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  1. How do you guys feel going early at QB when all TDs are 6pts?
  2. Same boat in Mass. Bid 75K over asking and waived home inspection. Someone came in with 700K cash and a 2 week close. The amount of cash out there that buyers have is insane. Edit to add that we had an escalation offer and were actually 5k over the cash offer but cash is king.
  3. I asked my realtor about why some agents offer less percentage for the listing. I thought her answer was good. She said if the agent can't even negotiate their percentage, why would I want them negotiating the sale of my home? Thought it was a good point.
  4. You can take ibuprofen, but like others have said do not take it before. Edit to say always consult your Dr first.
  5. Make sure you have ibuprofen and Tylenol and alternate them every couple hours if you can take them. Start about 6 hrs after your shot. One can be a cold and flu med. The good thing is the flu feeling leaves as fast as it comes on.
  6. Saw a video from Dr. Kory about the medicine Ivermectin (don't know if it has been mentioned and the search function turned up nothing). He and his colleagues have done research and are pushing for this medicine for Covid. It is already an FDA approved drug that he calls a miracle. His testimony starts at the 28 minute mark of the link below and is approx. 10 minutes long. https://www.c-span.org/video/?507035-1/medical-response-covid-19&live=
  7. 4 coworkers , 2 of their wives and a son all got it. None ended up needing the hospital and all are good now.
  8. Did you read fruity's link above? Its a scam. They even had a licensed lawyer.
  9. And here lies the problem. Yes the young and healthy will be fine. But when you get it and are asymptomatic but are contagious, that's the most dangerous time as you will undoubtedly infect someone who isn't as healthy and will possibly be fighting for their life. But hey, you are ok so eff them. Survival of the fittest. :slamsfist: :wavesflag: merica.
  10. It is true. People go to the ER for everything under the sun. However, in this pandemic, we are getting less calls for the "non-emergencies" because people do not want to be there. Also, Doctors have been saying if you are not sick, then do not go. There is a higher chance getting it at a hospital because the sick are there.
  11. Nope. Just grab a plastic bag that it's going to go in anyways and stick your hand in it. Then squeeze thru the bag like you are picking up dog #### to as many avocados as you like. When you find the one you want, pull the bag over and wala, you are all set.
  12. Massachusetts is/was at approximately 50% death rate in long term care facilities too.
  13. I think this might have been a record for fewest games before a winner!
  14. Geez. Took this long to say start hiding money.
  15. Sorry but I don't feel bad for them as it is financially devastating for a lot of students/families to attend college these days.
  16. I get that people are saying no way they can stay inside for much longer. This is why we will see a spike in the numbers as predicted. Numbers will level and perhaps drop, giving a false sense of security. If you have to go out, when you come back please stay away from anyone who has a pre-existing condition or compromised immune system. If you don't want to care about your health, the least you can do is care about theirs.
  17. Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber. A real book and comic relief. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZP5wQkBvVg
  18. Everyone has to assume they have it. Keep your distance. Do not go anywhere near anyone with a compromised immune system or already have health issues. People who have the symptoms are supposed to contact their doctor and get permission to be tested. Again assume you have it. Don't go to the hospital unless you have a respiratory health issue or compromised immune system. Its all the people who do not need to be going to the hospital that are going to delay those who need the help. Just stay home and only go out for necessities. On a side note, I don't think the supermarket and the other workers who are allowed to stay open are getting enough appreciation. These cashiers and baggers who are usually the younger crowd can not social distance and are touching everything because they have to. I wish they get their recognition. Some chains are already giving them raises. They are the unsung heroes here.
  19. They need to be fitted. But anything is better than nothing.
  20. The issue is a lot of people were skeptics. The message came out strong to distance yourself and stay in. If the government came out too strong the potential for mass hysteria would've been huge and if it worked a lot of people would've said it wasn't needed. I believe we are going to see a shelter in place everywhere soon. For how long I don't know. But there is obviously going to be an increase in positive cases reported because of all the testing that is getting done. The younger crowd will be able to handle it. The elderly will not and the hospitals aren't able to handle it all. I don't have an answer except for the government to get back to their ABC's and prepare more for these large events. Each state needs to stockpile medical necessities. We are not prepared at all.
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