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  1. Once again....didn't even look at the link where, "Targeted at Black Americans" was in the headline...and it is obvious that you've never known many black smokers.
  2. Big Tobacco targeted Black Americans, not Biden.
  3. Oh how I long for the days when one could publicly exercise racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination without dissent! :swoon:
  4. We started The Serpent, but bailed after 2 episodes. It just didn’t interest us.
  5. Publix makes the best carrot cake. 60 Minutes should do a piece on that.
  6. The best one is the one that is available to you the soonest. Team Pfizer, baby!
  7. Got my first Pfizer shot 15 minutes ago. No issues. I’m outta here.
  8. I wouldn’t go to do indoor touristy things. I would go to visit family or to go hiking or other outdoor (and probably outside the city) things.
  9. It would be great...but it’s the argument of racists? It's commonly uttered by white people in opposition to policies to counteract racism. Like I said, they're not necessarily racists, but some of them are definitely racists.
  10. That would be great. Unfortunately, I usually hear this argument from people who have no interest in equality and just want to perpetuate the status quo. They’re not necessarily racists, but they enjoy the benefits of a legacy of racism.
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