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  1. Can't you still get a dui on prescriptions?
  2. This is what I have been doing also. But I have never seen a car with a 650 rating 😀.
  3. Sorry if a honda...watched a great episode of NOVA last night explaining the development of Perseverance and some of the critical issues they addressed such as how do you fly a drone in atmosphere that is 1/100th of earth, developing ability to create oxygen for future mission as the fuel to blast off to return to earth, developing ability to determine where to land, how to process/store the core samples and the main objective of looking for signs of "life".
  4. 4 min and 37 seconds from total grid collapse
  5. The universe seems to be telling him something. Several car accidents and dozens of surgeries. Even the glutes are going to have problems firing after this. Can he even get car insurance at this point?
  6. Reportedly no signs of breaking. Fell asleep?
  7. Plumbers have been scarce in Austin for the past 10+ years due to the new construction that is ongoing from everyone moving here. Especially hard to find when you have an emergency. You might get priority service if you sign up for an annual service plan, which is probably a couple hundred $.
  8. Goosebumps watching the NASA team at confirmation of touchdown. Looked like they hit the spot exactly.
  9. They keep referring to "she". It's not a "she" or a "he". It's a machine.
  10. I don't like seeing the politicizing of this problem From either side. I received a text from a relative Sunday afternoon indicating ERCOT had informed the local energy utilities to start the rolling blackouts around 4:00 pm. Nothing happened until midnight. But the very first reports from the news media only mentioned the freezing wind turbines in west Texas. That may be where the initial focus on the turbine failures came from. But within the next 24 hours more information was being communicated that production from all energy sources, including natural gas, coal and nuclear were adversely
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