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  1. Im in Cincinnati and just got back from a run. Very windy, 20+ mile winds. Tough day to throw.
  2. Started him over Lamb. So far, so good.
  3. Jackson is listed as Questionable this week with a knee. Does it open the door for Kelly?
  4. Good luck with that. I doubt anyone who drafted him is going to move him now. Dalton should be a fine replacement as far as Lamb is concerned.
  5. LaFleur is 15-3 as a HC. 1000 yds and 85 pts so far this year. I’ve gotta think he’s a little better than Nagy, Fangio, Flores and Lynn.
  6. I want to add him, but just can’t find a roster spot. Evans, Chark, Diontae Johnson, Gallup, Lamb, Parris Campbell, Preston Williams. Think I’m going to have to wait for now.
  7. 1 PPR. Am I crazy to be thinking of benching Chubb against Baltimore?
  8. Kamera, Chubb, M. Sanders, K.Allen, Kupp, D. Parker, or Perriman. Need 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex. Thanks
  9. I’m not a big Winston fan, but he didn’t do that.
  10. We keep 4 players per year. After 3 years a player must be released and exposed to the draft. 10 team league- I’m drafting 5’th. Straight draft (no snake). My keepers are Kamera (last yr I can keep him), Chubb(2 seasons), Mike Evans(2 seasons), and Keenan Allen(last year). I’m hoping Kelce drops to me, but I don’t think he will. I was thinking I’d draft Micheal Thomas, but it turns out Kerryon Johnson won’t be protected. (His owner has Barkley, Mixon, and Fournette as well). Is there a case for taking Kerryon over Thomas, keeping in mind this is a player I’d hope to keep for three seasons. We start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1flex, 1te, 1def. ( We got rid of kickers for this year.) ppr league.
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