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  1. Ipswich Town equalizer The Ipswich player hid behind the goalkeeper and jumped on the ball when the GK put it on the ground. Ended up being a pretty good result for the Tractor Boys. Also hilarious.
  2. Their customer acquisition costs are really high. Lots of marketing and bonuses.
  3. $INMD, $UPST, and $U have my pants at a full position, if you know what I mean.
  4. That will be personal as far as dollar value, but for me, generally speaking, when I first start a position (or share in stb’s case) I try to go for 5% of my portfolio. Or you could just pick a dollar amount, like you want any position to start at $10k or something. When we say half a position we mean only $5k, in that scenario, because we want to build positions over time.
  5. I think it’s Feroldi (who stole the idea from another guy) that keeps a journal of his stock transactions. He notes when he bought it and the metrics. I’m not sure if it’s P/S or P/EV or what (I can look it up) but they will add to positions when that particular metric is lower than when they first bought it. That takes the stock price out of it completely and focuses on the underlying value, and makes adding to positions more mechanical. I think it’s a good idea, another way to remove emotions from this. I haven’t implemented this for myself, of course, but I’m thinking about thinking about it.
  6. I’m in the same boat - maybe a little closer to fuller positions but will still add given a great opportunity. Monday wasn’t enough of a drop. Tons of runway left on all of these companies. Would be tough to start positions here for any of them.
  7. That whole team is really smart and transparent, and many of them respond to questions on Twitter and whatnot. Good webinars, interesting reports. You shouldn't follow their buys/sells blindly but they are absolutely worth paying attention to.
  8. I also do some interpretative dance for $INMD but these are very personal expressions not meant for public view.
  9. I love UPST so much I’m writing poems about it
  10. And from the various trials I’ve run, they barely bounce then, either.
  11. PBS is streaming a four-part Ken Burns documentary on Muhammad Ali.
  12. Just woke up and read a little. Now that I’m an expert in Chinese mortgages and liquidity issues, here’s what everyone should do:
  13. Red Zone Channel just now: “Dalton back in there, good news for Bears fans” and I don’t think he was being sarcastic
  14. Put the other half of you in the freezer until later.
  15. Bachelor number one, if I were a popsicle, what would you do to me? Well first, I’d take off your wrapper…if you know what I mean! Then…I’d grab you by your sticks…if you know what I mean! And then…I’d press you against the counter until you’re broken in two.
  16. Newsmax propagandist screams and cuts off veteran for mildly criticizing Trump’s handling of Afghanistan If you wonder why people who scream about vaccines, voter fraud, and immigrants seem so detached from reality, it’s because they’ve been consuming this type of content on talk radio for thirty years.
  17. Benfica controlled but couldn’t finish the job. Was the right bet but ended 0-0. Heinicke o17.5 rushing tomorrow night -120 at Barstool
  18. Horvath getting the start today in a regular league game
  19. Shopify Product lead responding on Twitter. Initial thoughts are this isn’t awesome but not terrible either. But I won’t be able to really look into it until later. I was hopeful GLBE would be SHOP’s solution for cross border but it sounds like only for complex cases.
  20. Speaking of, $SHOP announced that they are going international and it sounds like a product different than their partnership with $GLBE. I’ll post more later because I’m out but @stbugs it’s something to look at. Could hit the thesis.
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