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  1. Silly question....what were the previous "normal" energy rates in Texas on these plans and how did they compare to the rest of the (more highly regulated but also inter-connected and more reliable) country? Did Texans enjoy significantly cheaper power then the rest of us?
  2. Sooooo...did the paperwork/email/whatever explaining these service options inform him of this (not-so) remote possibility of a 1000% un-announced rate hike? Sorry.....this shouldn't be remotely possible. This is absolutely an example of conservatism gone wrong. Texas made it's choices, and this is part of the result.
  3. If there's a QB at 9 they like, they need to take him. It's too easy to be mediocre with a lousy QB and end up hamstrung and unable to get back to a top 10-12 pick without giving up a ton of assets. If there isn't a guy they like, then sure, trade back and acquire more darts, or take the best OL available....but I'd have zero issue with a QB at 9. (I would have an issue with trading several picks to move up and take anyone short of Lawrence...which we know isnt happening)
  4. And some folks knew it then....and were ok with it. TBH...I'll take several years of basement dwelling if that's the price for 52.
  5. If Wentz is traded with high picks in return I'm just fine with QB at 6 if they see someone they like. Wasn't pleased with the Hurts pick but doubling down on a bad pick by THEN counting on that pick to be "the man" would be even dumber. So.....really not getting why so many here are against QB at 6. If Wentz ISN'T traded, we have a different scenario where the better answer would be the trade back for extra picks, surround Wentz with some more talent and hope the new staff can coach him back to where he started.
  6. I lean left in many many ways....but many reversals of discrimination and bias exist today. There are a lot of folks that only give lip service to the idea of color blindness
  7. I dunno. We've done a lot of arguing about first amendment rights, political speech etc. But when the problems stem from a repeated, proven lie from the President himself? Not once or twice, but hundreds of times over the course of months? The lies are enough to impeach, regardless of whether or not you agree he incited the riot. UNless of course you thought impeaching Clinton for lying about a blow job was also a great idea.
  8. And the source? At the bottom it asks for donations to "support (our) conservative reporting on Joe Biden's radical cabinet and their leftist "America Last" agenda" Biased much? That's terrible rhetoric there.
  9. Come on man. 1200 registrations from a year before the election may have been....late? THIS IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF FRAUD?
  10. Not quite accurate. If Philly trades him Philly eats a huge piece of that contract (bonus money is the issue). The contract is rough for the Eagles no matter what they do....it's not bad at all for any team RECEIVING him. I can see why someone would say second round picks are fair, but I'm not so sure that those are enough to justify the dead money cap hit for the Eagles. ON the flip side....that would be an absolute STEAL for the receiving team if he recovers back to 2019 levels, let alone 2018. That offer isn't awful....but it's a long way from generous
  11. Seems like y'all are mixing "auction" with "salary cap". While these aren't mutually exclusive things, and most salary cap leagues utilize an auction for the initial draft....auction leagues DO NOT have to be salary cap leagues. My league mentioned above utilizes auctions for everything. Initial draft was an auction. Waiver wire dollars for FAs in season. Rookie auction yearly. But it isn't a salary cap league
  12. NO NO NO NO Study after study is showing that the cost of education, health care, and housing are taking a FAR FAR larger portion of the middle and lower class income then they did 20+ years ago. The idea that young people are just less willing to sacrifice is a false narrative (or, at best, a misleading narrative that ignores the real problem) Wages have STAGNATED, while cost of living has not. Student loan forgiveness may not be the right answer for this, and certainly isn't the whole answer, but this attitude of blaming the lower class and poor is a problem.
  13. Sorry...but there isn't a locale in this country where the current minimum wage provides a reasonable standard of living. Not one place where that wage allows for housing AND health care, let alone leaving anything which could be then utilized for say.....a higher education.
  14. I don't disagree with your premise in general, but in the logic leading you to this, yet fighting against minimum wage increase. Education costs have skyrocketed over the last 30 years.....risen FAR FAR faster then income. We have to recognize this and take steps to fix it. PART of that fix could include some cancellation of debt. (TBH I'm not 100% sold that this is the right thing to do....but I'm frustrated by the contradictions inherent in some of these positions)
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