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  1. Want to reinforce this...many years ago we would just stop-in many along the drive...you really start losing your palate after 3-4 good tastings per day.
  2. Sorry if some these are Honda's, I didn't read the entire thread: Barnett is excellent for Cab/Chard but several types of wines available. Although "Rattlesnake" cab has kind of a cult following, they have many wines $30-$80. Excellent tasting venue outside a cave, overlooking Napa Valley from a couple thousand feet above. Appt required. Located in Spring District above St. Helena not to far from Fisher (see next one). Fisher is excellent for Cab/Chard. Appt only but it's really just a formality. Located On Spring Mtn on West side of Napa in northern part of Napa valley near St Helen
  3. 25-50 offers day one of listings, selling prices $50k-$150 over list, cash offer, waive inspection. Welcome to Austin. it's been commonly reported 150 people per day move to Austin over the past 20 years. Latest numbers which cover mid-2019 to mid-2020 have it pegged at 184/day.
  4. Reportedly judge will not announce the verdict until the morning of a verdict comes in at night (I assume whenever the verdict is decided and not just in the next couple of nights).
  5. I think the point is that it could be considered threats to the jury. While the jury was advised not to watch the news, there are quite a few other sources of influences on the case. The jury was not sequestered during the trial. Judge also implied Waters may have provided context to appeal and as he was continuing, was getting more upset that elected officials need to not comment on specifics cases.
  6. I just hope people stay away from personal residences (and the people) of anyone involved in this case, regardless of what role they were in.
  7. If you have an existing mattress, you might want to try a 3" mattress topper of memory foam. the Nectar memory foam mattress is popular but you are probably looking at $500 for a twin and $800 for a queen. Best mattress under $500
  8. When I first open the link it it grey/teal. As I continue to look at it, it slowly turns to pink and white with slight teal tones.
  9. When I first opened the link I saw definite grey and teal. Read more comments in this thread then went back to see if I could see any pink. Now I see white and pink with some slight teal in the laces and along the white sole.
  10. Reminds me of this song by Ozark Mountain Daredevils: Whats happened along in my life
  11. Today was 14 days post Moderna #2 injection. Slight sore arm for a couple days after each one. Son in law had Covid over thanksgiving (headache and back ache for about three days) had no side effects after Moderna #1 a couple weeks ago.
  12. You could have stopped at "wake up". But I will add, "waking up in Kauai to fresh ground Kauai coffee and macadamia nut pancakes. Fly private jet over to Maui to play round of golf at Kapalua. Return back to Kauai sitting surf side in Poipu with the waves breaking against the volcanic rock with a rum drink with an umbrella, fresh pineapple and banana.. A few whales out in the ocean. Jump in the pool to cool off periodically. Dinner with macadamia nut crusted local seafood". Few more drinks out on the Lanai enjoying the waves. Probably need to fit in a brief helicopter ride also." Gl
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