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  1. I’m trying to be more diplomatic than I used to be so I can keep posting here.
  2. I mean this in the nicest way possible - but this is starting to sound like fantastical conspiracy theories.
  3. Gamestop never seemed so good. (so good, so good, so good)
  4. That 152 won’t matter. Seems like an anomaly at the tail end of AH. But yeah, things are grumpy now. If you’re new to this it’s probably disconcerting but this is what owning growth is like. I added a little to AXON, FVRR, ETSY, SE, SQ, TTD, and ABNB today. Very little because I have decent positions already and I’m not sure this is over, but in 5 years I won’t even remember this.
  5. Just comforting to see the long term theses intact during days like these.
  6. CBS has UEFA rights. I watch a ton of soccer on ESPN+ like Bundesliga, EFL, Serie A and USL for my local Phoenix team. I see all the ACC basketball games I generally care to.
  7. It’s actually one of my stronger performers today
  8. I did one very successful AMC lap the first time around but will stay on the sidelines here. Godspeed, everyone.
  9. It could look like my dog’s butt as long as it works.
  10. The guy who tweeted that is a NNOX advisor. Well respected, member of the Google Health Advisory Board and a digital expert for the WHO. It’s possible that’s the multi source version and that’s why it’s bigger but no idea.
  11. We weren’t talking about the stock, just the business. No doubt you can make money trading the stock right now and I hope you clean up.
  12. They report on Tuesday, I think. If we could get an FDA announcement the night before, I’m going to take a vodka bath.
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