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  1. I started when it link was first released and then came back yesterday to revise based on injuries/emerging value plays. I ended up going with some studs that still provides some $ to pick up the value plays. I do watch the BYE weeks and try to spread them out and try not to have a QB1, RB1 or WR1 share BYE weeks. Many of the mid-tier RB/WR's didn't seem to be quality picks. You can't just go with the value plays as the deeper you get into this you still need to get the points. Always a highlight of the season. Brady seemed a lock in this contest with his performance and the receivers/TE he has. Herbert another steady top performer. Zach is definitely a value play. I have a hard time just going with two QB. QB - Tom Brady - 17 QB - Justin Herbert - 16 QB - Zach Wilson - 8 Henry looked like a consistent stud and it looks like a good year for Robinson. Robinson and Stevenson was typical value play that developed that many others selected. I might be a little thin at RB but hoping to get lucky with injuries/covid and they survive the season. RB - Derrick Henry - 32 RB - David Montgomery - 22 RB - James Robinson - 16 RB - Rhamondre Stevenson - 3 Again, going for some studs with Ridley and Lamb. With Hilton injury, there should be more targets for Pittman, albeit the Colts. Callaway and Edwards value that seemed to develop during the pre-season. WR - Calvin Ridley - 27 WR - CeeDee Lamb - 23 WR - Michael Pittman - 9 WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 WR - Bryan Edwards - 4 With added premium for receptions at usually good for some of the better TE's and look at them as also potentially filling WR weakness from a flex perspective. Hoping Pitts and Tonyan have great seasons, and assume Andrews will do well. TE - Kyle Pitts - 17 TE - Mark Andrews - 16 TE - Robert Tonyan - 13 Kickers tend to provide some good points in several weeks so I tend to go with mid to higher projections although they can cluster quite a bit. PK - Ryan Succop - 5 PK - Younghoe Koo - 4 PK - Daniel Carlson - 3 PK - Josh Lambo - 3 For defense...its mostly about sacks/int's and filling in around BYE weeks. TD - Los Angeles Chargers - 4 TD - Cleveland Browns - 3 Total value: 250
  2. Biden is losing whatever base he had pretty quickly.
  3. I included Twitter with social media and a political ideology that is let's say passionate about positive reports of alternative Covid treatments. You brought up livers and alcohol. My whole premise is why with Covid and not others.
  4. And Social media sites won't shut down my account if I say you should drink alcohol. I'm not saying any of these "alternative" treatments are good or effective. But they will shut down my account if I say anything positive about them.
  5. And yet how many livers are shot from drinking alcohol. Last year for the most part, the vaccines were not approved or available.This is about treatments, not avoiding vaccinations.
  6. Lets say someone gets Covid and chooses to use hydroxychloroquine. Why does anyone care? It's going to run it's course good/bad/indifferent.
  7. Well, approved or not, many people won't take any vaccines for many reasons. The point is why does anyone care if other options are used?
  8. Didn't the vaccines get emergency approval? Why do people get their social media accounts closed for talking about alternative treatments?
  9. Why are the Dems, social media companies and most liberals so concerned on what people use to treat Covid? There is a whole industry of holistic medicine to treat all kinds of ailments with things that are not officially approved by the FDA and no one cares.
  10. Are you referring to Austin/Milley defending Biden?
  11. Not sure Kamala will last as long as Biden. Where is she?
  12. It's like the BCS college playoff selection process. A committee picks the top 10. There is already demands to increase the number to top 16.
  13. I don't think any Honda's were left behind but Taliban feel betrayed by US for disabling equipment left behind! Biden p*ssed everyone off!
  14. Many states have capital punishment for killing people yet it doesn't seem to prevent it? You mean all we had to do is pay people a few hundred $?
  15. Not the last one either but the one we are dealing with now.
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