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  1. I see it - normally the dip happens a lot sooner, this jump seems to have held. Oh well, you know I'd prefer to get some and wait over getting none and waiting.
  2. I've been watching it since December. I didn't even know there was a rec on it - looks like it was earlier this week? Was there one today, too?
  3. Started a position in $PUBM. Bought some and also sold a put. $1.4 Billion adtech so will be volatile. Long term hold here. IPO’d last year and I think it’s gone through most of the post-IPO craziness and should just be small-cap craziness now. Swapped $PD for it.
  4. West Brom -150 (England: EFL Championship): The -150 was at Fanduel, it's a little more expensive other places. If you want to reduce the juice you could parlay it with "Both Teams to Score" = No - I think they can get a clean sheet today. I haven't done this myself, still pondering. I'll probably throw a smaller amount at the combo, though. Just takes one set piece mishap to screw this part up, however.
  5. Same but I managed to get enough in that it’s second only to $SE as far as my position sizes go.
  6. So they didn’t get their paperwork in on time? Seems like they’d fit right in there immediately, really hit the ground running.
  7. I survived the great growth stock pullback of a couple weeks ago
  8. Lucien Favre seems to be the name bubbling to the surface for next Newcastle manager but I’m also pretty sure we’re going to hear a bunch of crap for awhile.
  9. Sorry, I bolded GLBE, was talking about them
  10. They might be under pressure until 11/8 or so when lockup expires. I’ve been waiting for that before I decide to add more, but my cost basis is low enough I’m not sweating the swings.
  11. Ok, I’ll start a thread a little later. I tried IRL but my supposed teammates let me down.
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