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  1. From what I remember, the bad batch were only in a few episodes (2-3) and had no real plot point except how cool they were. you might not know who the Jedi and padawan are but I think that is rebels focused. I think you can start bad batch and supplement with clone wars in between episodes.
  2. I also picked up one of the books for 99 cents. It was the young adult one on kindle. Figured even if it is awful, it’s a buck.
  3. The Bad Batch first episode was really good. 75 minutes and felt like a natural progression from clone wars. Golden Age gents
  4. I’m not video game expert, but pretty sure at least one of those dudes was in street fighter.
  5. The next one has Johnny Cage and I hope the dude with the sword arms. That is the guy I always picked.
  6. Different stokes and all but seems odd. How would you even know if you liked it or didn’t if you just fast forwarded thru it all. I’m Shuked.
  7. Batroc he was the guy in the first episode who got away. He was also in Winter Soldier.
  8. Was not disappointed with Falcon and Winter Soldier. Almost 6 hours of TV. Bring on Loki
  9. What side effects? not throwing shade, genuinely curious
  10. TJ: Fessy do you want to continue Fessy: TJ: Fessy do you want to continue Fessy: Yes and then sits there TJ: Fessy do you want to continue Fessy: TJ as Kaycee is finishing off hers and Fessys share of food: You guys are done Kaycee: oh, OK, yeah
  11. I have a few add ons to glv If you decide to do the lightsaber (and I would because it AWESOME), try to get a reservation for as late as you can. We did ours as the park was literally closing. We were the only ones there. The big advantage to doing that is that you don’t have to carry around the sabers all day. They give you a bag, but it’s much easier to do the last reservation and carry to the hotel. We loved our last trip to Blizzard Beach. If I were you, I would splurge and forget about the umbrellas and just get a cabana. Book it as early as possible. We did and they bumped us
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