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  1. Joe Lacob says . . . NO https://nba.nbcsports.com/2021/09/03/report-warriors-dont-want-to-trade-james-wiseman-or-jonathan-kuminga/
  2. Agreed, followed by the bittersweet ending of the season 2 finale.
  3. Just completed s2 and another big 👍 for Mr Inbetween. Really surprised this show isn't getting more mention.
  4. Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
  5. Damon Herriman as Dewey Crowe could be the most underrated character in the series.
  6. I know William Smith is probably best known as Falconetti in RMPM, but I'll always foremost remember him as the leader of those of the renegade biker gangs in the 1970's.
  7. It's just all due diligence at this point with Stephen A. doing what he does best. Another rumor being circulated around is the dubs are having conversations with the Cavs with packaging the 7th and 14th + other considerations in order to try and move up into the 3rd slot.
  8. I thought it was close to resembling a Lifetime network production.
  9. Yeah, I could see that being the case. When the monster already being let out of the bag and no longer a mystery, the emphasis will have to be a stronger story line in the sequel.
  10. I also gave up on Bosch after a couple of episodes. It just seems to play out more as a typical TV sitcom cop show with wooden characters and cliched dialogue than what I expected out of a TV mini-series.
  11. Yep, the season series is currently tied at 1-1 making the winner of Sunday's game the 8th seed.
  12. I think most of these dentist recommendations come from whatever brand (SonicCare vs. Oral-B) there offices have side promotions for. I've visited various offices over the years that have one or the other brand displayed on a stand and I'm pretty sure they some kind of get commission on any sale. FWIW I've used the Oral-B brand for years and I've had great checkups. So why change?
  13. Pete Smith coming out with his final mock draft has an interesting perspective to it along with a big trade up but not necessarily what most people would be expecting. https://www.si.com/nfl/browns/browns-maven-features/browns-2021-mock-draft-vol-5
  14. Curry getting 49 tonight overtakes Bradley Beal in the scoring title chase. Curry 31.4 Beal 31.1
  15. Who could have guessed that Nobody was written by the same guy who happened to write John Wick. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4401003/?ref_=tt_ov_wr
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