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  1. Paid a buck for him in both my dynasty leagues, easy to drop at that price but certainly worth the price of admission. Wouldn’t be happy with myself if I lost out on a relevant TE at that price.
  2. Well one things for sure, both sides could end up happy or sad so I guess the gamble was equal for both as any good trade should be.
  3. Well I’m not a contender holding the 1.01 but was in a lot of games I lost last year. Drafted Guice at 1.02 last year taking over a refugee team. I figure two top picks this year can hopefully put me in contender range.
  4. Everyone is trying to move down including me with no bites. I have the 1.01 so I decided to shoot this offer out and it got accepted within the hour so I started to doubt myself.
  5. The team is currently in first place in his division by 3 games (albeit 5-5) and carrying Boston Scott and Jonathan Williams (both FA’s) on his roster. (Thompson was traded with Moncrief for a 3rd to another team)
  6. I would have as well, I’m loaded at RB or I wouldn’t have offered. Thompson could and has last year performed at an RB2 level and could shore up a playoff run. Plus Williams as the handcuff to Jones has the TD value anyway if Jones went down to injury.
  7. I offered Williams and Chris Thompson for a 3rd rd. pick to the Jones owner and was shot down.
  8. Whoa huge trade not involved but very interested in the outcome. Trade Team A: (Defending Champ) gave up RB Le'Veon Bell Bell, RB James Conner, WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling, TE Chris Herndon, Year 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick (Late rd. pick) Team B: (1st pick this years draft) gave up RB Saquon Barkley & LB Cory Littleton
  9. The other two were also rookies who he had not seen play yet, this is a new year and any of the three could win the job.
  10. Well lets see them then, I not above admitting I'm wrong but it sure seems to me that Williams is getting more playing time because he can protect Rogers better than Jones can.
  11. No he said "there is no correlation between fantasy production and good pass blocking" and I said it will get you more playing time, which in turn would yes lead to more production. But your picking pepper out of fly crap here.
  12. Agreed but it will get you more playing time which equates to more production. Don't need metrics to figure that out.
  13. I agree with you and believe that the value of this trade could very well hinge on CJ. and if he ends up in a good gig or a back up somewhere. Either way I get to choose who I want even if by the smallest of margins. All though I was struggling with who to pick and as soon as the trade was accepted I pre-drafted my man. Doesn't mean he'll be the better back but I got to choose him anyway.
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