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  2. Obviously He knows what he's talking about - Guy is only 38 years old..... I'm more amazed at the Old coaches like Fischer and M Lewis who stick around at top gigs for so long.... I haven't see enough to banish a 38 yo guy from being part of an offense, especially second fiddle at this point.... I mean, how do fans even know enough of what goes on behind the scenes to Banish THIS guy from the NFL????????? As Jet fans, we saw, many OC's come an go and many we hated with Bad Play calling, non development, etc etc..... ppl really hate THIS guy? Oh well, I'm still ALL-IN.....
  3. IMO, Not even worth thinking about right now Other than Stacking Players at the top of the draft.. . And IMO just as important to see whats deep in the draft and be ready to trade down and double dip.... Personally I tend to believe OL usually has a lot of value from the mid 1st to mid 2nd.. So many times ppl jump for that Can't miss guy at the top and he winds up an OL JAG... On the flip side If analysis shows OL isn't deep then yeah, jump for that guy at the top.... But. For this team, Free Agency is going to set the tone..... No reason to Scream for OL in January when they may si
  4. Funny how these things go But....... As a Usual Jet Darksider and Pessimist....... I'm Good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Granted I was never a fan of Macc and his Mulligan - "Oh we were going for a Super Bowl my 1st 2 years and NOW we're really going to try to build a roster" BULL that many fans bought..... But, Since Macc is still here - I'm ALL IN for Gase and Williams... I think Gase will be great for Darnold, and WIlliams will kick the #### out of this D like it needs.. If nothing else it's GONNA BE FUN!!!!!!! Bottom Line....Macc is still the one with the spotlight and need
  5. OK...... It worked out - I would have Had Rosen and 3 more 2nds - The value dropping to the 2nd gonna hurt tonight... Could have gotten 2 of OL/TE/WR But, as ppl said, If Darnold is the guy, it will all wash out.. Now... NO WAY I START HIM WEEK 1..... Youngest QB drafted ever? yeah, let him watch McCown Game plan, watch tape and deal with Manish a few weeks at least.
  6. Ha.... I'll never give this up. But, I fully expect to be shaking my head laughing crying and laughing as always with the Jets. I'm going to start drinking early -
  7. DRAFT WEEK..... I've been keeping draft notes for years and try to lock up my thoughts pre-draft... I'm going down to the wire now with Lamar Jackson in the mix for top picks... Darnold Rosen Jackson Mayfield I'll most likely be happy with the New Jets QB - I'll just have this burning question for years if that trade up was necessary. Jets GM is desperate - He's going into year 4 with basically the same situation he had in year 1 (Lotta money - No QB and no Pass Rush) - He has accomplished very little in 3 years and MUST get his QB - so I get why he traded
  8. IMO they 100% want Rosen or Darnold...... Nobody had Macc's targets nailed the last 2 years.... I think Mayfield is the Smokescreen that also gives them the "He was always our Guy" out.... I still like Lamar Jackson and IMO whoever gets him is going to pay a lot less than the Jets just did for their QB
  9. My nightmare, till this is all over will be Miami or Buff drafting Jackson and he's the Star of the NFL thru the age I'm in a retirement community....lol Granted both QB's will need a system that works for them but, Mayfield's stats that ppl drool over are just like Geno's in that same system - I so wanted the Jets to absorb what Geno did well and talk to those coaches and utilize what he did well, while sitting a year.... It's gonna be the same deal...I kinda remember some Jets brass quote mocking and laughing about talking to Dan Holgorsen about their offense.... Gun to my head, I
  10. Interesting now.... Matt Waldman's Scouting profile is out and he has Jackson at 2...... Rosen-Jackson-Darnold on a Tier above the rest.... "Jackson might be the best pocket passer in this draft. Isn’t that an ironic statement considering that he’s also the best runner at the position? Jackson is a rare player with a rare combination of skills. If he gets the opportunity he deserves, he has the talent to become an NFL superstar."
  11. Starting to feel some Optimism and a ground swelling of "We're not Getting Josh Allen" In Jets world...... Of course that could just be setting me up for the inevitable..........
  12. Jackson is the one that Really intrigues me.... The guy Miami or Buffalo might just have fall in their laps.... The guy nobody will want to face.... The guy that you could probably have drafted AND had 3 more 2nd rounders..
  13. Time will tell but, I just feel like you Have Darnold/Rosen then the next tier and I put L Jackson right in there - So, that's 5 QB's. Imagine 5 Qb's drafted 1-5????? Hey, we'll all Pray for Macc but, when we take Allen after spending all those picks to do it and Miami takes Mayfield or Jackson at 11 who become the next Great thing it will be another sad chapter.... I just wish this trade was for the #2 pick and we could rest a little easier this next month....
  14. Given ALL this and "Conflicting Goals"...... Gonna be so interesting to see when they play the Rookie. I imagine they play McCown or TB and if they win some games that QB starts until the playoffs are out of the picture... I mean "We can't let the players down who think they are a playoff team" will me the mantra again... Chasing that short term Carrot like always.. Either way, like the last rookie who started - I'm a fan of Rookies sitting at least a few games to get the whole NFL scheduling, Weekly routine down and see how the other QB's attack it.
  15. Yup..... We can feel good and Hope they finally nail the QB position... And even like this Trade. But, the way we got here IMO was 3 years of pure Waste and a lot of wasted resources to "Build Thru the Draft" like the GM said. I'll always say it - You're the new GM of a bottom feeder team without a QB for decades - You're #1 #2 #3 priority is getting that QB - No reason to play journeymen QB's for a few more wins for THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!!&%$@~!(@)#..... Play the QB's you drafted, play young QB's!!!! That Said, Still no reason to play McCown this year.
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