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  1. When I showed my son, he said OK, just take my money. Which really means he wants me to buy one for him.
  2. I’ll leave it to others who have done it more. We did it once and IIRC, we used Amazon. However, I remember the Disney people who held the stuff for us saying they weren’t going to be offering that service much longer. Not sure if that happened or not. But Amazon was great. I’ll double check with my wife.
  3. It very clearly needs to be this song for the rebrand https://youtu.be/pPV9NNvtL20
  4. He is going to ask for 10 and the Rangers should walk away from it. Paying for past returns at that price. Already did that with Krieder.
  5. Im sure my wife will be thrilled when the house burns down. But hunny, cold dead hands said it would work
  6. Break this down for me a bit. I have them in my siding. I try to get the hornet spray stuff up there but clearly not working.
  7. Funny. Out of all the places on site we have stayed, CB was by far the absolute worst in our opinion.
  8. That is how it worked in DL. You get scanned at the gate, purchase the Fastpass + and boom, start scheduling. There is an aspect of strategy to decide to drop an earlier time for a bigger ride at a later time. Will be interesting for sure.
  9. I know fast pass was a free thing BUT, Universal and many other amusement parks charge for the service. Seems reasonable for Disney to do the same. Plus DL has already been doing it for years. They had an all day photo pass included in it though. Wonder if that will stay for DL
  10. That is how it was in DL also. One at a time but you just constantly went from one ride to the next according to what was available and around you. It worked great.
  11. Yeah, but I paid the money at DL the last time and it was worth the money. $15 a ticket per day for us is $60. That is one ride on Buzz Lightyear in Paris. I’ll take that. The virtual ques are so great. This seems like a virtual que all day. I’m good with that
  12. Really fun few days here in So Cal. If anyone is coming to DL soon and needs anything answered, just let me know. oh, and I came home with an Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet drink holder. My 14 year old daughter is embarrassed by me. It doesn’t get any better gents. https://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2021/06/04/the-only-way-well-drink-soda-is-out-of-an-infinity-gauntlet-now-thank-you-disneys-avengers-campus/
  13. Very low crowds for us in DCA and DL. Longest wait was for Web Slingers with our virtual que. everything else is essentially walk on to 10 minutes at most. Suffice it to say, really enjoying. Lol
  14. Looks like it’s been covered. Hockey is a whole different ballgame
  15. We are going back to one tomorrow. My kids were young the last time and wanted to go.
  16. @Aaron Rudnickiand anyone else interested. This is a really interesting 31 thoughts podcast about exactly what Eichel wants to do vs what the Sabres want. Obviously two sides to every story but the fusion surgery sounds like it’s a continual process. Not sure why anyone would want that. https://podcast.sportsnet.ca/31-thoughts/
  17. You are right. But after the statement just issued by Eichels agent, I see no way he ever skates for the Sabres again. Good luck getting a good deal. And this is not Ranger centric. I think they are out unless Buffalo eats some money and I don’t see them doing that. He will land in Anaheim or somewhere else out west for a package that will make most Sabres fans cry. Like I said earlier in thread, they really overplayed their hand on this one IMO.
  18. Still think it’s overpriced for a family of 4, but maybe my son and I will splurge if still around when I turn 50. Sounds cool based on video https://touringplans.com/blog/an-in-depth-look-at-what-the-star-wars-galactic-starcruiser-experience-will-be-like/
  19. I’m starting to wonder if Drury thinks that the Rangers play The Capitals more than 5 times this year. Holy cow what an overreaction to one player. Doesn’t mean the moves won’t work but sheesh……
  20. AS of right this moment (and things change all the time), but I'm hearing the #mnwild are backing out of Jack Eichel trade talks with the #sabres. Asset price/cost too much for Minnesota to stomach/make work
  21. Will be in Oahu next week. That’s it, nothing more to add.
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