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  1. Who could have guessed that Nobody was written by the same guy who happened to write John Wick. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4401003/?ref_=tt_ov_wr
  2. Curry needing 19 pts to pass Wilt as the all time leading scorer in dubs history knocks down 21 in the 1st quarter against Denver.
  3. Interesting little tidbit I saw today Top-5 drafted NFL QBs, 2015-18: No. 1 Jameis Winston, not re-signed No. 2 Marcus Mariota, not re-signed No. 1 Jared Goff, traded No. 2 Carson Wentz, traded No. 2 Mitchell Trubisky, not re-signed No. 1 Baker Mayfield, still with Browns No. 3 Sam Darnold, traded
  4. Berry maybe looking at moving up in the draft in order to get a targeted player in the 15-20 range. If names like Jaelen Phillips, JOK, or maybe Jaycee Horn are still lurking around, I could see him moving up to grab them. The Browns don't really have the roster anymore to go and accommodate 9 rookies.
  5. Really trying to out the old timers aren't you.
  6. Viewed Minari last night and you can put me in the the meh category. The acting and cinematography were both very good but felt like it just kind of meandered around and then just ended after a couple of hours without much of the main story line remaining unresolved.
  7. All 3 are available for free streaming on the so called "other" web sites that are frowned upon.
  8. Watched The Father last night. Anthony Hopkins does an impressive realistic performance as a man struggling and coping with elderly life while dealing with having dementia.
  9. I was able to see this as well the other night and really enjoyed it despite it being subtitled. Also thought It was a nice touch by the director to give Mads a brief scene showcasing his other skill as a professional dancer.
  10. You may want to check this one as well, although it could be quite entertaining.
  11. I was kind of hoping that they would show some interest in Geno Atkins who was released earlier by the bungles.
  12. Harry I could believe, but Meghan's relishing in the spotlight.
  13. IDK but waking up on a sailboat taking on water in the middle of the Indian ocean after hitting a shipping container doesn't come across as to clever.
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