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  1. Never mind "Fiverr International (NYSE:FVRR) pulls its $700M follow-on-offering after determining that market conditions are not in the best interest of the company and its shareholders to raise equity capital."
  2. Video at bottom, fast forward to 3:50. Cramer mentions $HGEN. Just referring to an article, admits he doesn't the company, but getting mentioned on CNBC is good and the kind of thing that can happen when you're competent enough to get off the pink sheets.
  3. Sold when it shot past 170. Still like it but wanted to raise cash.
  4. For his 4 unit example, the total cost would be $48 dollars. Within those 4 units you have 4 common shares, each valued at $10. That explains $40 of the $48. You also get 1/4 of a warrant per unit. So, in those 4 units you also have 1 full warrant, valued at the remaining $8. That makes each 1/4 unit cost $2.
  5. It’s not but we’re in the early part of the online betting land grab stage so it makes sense.
  6. $DKNG is partnering with DISH so you can bet on your tv through the latter’s services. They’re crushing it. Also makes FUBO’s differentiator seem meaningless.
  7. Hovering around 12 premarket. Remember RH traders can’t buy until market hours.
  8. Basically, the commons aren’t available immediately, just the units. It’s difficult for traders on RH to get their units split into commons and warrants because you need to call and they don’t really have customer service. So they wait until commons are available and buy the SPAC then. This rush causes the price on your existing shares to spike.
  9. Looks like it might be $HZON (SPAC to merge with Sportradar). Link
  10. A lot of companies claim to use AI, so this is probably too broad a question. $AI reported today and got slammed, but it’s back to where it opened as a hyped IPO. I’m watching them. They’re one of those businesses that takes a long time to close deals so earnings will be choppy, but they’re close to a pure play and got the sweet ticker.
  11. SPAC How-to from an email I just got from a fintwit follow, good basic primer: 5 Steps to Buying Units: 1. Download a quality brokerage that doesn't rhyme with Shrobinhood. The reason for this is because you need to have a brokerage with customer service that will answer your calls. Common brokerages include: Schwab, TD Ameritrade: Think or Swim, Interactive Brokers, E-Trade, Fidelity. (If you want more info on which brokerage to choose, DM me on Twitter @SPACdaddy or elsewhere & I'll tell you which one is the move for you) 2. To find units of your favorite SPACs, sear
  12. Got back into $SKLZ after learning more about it. They report next week. Current portfolio by size (some are small just because they’re new, not necessarily ranked by conviction): SE, CRWD, AAPL, SQ, MSFT, FVRR, ETSY, AXON, DKNG, PINS, U, GDRX, FLGT, TTD, ABNB, NEE, Z, NNOX, SKLZ, DMTK, IMMR, SRNGU Also about 10% cash.
  13. $FVRR announced a secondary so it's getting hit a little. Could be a buying opportunity but will wait and see. When a growth stock shoots up this fast, and I'm an owner, I kind of want them to do this. Especially because I assume they're just building a war chest to go shopping.
  14. This is just how I tend to build positions. Buy a little before a catalyst like earnings - if it drops, I only bought a little and can average down. If it pops, I have a little skin in the game, can enjoy the ride, and average up. If the thesis changes, I can cut bait and not be impacted too much.
  15. I'm holding long term and have already trimmed plenty in the 170's and 130's so staying put now. If I didn't have a position now, I'd buy a little now and then again after earnings this week. I'm not planning on adding any more, personally, but situations vary. Market Cap is still only $2.5 Billion, lots of runway in the years ahead.
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