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  1. I'm in a 10 team dynasty, with picks 1.3, 2.3, and 2.5. I have a glaring need at TE, with a second need at WR. I have been thinking it over extensively, but depending on where Pitts lands, I am debating taking him at 1.3 if he's there. I think he almost certainly will be, as the teams at 1.1 and 1.2 have desperate needs at RB. This may come at the expense of passing up on the likes of Chase, Waddle, Smith etc. at WR, but I am pretty certain that WR's in the category of Bateman. R. Moore, E. Moore, Marshall etc. should be available at 2.3 & 2.5. True, they aren't the elite WR's in this draf
  2. I would rather run through hell with gasoline skivvies on.
  3. 17 points from him in PPR. If you had told me before the game started, "I'll either let you start Perriman and guarantee you 17 points, or you can take your chances with Golladay or Mostert", I would have taken the 17 all day. 12 targets, and if not for Winston looking really bad all day, Perriman could have easily had another monster day.
  4. The problem is that everyone seems to be concentrating on ceiling here, when the important number is the floor. Since week 3, Winston has thrown for over 300 yards in every game but 2. He's gone over 40 attempts in 7 of the last 9. And he's going for those previously mentioned single season records. There are going to be a lot of passes to go around. Godwin had 8 targets before he went down, and I expect Perriman to get the bulk of those first looks. And with Godwin, Evans, and Scott Miller all out, I would have to think Perriman gets at least 8 or 9 targets. His floor is what makes it such a
  5. Wow. In my non-PPR league, Owner A traded Amari Cooper, Dalvin Cook, and 1.07 to Owner B for the 1.01 pick, and I thought I wouldn't see anyone go over that. The hype is out of control.
  6. Keep up the great work, little voice

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