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  1. Airplane mode during the day with an out of office response loaded in my email. Catch up later in the day.
  2. In early January we rented out a theater for my daughters 6th birthday. Cost was $150 for up to 30 guests. It was one of the best kid’s birthday parties. I wish that would always be available. Croods 2
  3. The flooring is waterproof luxury vinyl, not hard wood. The contractor laid down one box (of 59) that was the darker color with my permission. I’m ok eating the cost of that.
  4. Except the boxes were ALL labeled as the product that I ordered and I was told there could be a variation in color when I received the product compared to the way it looked online. No way for me to tell there were 2 different colors at the bottom of the pallet with the same label. I wasn’t aware of an issue until 80% through the job. I do appreciate the counter argument though.
  5. Agreed about the race, disagree about the language. Based on my experiences. That wasn’t my intention.
  6. It’s not as if it’s staying like that that. I agree, it looks ridiculous. If there was enough flooring to have finished the hallway, we were considering to do the bedrooms the different color and use a transition strip. Reluctantly…
  7. Yes. I left it since it’s in my daughter’s room, and had I removed it already she would have to have been walking on the subfloor for the past month. I already have the matching wood that I got from a different vendor.
  8. I will likely never see the el carpintero again. It’s been a month and they are long gone to other jobs. I have a gringo who will be completing the job.
  9. The BBB accepted my complaint. They’ve reached out to the company for a response.
  10. I’d be ok eating the cost of the box that was cut and laid down. It’s less than $100. Lol I would have had a few boxes extra anyway from ordering over the sqft needed for waste.
  11. The contractor called me and told me it was a different color. I wasn’t home and didn’t know exactly what we were dealing with. I asked him to lay some pieces so we could see if the transition was workable. I didn’t realize they were going to cut any pieces.
  12. No. Picture a pallet with 59 boxes on it. All 59 having the same label on the side. It wasn’t until we used the first 40 boxes on top that we noticed the bottom boxes were the different color. It wasn’t like it was a box mixed in here and there. They were all together.
  13. Language barrier aside, when we realized it was a different color, I said to put a box down so we could see the severity of contrast. I agree about the cutting and how they tried to transition it.
  14. Here are 2 photos showing the different colored wood. https://imgur.com/a/gfjZHuN
  15. 1. I bought the remaining flooring from a different company. The flooring is a model year newer and each board is 4” longer. Not a huge deal since I’m staggering. Color is the same. 2. The credit card company can only do the entire amount. The vendor could negotiate a different amount, but they filed their claim for the full amount. I had already asked for a partial credit from the original company, which was denied. 3. They charged for the entire order.
  16. Filed a complaint with BBB this morning and requested a refund. Contacted Capital One when they opened and they confirmed that the company disputed my claim. Capital One asked me to upload invoices, all communication with the company, pictures and any other relevant information through a link they emailed me. I just finished doing that and was told I’d hear something in a few days.
  17. Entire charge was put back on. Yeah, I’ll call Capital One again this morning. Very disappointing. The company sent me an email last week (I’m assuming after they noticed the rescinded payment) saying they filed a claim on my behalf with the manufacturer. BBB and online reviews are now a must.
  18. I logged into my Capital One account this morning and noticed that the charge was put back on my card on Tuesday under “purchase adjustment”. I have to wait until 8am est before I can talk to a live person. Any thoughts? It seems unlikely to be able to sue an out of state company in small claims court. Not sure what my options are if Capital One is a dead end.
  19. I just ordered the remaining flooring I needed from a different company. Still no word from the original company.
  20. They have 1xx sq ft left with no plans of getting more. Tough to sell that small of an amount.
  21. Actually, they said they would credit me if I returned the “factory sealed” boxes if I returned them. I obviously had to open the boxes to check the color since they all had the same label. It’s also 20 boxes, each weighing about 45lbs, so close to 1/2 a ton. That’s a pretty big inconvenience. The product they said they would ship me is the dark color that I only had a few hundred sqft. So another couple hundred doesn’t help at all. At this point, I’m astonished that they haven’t accepted any responsibility or tried harder to rectify the situation. That’s why big box stores are putting these smaller places out of business.
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