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  1. Churches should keep politics out...usually I have seen them make their case by summarizing their beliefs but not specific candidates or party affiliation.
  2. I heard from a colleague that both her and her husband received full vaccinations but she does not have the Covid antibodies. I wonder how much research has gone into the vaccines not being effective for some people. I'm not an anti vaxer but just mentioning a possibility of the break thru instances of people getting covid. Yes I realize this is a single anecdotal incident.
  3. I have received 2 Moderna jabs. But I don't agree with the vax mandates. Our company does not currently require vaccinations but has indicated everyone can voluntarily "self certify" your vaccinations status. Govt will eventually get this data and govt has repeatedly demonstrated they will use any data collected politically.
  4. 500,000 containers to be unloaded That's 8,300 per day to unload in the next 60 days. I don't think there is much the White House can do to help this situation.
  5. I have posted elsewhere...10 days following my 2nd Modena jab I developed migraines. Basically spent 5 months taking Motrin. Usually one tablet, but for a few months it took two tablets especially at night. Developed periodic ringing in ears probably related to motrin. The migraines have finally pretty much disappeared with slight headaches still occurring occasionally, and haven't required any Motrin for about 5 weeks. Putting a few granules of Himalayan salt under my tongue would alleviate the headaches within minutes for about 20-60 minutes . I never had problems with headaches before. Not interested in additional boosters if we are going to need them every 6 months. ETA: But I don't know anyone else that had any side effects besides a sore/red arm for a few days.
  6. $100 for 90 day supply compounding pharmacy. In Dec I went to donate blood and hemoglobin was 19+. At 20 it won't flow through the needle and they will turn you away. Hematocrit was 53. I stopped the testosterone for four months and ate a grapefruit a day for three months. Hemoglobin dropped to 14 and Hematocrit dropped to 43. Now I am using half the dose daily and getting blood tests every 6 months. For blood tests they usually want you in by a couple of hours after applying cream.
  7. Careful, this could be considered mis-information and you could be referred to the DoJ.
  8. The end always justifies the means. Just like the border crisis. The Dems don't care about the children, the drugs coming in, the human trafficking or lack of Covid testing.
  9. Like if the IRS has access to every transaction you make? "no soup for you"
  10. They are just the initial gatekeeper. Yes, cost savings by replacing employees with contractor recruiters. Yes current HR employees are not productive enough. Benefits are offered to all employees- you can't cut benefits for just HR employees (ironically who manage the benefits, which administration of benefits is usually outsourced to companies like AON, Marsh, Etc...).
  11. As of Oct 1, In Austin the police wouldn't give a rats ### about your call Hopefully you scared him off and he won't return.
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