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  1. That sounds like one of those counter offers that people do just to indicate that they actually aren't interested in trading.
  2. Any more insight on your thoughts as to why Ruggs would be severely undervalued, but the possessions receivers wouldn't be? Carr has never seemed to make the most of any elite speed receivers in the past (perhaps a misconception by me, but it seems that way). And so far I haven't seen anything out of Ruggs that indicates he's anything more than a boom/bust prospect each week relying on big plays. Not contradicting you, just curious.
  3. Right now, 19% choosing Lawrence, and I'm frankly surprised it's that high. Another thing to consider is, who watched Herbert last year and thought to themselves, "That's probably as good as he's ever gonna get"? Probably no one. Everyone talks about Lawrence's upside, but not Herbert's.
  4. The always overlooked aspect of those players being big fish in a small pond when they're still in college. And it's absolutely relevant because it bears out year after year.
  5. Really great write up. Thanks, this is a lot of effort that should be recognized. Well done.
  6. I have a league that I've ran for 21 years. Our members last year voted to institute a schedule where we played 2 head-to-head matchups per week, and it was received with enthusiasm. This has prompted some discussion about modifying the schedule going forward so that we can play 2 matchups per week, with 1 matchup being a head-to-head vs a team in the league, and the 2nd matchup being against the league average for that week. They seem to like this option for the mitigating factor of "bad beats", or one team always seeming to play the league's high scorer every week. Our league is set up so that I don't actually make all the rules, I just run it. We have a rules committee that sets the rules, scoring, etc. So I am asking on behalf of them. My question is, has anyone ever done this, and if so, how did you set it up? Are there certain websites that facilitate that better than others?
  7. 1.01 Trevor Lawrence - JAC 1.02 Zach Wilson - NYJ 1.03 Trey Lance to SF 1.04 Kyle Pitts to ATL 1.05 Penei Sewell to CIN 1.06 Ja'Marr Chase to MIA 1.07 Mac Jones to NE via trade 1.08 Patrick Surtain to CAR 1.09 Jaycee Horn to DEN 1.10 Rashawn Slater to DAL
  8. See, I don't need to be reading stuff like this right now when I'm sitting at 1.03 in my dynasty rookie draft. Or maybe I do. 😄
  9. I'm in a 10 team dynasty, with picks 1.3, 2.3, and 2.5. I have a glaring need at TE, with a second need at WR. I have been thinking it over extensively, but depending on where Pitts lands, I am debating taking him at 1.3 if he's there. I think he almost certainly will be, as the teams at 1.1 and 1.2 have desperate needs at RB. This may come at the expense of passing up on the likes of Chase, Waddle, Smith etc. at WR, but I am pretty certain that WR's in the category of Bateman. R. Moore, E. Moore, Marshall etc. should be available at 2.3 & 2.5. True, they aren't the elite WR's in this draft, but again, depending on the situations they land in, could be good WR's. And since everyone has to start a TE, it seems like a legitimate consideration if Pitts is truly a generational talent at the position. I'd say talk me down from the ledge, but I'm not certain I need to be. The NFL draft is going to get really interesting after SF's pick.
  10. I would rather run through hell with gasoline skivvies on.
  11. This kind of sums up what I thought he looked like. He didn't look like he had much pop making his breaks, his moves were telegraphed a bit (but I think it's because he's so lanky), yet he also seemed to have an instinct to find that extra foot of space one way or the other at the end of the route. In the end I think it's because his arms are so damn long and he has a good knack for keeping his hands out in front of him. I wish I'd tried harder to get him in dynasty now. Like the way he looks comfortable in his own skin and is doing those things that veteran receivers seem to learn to create space.
  12. For what, a ham sandwich? If someone is a contender, Gallup isn't the last piece they need. Redraft value is absolute zero right now, and even though dynasty value is slightly higher, no one will give you fair value right now. It's either hold in dynasty if you believe in him, or cut.
  13. I am going to say choo choo, but I am going to say it very quietly.
  14. I have shares of him, so I do want to be optimistic. But he looked closer to a guy who just got paid than a guy who wants to be paid.
  15. On Saturday Aug 29th, I got him as my RB5 in the 16th round of a 9 team PPR redraft league, pick 138 overall. On Friday Sept 4th, AP was released. On Sunday Sept 6th, Gibson went 1.9 and 1.9 in two separate 10 team dynasty PPR drafts. Yes, I think it's safe to say that any actual value is gone.
  16. In my league, it's Jeff. It's always Jeff. That dude is crazy.
  17. Going into our 21st season with a 12 team league where 10 of the owners have been there since the start, and this season is already FUBAR. 3 owners have "opted out" (with a few more still "waiting to see what happens"), and the rest currently want to forge ahead. Which means I will have to realign divisions, arrange for an online/Zoom draft instead of our in-person draft, possibly include extra IR spots for just Covid (and hope the league software will have some sort of unique designation for Covid related player absences, otherwise I would have to police the IR basically every day)... this is shaping up to be about as fun as a root canal with no anesthesia.
  18. 17 points from him in PPR. If you had told me before the game started, "I'll either let you start Perriman and guarantee you 17 points, or you can take your chances with Golladay or Mostert", I would have taken the 17 all day. 12 targets, and if not for Winston looking really bad all day, Perriman could have easily had another monster day.
  19. Flexing Boone in a PPR redraft over Golladay (at DEN) and Mostert (vs LAR). Also starting Perriman vs HOU and McLaurin vs NYG over Golladay. Also have Mattison as emergency plug in in case something changes between now and Monday night. Tough call but it's all situational for LCG, and I like Boone's situation better than Mostert and especially Golladay. I hope luck does favor the bold.
  20. The problem is that everyone seems to be concentrating on ceiling here, when the important number is the floor. Since week 3, Winston has thrown for over 300 yards in every game but 2. He's gone over 40 attempts in 7 of the last 9. And he's going for those previously mentioned single season records. There are going to be a lot of passes to go around. Godwin had 8 targets before he went down, and I expect Perriman to get the bulk of those first looks. And with Godwin, Evans, and Scott Miller all out, I would have to think Perriman gets at least 8 or 9 targets. His floor is what makes it such an easy call to play him this week, IMO. I'm playing him in my flex over Golladay, Mostert, and Robby Anderson and not even thinking twice about it.
  21. I would take Cooper for sure as the #1 in this situation. But with the wind forecast and concussion, I just don't trust Parker. Never trusted him. Boom or bust. I'd trust Mack over him. Thanks for the reply on mine.
  22. Will answer yours with link. Hooper didn't seem all that inspiring in his first week back from injury, and Fant looked strong vs HOU last week. Wondering if ATL has much to play for traveling cross country to SFO. And though he was listed as questionable earlier in the week, Fant is now likely to play @ KC.
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