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  1. McClureBarbecue 7:03am via Twitter Web Client Thanks for coming out @nopd All is well. Burglar surprised to see me at 4 am i guess. Glad I came by the home store for coffee.
  2. Did anyone else notice the blood splatter hitting the camera lens during one of the zombie kills last night?
  3. In reading further, there is not yet DVR compatability between the Tablo and SlingTV. Does not look like TiVo is compatible either. Tablo only ercords OTA antenna broadcasts.
  4. Anyone using Tablo with their OTA & Sling solution for recording?
  5. Can other Sling users comment on picture quality? If this is the norm I won't even look into it. I have heard that the quality is directly tied to bandwidth. Could that have been an issue with Mr.Ham?
  6. REALLY wanting a Humphery's smokers Battle Box this spring. Would even travel to Maine to pick it up as it would cost about the same as shipping. I've got one friend asking me to cater pulled pork for about 100 people in May. I've got a huge metal smoker right now that I can do it on but its old and a fuel hog (I think its really meant for wood but have only used charcoal the first few times I've used it) and want to sell it beforehand. Plus the Battle Box I can transport for local comps. Anyone else have one of these? I've heard nothing but great things about it.
  7. Shuke....I will second the Maverick. I've had mine for a few years and is still tickin. Nice wireless feature too that has about a 50 foot range. I even take it down to the basement and it still gives me readouts.
  8. If you have Direct TV you can suspend your account painlessly.. All equipment stays in place, etc. You can turn it back on at any time but after 6 months you have to cut it for real or go back. Buy "cut it for real" do you mean turn all equipment back in?
  9. I am interested in your experience with Ting? Going this route based on my calculator would save me 200.00 per month on my Verizon bill alone!
  10. I may be getting one of these instead of a CB. I have a few minimal-memory windows programs that I use a lot that this would be able to handle. I can still use my Google drive on it and expand via SD if need be. Plus it has full Office functionality.
  11. WE'RE NUMBER 3! WE'RE NUMBER 3! WE'RE NUMBER 3! Still amazing how far we have come though. When I was at Air Force Global Weather Central back in the mid 90s , their cray computers had about 20GB of disk space.
  12. That's a lot of Flops! http://mashable.com/2015/01/06/weather-service-supercomputers-petaflops/ I am looking forward to using the newer models at work, as this article is dead on with not much reliability beyond 7-10 days. HRRR also was dead on last week with a weak snow band moving through western Ohio.
  13. Damn, that's sweet. I know what I am getting with my fantasy football winnings!
  14. Higher than usual snow totals for midwest with this clipper due to the high snow ratios because of the cold temps.
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