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  1. TBs OL did a good job protecting Brady and gave him plenty of time. They also did a good job containing Young on the outside. Young got close many times, just not close enough.
  2. Heinicke earned my respect and trust last night. Bring him back and let him compete for the job. That was a fun game to watch (with no expectations). I am against trading for Watson. Draft OL and WR.
  3. As a humbled Redskins fan, I’ll be happy if they compete the whole game and don’t lose because of self inflicted mistakes and penalties. It has become beyond frustrating watching how good teams win games and then watching the Football Team make mistake after mistake.
  4. Democrats are russian over to the 3rd World countries to try and get their Biden campaign swag back.
  5. Get out of here, you nosey brat. 

  6. Didn't Pat Gillick go to Baltimore after Toronto?Yeah, a year after he resigned from Toronto.
  7. Hey guys, could you please leave Dan Duquette alone and go find someone else? Thanks
  8. Very nice guy. Cares about the satisfaction of others before his own.

  9. What a great guy! Always willing to help a fellow FBG out.

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