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  1. Wondering if there's any truth to the rumors of a 3 way deal sending Tua to Washington.
  2. Totally agree on Gordon being the lotto ticket. St Brown is upticking a lot in PPR. I'd rather have St Brown in either situation.
  3. I should have stated that. This league is only 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex RB/WR/TE. So the most I can start is 2 RB's.
  4. PPR league- 2 of these 3- Jonathan Taylor, Kareem Hunt, D'Andre Swift.
  5. Maybe it's the optimist in me, but target Aiyuk 12 times per game and I'll bet good things happen with him, too. You know, like at the end of last year. Can't understand why everyone thinks Deebo is so much better. So far it looks like all that's happening is he's getting more balls thrown to him. But hey, they're only 2-3 and in last place in arguably the toughest division in the league. Maybe they shouldn't change anything. 🙄
  6. Same here. Some things never change!
  7. Well, since Samuel got 12 targets and Kittle got 11, there was already little left to go around. Add to that the fact that Sanu and Juszczyk both out-targeted Aiyuk, yeah... I'd say it's time to cut bait. Lance doesn't seem any more apt than Garoppolo to look for him.
  8. That sounds like one of those counter offers that people do just to indicate that they actually aren't interested in trading.
  9. Any more insight on your thoughts as to why Ruggs would be severely undervalued, but the possessions receivers wouldn't be? Carr has never seemed to make the most of any elite speed receivers in the past (perhaps a misconception by me, but it seems that way). And so far I haven't seen anything out of Ruggs that indicates he's anything more than a boom/bust prospect each week relying on big plays. Not contradicting you, just curious.
  10. Right now, 19% choosing Lawrence, and I'm frankly surprised it's that high. Another thing to consider is, who watched Herbert last year and thought to themselves, "That's probably as good as he's ever gonna get"? Probably no one. Everyone talks about Lawrence's upside, but not Herbert's.
  11. The always overlooked aspect of those players being big fish in a small pond when they're still in college. And it's absolutely relevant because it bears out year after year.
  12. Really great write up. Thanks, this is a lot of effort that should be recognized. Well done.
  13. I have a league that I've ran for 21 years. Our members last year voted to institute a schedule where we played 2 head-to-head matchups per week, and it was received with enthusiasm. This has prompted some discussion about modifying the schedule going forward so that we can play 2 matchups per week, with 1 matchup being a head-to-head vs a team in the league, and the 2nd matchup being against the league average for that week. They seem to like this option for the mitigating factor of "bad beats", or one team always seeming to play the league's high scorer every week. Our league is set up so that I don't actually make all the rules, I just run it. We have a rules committee that sets the rules, scoring, etc. So I am asking on behalf of them. My question is, has anyone ever done this, and if so, how did you set it up? Are there certain websites that facilitate that better than others?
  14. 1.01 Trevor Lawrence - JAC 1.02 Zach Wilson - NYJ 1.03 Trey Lance to SF 1.04 Kyle Pitts to ATL 1.05 Penei Sewell to CIN 1.06 Ja'Marr Chase to MIA 1.07 Mac Jones to NE via trade 1.08 Patrick Surtain to CAR 1.09 Jaycee Horn to DEN 1.10 Rashawn Slater to DAL
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