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  1. I drafted him in one league, the highlights didn't excite me about that pick. Toe-mae-toe 🙂
  2. Meh, didn't see anything spectacular.
  3. Blackballed? Kaep was given the chance to play just not at what he thought he should be paid. Big difference, what's Tebow's paycheck?
  4. 53 man roster PPR 6 pt. TD 1QB, 2-3RB, 3-4WR, 1-2TE, K, IDP https://www66.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=23514&O=17
  5. Which is a long run and a few good blocks from being the starter on NE
  6. Traded Michel today for what is most likely a late second and Benny Snell, I own Conner.
  7. Burrow? I agree totally, I almost traded back but I’ve seen him go earlier so I pulled the trigger. I’ve felt good about it ever since.
  8. Classic IDP Zealots league I'm the LA Rams https://www55.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=40949&O=17
  9. With the landing spots of skill players I see WR’s moving up fantasy drafts and RB’s dropping.
  10. With pick 3.10 Jaguars select: Raekwon Davis DT Alabama A big bodied run stopper who can also rush the passer. 1.09 - CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma 1.20 - Trevon Diggs DB Alabama 2.10 Zack Baun LB Wisconsin
  11. With pick 2.10 Jaguars select Zack Baun LB Wisconsin 1.09 - CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma 1.20 - Trevon Diggs DB Alabama
  12. Pick 1.20 Jaguars select Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama Must replace Jalen Ramsey and Diggs has the size to defend larger receivers.
  13. 1.9 - Jaguars - CeeDee Lamb WR OK The 3 defensive players I wanted were all gone, let's get some offensive help.
  14. James Conner, Sony Michel or Bo Scarborough? Best option?
  15. But to be clear if claimed off of waivers player must go on the 53 man active roster, he can not be claimed and put on the practice squad.
  16. Only in the sense they speak to them first but the player can go to any teams practice squad that he has an offer on. Jeremy McNichols did that on hard knocks in 2017 when he left Tampa with an offer for the practice squad and went to San Francisco.
  17. Paid a buck for him in both my dynasty leagues, easy to drop at that price but certainly worth the price of admission. Wouldn’t be happy with myself if I lost out on a relevant TE at that price.
  18. Anyone who pretends to know what the end result is going to be is just foolishness, he is a lottery ticket and we each pick our own numbers.
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