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  1. This is my response to most of the politics forum
  2. Just because your business doesn’t make any money doesn’t make it a non-profit.
  3. Sounds like the problem isn’t that too few men are graduating college; it sounds like educated women are too picky.
  4. When is the Justice for S18 rally planned?
  5. Trump took a risk to soothe his bruised ego, not to protect the Republic. No credit deserved.
  6. 7 is picking up a dead cat, although it won’t stay that way
  7. Got my haul from @Waingro! Pics 4 shirts, 8 beers, a glass mug, and a keychain opener. The Oyster Bay shirt has a cool design on the back. Looking forward to trying the peach ale with dinner tonight! Thanks!
  8. Yes, inspiring confidence in and within the Afghan military forces could have made a difference. Maybe instead of surrendering without a fight, the Afghan government could have held at least the central region. How dare Biden suggest that! LOCK HIM UP!!!!
  9. "The U.S. government has provided over $300 million in border-related security assistance to Tajikistan since 2002, the release added." Proud Bush voters? anyone ? Proud Obama voters? anyone ? Proud Trump voters? anyone ?
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