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  1. I'm right with you on that update but I'm also waiting on the first big sale. Hopefully around thanksgiving they'll have it for something like half off.
  2. Seemed like it was just one corner getting roasted.
  3. Similar situation here. 45, usually just did weekend drinking in my 20s but somehow the past 10 years evolved to every night drinking. I mentioned in another thread (maybe about a year ago?) that I was considering quitting altogether. I'm fine not drinking to excess and only having 2-3 beers in an evening, but the problem is my body isn't. The last few years it's really jacked up my sleeping pattern and also caused acid reflex, which can make the sleeping issue even worse. These last few months I've cut way way down and am usually around 4-8 beers a week (depending on ABV), the bulk of which are on Saturday. I have many days during the week I don't drink at all. But the thing is, even just 3 beers can mess up my sleep and make me totally unmotivated to do anything the next day. I guess I'm just getting old and can't handle alcohol anymore?
  4. I have a similar situation. I'm 45. It's not so much about the exact time I wake up... it's the length of sleep. On super rare totally awesome occasions I can get close to 9 hours, but typically I clock in around 7. If I make bad life decisions (beer) and stay up really late, I'm probably looking at a low-quality 6 hours. Thankfully I've been really cutting back lately and usually going to bed at a decent time.
  5. Wow I felt the exact opposite. One of the worst zombie films I've ever seen. Maybe because I hated its treatment of the zombies and that moved it in a completely different space for me. Felt like I was watching a new Predator flick where everyone makes baffling decisions despite having prior knowledge of how this whole things works... unlike "origin" films in the genre.
  6. I'm waiting as well. I've played 2 and 3 but never went back after they supposedly "fixed" the ending. It's been a long, long time since so it will be fun to start fresh and play straight through. But like you I just can't justify the expense right now with so much else in the queue. I'm thinking I'll grab it when it drops under 30.
  7. This makes a lot of sense. I'm sure I came across as way too critical of whoever prepped my 2nd, but mostly I was just joking. Mostly. Honestly I was just thankful to get it all over with. Beyond just the simple act of getting the shot, the 2nd dose after effects were downright brutal for me. But I have autoimmune issues so I expected that.
  8. As someone who has regularly prepped injections in the past, and also seen how the Moderna vaccine was prepped behind-the-scenes, I can tell you that how it is handled can make a big difference in the sharpness of the needle. I got my 2 shots from different places. On my 1st shot I felt almost nothing, but the ham-fisted brute who prepped my 2nd shot caused it to feel like I was getting stabbed with dull steak knife.
  9. Other hack and slash games have made the jump, so I hope you're right. Will definitely give it a go whenever that happens. Looks fun.
  10. I'm having a hard time deciding what my price point on this one is. First it was 30, then 20... but that keeps dropping the more I learn about it. I might just might wait until it's free.
  11. Ha! Can certainly understand that! But in my case, mine was a PS4 pro jet engine and I was so ready to karate kick that thing into the street.
  12. Yeah I absolutely agree with you that right now the internal size is a pain... mine is maxed out. Sorry if I sounded dismissive. I could be wrong but it seems like it would be a nightmare for dev optimization to adjust all the asset loading and streaming if a game could be played on 2 vastly different bus speeds. Either way, not much we can do other than swap back and forth until they figure this internal expansion thing out.
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