust Me FAM" Sunday....... This guy goes back to the Old ####ty team and brings 2 of the best players we have with him and never answers my calls again.... They take 1 pitcher who was slated now to be our #1 with a brand new Coach from St Josephs University - A Great College coach!!!! What's better???? She goes to this #### team and is now the 4th/5th pitcher - the same exact slot we ran from. and she's the 3rd player at 3B.. She's going around telling kids that she has more opportunity there... REALLY!!!!?????? Parents LIED straight up to this kid and that team LIED... But, if your dumb enough to think 4th/5th pitcher with a Neophyte HC is better than #1 with a College Coach then Best of luck. ETA - Mind you being the 4th pitcher at Alabama or a Top Travel team may be cool - or even a Competent travel team..... But, to go to a ####ty organization to be THAT??? Just DUMB guy was given the hard sell and fell for it. WILD.... JUST WILD. Of course there is Drama wrapped in Drama all surrounding my take on all this and the guy had other pressures and probably lost 3 good friends in the entire ordeal but..... YAY!!!!! So much Fun!!!!
  3. Unreal how great it felt to click the MFL link and my saved password worked!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. Yeah, I went years without much time on the clock...... Ski trip this week with crappy internet tryna make phone picks.... Didn't expect that - I'm back doe.
  5. pm your email

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      Stinkin Ref

      sent you a invite....pick expires soon....do you know who you want so I can make pick if you can't yet so it doesn't jack stuff up

  6. WinnerFinalist3rd4th5th out 1st WSL 1 2019ReaperMr. IrDrunkenBroncosPimpinBicycle WSL 2 2019CripplerRudyWannabeeBusmanStinkinRuffrody SSL 1 2019OzBassCripplerDuckboyBroncosBicycle PDSL 1 2019CripplerBroncosWannabeeBusmanReaperNorseman WSL1 2018ReaperStinkinRudnickiMr. IrShodowBicycle WSL2 2018Mr. IrBassNorsemanPrinceStinkinRudy SSl 1 2018BroncosOzCometHollowayReaperFullback PDSL 1 2018NorsemanBassReaperShadowRyheapsRudy MBSL1 2018CripplerShadowBroncosBusmanStinkinBass WSL1 2017RudyHollowayNinjaBassFiddlesJustin Howe WSL2 2017HollowayReaperStinkinWiseguyNorsemanFullback SSL1 2017NittanyFullbackDuckboyMilwaukeeNuggetOz SSL2 2017RudyCripplerMaggotMr. IrCometBroncos SSL3 2017HollowayReaperHit and RunBroncosSweet LoveBusman What's funny to me is the past 3 years I've won 2x and placed 5x while participating in far less leagues than I used to BLOWS AWAY my results from since this started.... Meanwhile I used to do Excel Sheets, I used to work stats, study others picks, study the Message board and put crazy time into it. I remember 1 time I even drove all the way back to work because I left my notes in my desk and my pick was coming up...lol The past 3 years, I have not been around much on the boards, barely followed FF and just drafted from ADP lists along with minor research and gut picks.... When we started, there were ZERO ADP lists for Winter leagues - there was near Zero Info at all and the feeling was we were the start of the years ADP....Now there's never ending lists, ADP and drafts.... Looking at my WSL winning team - looks like I just avoided injuries and Busts - Got late Devante Parker help, 3rd round Fournette - decent 6th/7th round QB's (Brees / Brady tho - Oh My_) and got decent "Late" TE combo production from Cook/Geseki Hope everyone is well !!!
  7. I'm sure this rule is impossible to judge but, to everyone watching these games, this was 100% violated.... b. Guest Players are used to help field a team and are not a mechanism to enhance the competitive balance of a team.
  8. Yeah, I'm sure it was all legit as per the book but, if you sponsor the thing and are short players you just suck to start... then if you have 18+ girls combined from the 2 teams with eligible girls you should be forced to play with your own girls.... or heck, bring in a girl from a B level team... I'm sure the Rules ppl never anticipated such BS.... But, now that I think it through..... I'd like to see a Rule where ALL guest player have to be from a level Below.... NEVER a level above.... Horse#### to have a girl come in and dominate a Tournament. That said, I told the coach "Your giving the MVP to the Team LI girl right"......lol, nope he gave it to his daughter.
  9. SWEET MAN!!!!!!! That's Crazy..... Post em all... Love to hear it.
  10. Daddy Whining Time... So it's our Last 10u Tournament - 1 Team Sponsors the tournament.. They have 2 Teams in the 10u division - an 08' and an 09' Team Somehow the 08' team is short players.... (long story but another reason they suck).... So, they get 2 Girls from possibly the most Elite team in All NY state as Guests..Probably a top level player in the country...lol One girl in particular was so aware of everything - She was ready to Slap, swing whatever, she fouls balls off, she gets on base every time, then she takes bases at will because she's just super elite, had Speed training and can time every motion on the field....lol. She scores almost all their runs thru the tourney and even pitches for them.... Our team is mostly younger - 09 girls.... We're in the Championship game and lose in the 6th inning 4-3 on a walk-off single.. I'm sure everyone here will tell my "whatever, it happens".. But, DAMN, that's some Bush league crap.... What if next year I'm coaching and I keep a short roster then enter the biggest Tourney around and bring 3 Super Elite Girls... I'd be embarrassed. I mean, they have TWO teams in this thing, how about play some of those 09 girls vs our 09's.... How about Invite girls the same level. This was a USSSA Tournament - They should have a rule where guests have to be from same level teams.... I complained and the opposing coach reported me.....LOL If I knew I was leaving to a certain travel team where i know the coach doesn't care about this #### I would tell this guy what I really think . Cherry on top - They Dog Piled the Victory and even the coaches jumped in.... Our girls stood there like "WTF.... REALLY????" Oh well........I really don't need replies I know this guy is a Super #####.. LOL.............................On to 12u!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Girls LL Williamsport team went to States - We spent last Week in Dunkirk near Buffalo - Had a blast... Now THIS is it, last 10u travel Tourney this weekend before the big move to 12u 12'' ball and pitching further back.... Man, she better LOVE pitching lol... I'm so tired and the work we're gonna need to put in now is insane IMO.
  12. Still truckin' along...... I can see the end of the 10u tunnel...... Gonna have to start that transition to the 12'' ball and Pitching distance.... Gotta get like another 30+ lbs on my girl too.....lol Travel been a blast with other parents / hotels.... Kinda feel like we're a "b" travel team - we beat up on mediocre teams then face these Super Power teams in tourneys that just smoke us.... Little League still the same disaster it's always been.... I'm guessing this jump to 12 u is where we really find out where the girls stand. Lotta work to do but, she's still having fun!!!
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