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  1. ok....enough time for a garbage drive with 6 at the end. Lets go Goff
  2. Packers fans...whats the story on Amari Rogers? Just not ready?
  3. well....still need 10 from Goff. With this lead maybe Packers play soft?
  4. bad call ball wasn't close to catchable and the contact wasn't the reason
  5. nobody is nitpicking the results, or the decision. It was a bad play call, period. On EVERY 4th down play under a yard, you line up under center and force the defense to crowd the center of the line
  6. Didnt love that call ON 4th and less then 1 line up under center and at least feel out the sneak
  7. All day this. This team might be very very good within a season or two
  8. Sorry...Stafford will have to have a HOF career from here to justify trading away a competent NFL caliber starting QB AND two first round picks. And yes...Goff is absolutely a competent NFL caliber starter
  9. agreed. live it looked to me like he was just tossing it away. replay from the backside showed a player breaking towards the direction and a bigger hit on the arm then I saw live. INcomplete would have been the better call, but I saw grounding live
  10. There is zero doubt that Stafford is a better QB then Goff, but he is NOT TWO first rounders better. Steal for the Lions
  11. Nice start for the Lions, and for me and my fantasy teams (started Goff in like 4 leagues, own Cephus in 5)
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