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  1. The only real downside risk is just general China nonsense - probably the only reason it’s so cheap. This thing looks ready to go for its next big leg up, too. I have a lot of it in my Emerging Markets fund in my 401k plus it’s in a general large cap fund. If I wasn’t already #### deep in SE I’d jump in, too.
  2. Tech is the future Inflation fears overblown Stocks crushed anyway
  3. ABNB has a lockup expiration on Monday - best time to buy might be after that.
  4. I think that when there’s a massive drop in ETF’s, they take the individual stocks with them. Happens every day, it’s why everything tends to move in tandem.
  5. I was confused by that, too l, but figured I was just tired.
  6. 3-0 off a corner. Looks like this trophy will not go to a Yank. This guy is pretty excited though.
  7. This is on ESPN+, Randers up 2-0 at halftime over Wright and Co. - turned it on in the 40th minute so missed the goals. Sonderjyske were pushing hard in what I saw, though.
  8. Cool. Another distribution agreement in a place they aren’t yet cleared to distribute.
  9. I have ABNB, DIS, and GDRX reporting after the close. I expect all 3 to crush numbers and for GDRX to explain yet again to people that Amazon is more a partner than a competitor in a clear, understandable way - and then for all three to plummet 15%. This is the way.
  10. 1. This was known and they have clearly explained this two step process since the beginning. 2 and 3. This is what caused me to sell, at least for the time being. They mentioned that the third party manufacturer of the tubes that is the reason for the delay was due to COVID, but they never mentioned this before and they previously made the tube manufacturing seem like no big deal. This doesn’t have anything to do with the chip tech, though. The first clearance was enough for other partners to incorporate the chip tech into their own products. The tube thing is only impacting their own co
  11. Yeah, but the possible environmental impact was a known issue when he got in. My guess is the real reason is something that’s giving his lawyer heartburn and the SEC some paperwork to do.
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