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  1. Lord Jesus. No one this era, that era, is stopping 250-70 lb Lebron at the dish. Just thinking about Laimbeer just trying it (one....and last time) is hilarious. With the ability to use hands on defense then, sure he'd obviously face a little more resistance getting to the hoop. Jordan will always be #1 for me but Lebron has as good a case as any for 2.
  2. Lakers waive Omar Cook to clear roster spot Rockets waive Demarcus Cousins. Anthony Davis out a month or more. Welcome back to LA Demarcus.
  3. Same here. Same info found elsewhere in more condensed version. Thought the local team coverage was a lot underwhelming
  4. Who is more likely to be an All Star this season? Derrick Rose or Ben Simmons?
  5. Good lord dude. Maybe watch the PPV then? They called the entire event. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2021/01/matt-striker-and-dlo-brown-revealed-as-new-impact-announce-680007/ Impact Wrestling has announced that a new broadcast team will start this Saturday with the Hard To Kill pay-per-view. Matt Striker will serve as Impact's new play-by-play announcer, while D'Lo Brown will handle color commentary duties. Striker and Brown will call the weekly Impact TV show, and pay-per-view events. Striker noted that he's excited, nervous, thankful and humbled to be returning to
  6. Jameis Winston revenge game. Terrible call by Arians. And an even worse one by that ref that called that an INT.
  7. I thought the new Impact commentary team tonight was the biggest improvement about their show. I despise Josh Matthews and thrilled he's off commentary.
  8. Love what Boston's done this offseason addressing their needs. They got their bruiser in the middle in Thompson to add a completely different element to their existing centers. The element that got exposed inside by Miami. They got the draft's premier shooter in Nesmith. They got this huge trade exception to address any need that come about. Added to a team that made the conference finals w/o Hayward. Toronto downgraded losing both Ibaka & Gasol. Someone in Milwaukee's gonna have to emerge in playoffs beside Giannis for them to take next step. Miami remains intact. Brooklyn looks de
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