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  1. 2.75% (Was at 4.625 I believe) Should have done it a lot sooner but happy having it done.
  2. Big thanks to @Chadstromafor the hook up with his guy on a refinance. Very painless and think it took right at 30 days from start to finish. Wound up reducing rate almost 2% and chopped 5 years off.
  3. Trying to decide whether to refi or aggressively just pay it off over the next 12-24 months or invest it. My plan would be to pay extra $1000/week til paid off. Almost 10 years (in July) into 30 year FHA loan (4.625%). No mortgage insurance. Have ~65k left to pay on it (home value 300-350k...not sure if this matters but everytime I look at refi rates it asks for it). Phoenix area. Mortgage is through Chase. My sister told me to refi it and invest instead as returns would be greater. I do already max out Roth/HSA. Deferred comp is option with employer. I hate debt and just want to be
  4. Lord Jesus. No one this era, that era, is stopping 250-70 lb Lebron at the dish. Just thinking about Laimbeer just trying it (one....and last time) is hilarious. With the ability to use hands on defense then, sure he'd obviously face a little more resistance getting to the hoop. Jordan will always be #1 for me but Lebron has as good a case as any for 2.
  5. Lakers waive Omar Cook to clear roster spot Rockets waive Demarcus Cousins. Anthony Davis out a month or more. Welcome back to LA Demarcus.
  6. Same here. Same info found elsewhere in more condensed version. Thought the local team coverage was a lot underwhelming
  7. I think Striker/Dlo are nice upgrade. Matthews likely has his hands in a lot of things. I think best to back off the announcing.
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