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  1. the blocking's been terrific, but Johnson's gotten more then what was there. More then one ankle breaking move, some power carrying guys forward for an extra yard or two, broken several tackles. There's no way to deny that he's looked very very good
  2. Really a nice "problem" for Denver to have two quality RB's, but I can't help but question the pick when there are so many other clear needs in Denver
  3. actually thought that was 2nd down play. IN which case I dont think it would be worth it. 3rd down play changes that
  4. Javonte had the previous series though (was 3 and out....which perhaps explains why he got the first few snaps of this one?)
  5. There's a lot to like about Williams, but the idea that he's outplayed Gordon is false. They've been pretty equivalent and given that they SHOULD be splitting it nearly even
  6. IKR...how does he have so few career carries before this? Even with Chubb and Hunt there he should have seen more action given the skills he's flashed tonight
  7. I have to admit Johnson has looked much better then expected. He's had good blocking, but he's also flashed some nice skills. Second guessing all the offers I turned down re. him this past week.
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