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  1. What FAAB amount is he going for in your leagues?
  2. Does he make the Panthers DST an every week start?
  3. You going with CEH over Claypool?
  4. Anyone got the stones to start him this Monday? Cincy isn't tough and he got off last time, but his play as of late....
  5. Would you rank either above Pollard as a handcuff?
  6. Browns DST just dropped in my league. I have a week 14 bye secured. They worth the remainder of my FAAB for their playoff schedule (I have Arizona now)?
  7. Y’all taking the risk of waiting on him this week?
  8. If he tested positive then he will have to miss 10 days, and depending on when the test was that may make him miss the matchup vs Houston.
  9. They did. You may want to grab Wilkins instead, if he's available. If the game is played this will give us a better idea of how they will split stuff without him, to see if Snell is worth keeping.
  10. Garrett on the Covid list. Folks still trust the Browns?
  11. I just dropped him for Mattison, so he probably blows up now.
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