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  1. Years ago we did a draft. I think the guy who set it up was no 16 or jmon. we were able to trade picks and at the end of the draft was the rookie draft. I can not find that thread. Anyone have a link for that.
  2. I think she said something along the lines of I felt all the power here and had to come see what it was. I can’t answer the second part
  3. Didnt want it to end Not sure I understand the post credit scene. Will have to wait for the everything awesome guy to explain I didnt want the episode to be over.
  4. This is a Rangers staple the last few years. I would bet my house that they have taken more Too Many men penalties than any other team over the past 3 years
  5. When my wife asked how we would rent @glvsav37points, I told her we would need to give him out CC. She looked at me like I had 5 heads. I told her he was one of the people around here I trusted enough to do it. he is good people.
  6. Until @glvsav37starts using your credit card on adult web sites and you have to explain to your wife that it really isn’t you
  7. Agatha all along rock style Trap Hip Hop drip remix djbigb Ziggy And if anyone wanted to listen to the song for 1 hour
  8. I am so in for DJ Lance Rock being the aerospace engineer. #there’s a party in my tummy
  9. Which version of Hope do you like better. Sublime had a knack of making everything better. I loved sublime. I got caught up in the band being popular means I can’t like them anymore stage. What an idiot I was back then. Robbin the Hood was great and then their last album blew up to the point where even my wife owned it and she was no punk rocker. One of my favorite documentaries is the Sublime one. To this day, every time I pass a Denny’s I think of Moon over my hammies.
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