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  1. Just curious if you used lightning lane for anything. My wife and I are debating how successful it will be.
  2. Wife just popped the ole do you want to hit up Disneyworld for the 50th You guys know the answer
  3. I’m almost done with my re reading of the original Zahn trilogy which introduces us to Thrawn. I have the Thrawn series teed up and ready to go next. I think Disney really blew an opportunity to use that storyline for their new trilogy. I thought maybe they can use it as a Disney plus series but there is just too much that was ruined by the lates three movies. Bummer because it would have really been a great story for a series.
  4. Watched the first three. I enjoyed the Duel while my son liked the twins
  5. When I showed my son, he said OK, just take my money. Which really means he wants me to buy one for him.
  6. I’ll leave it to others who have done it more. We did it once and IIRC, we used Amazon. However, I remember the Disney people who held the stuff for us saying they weren’t going to be offering that service much longer. Not sure if that happened or not. But Amazon was great. I’ll double check with my wife.
  7. It very clearly needs to be this song for the rebrand https://youtu.be/pPV9NNvtL20
  8. He is going to ask for 10 and the Rangers should walk away from it. Paying for past returns at that price. Already did that with Krieder.
  9. Im sure my wife will be thrilled when the house burns down. But hunny, cold dead hands said it would work
  10. Break this down for me a bit. I have them in my siding. I try to get the hornet spray stuff up there but clearly not working.
  11. Funny. Out of all the places on site we have stayed, CB was by far the absolute worst in our opinion.
  12. That is how it worked in DL. You get scanned at the gate, purchase the Fastpass + and boom, start scheduling. There is an aspect of strategy to decide to drop an earlier time for a bigger ride at a later time. Will be interesting for sure.
  13. I know fast pass was a free thing BUT, Universal and many other amusement parks charge for the service. Seems reasonable for Disney to do the same. Plus DL has already been doing it for years. They had an all day photo pass included in it though. Wonder if that will stay for DL
  14. That is how it was in DL also. One at a time but you just constantly went from one ride to the next according to what was available and around you. It worked great.
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