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  1. you sure did! Lamar and Hollywood will make or break you in the tough weeks i predict. I scored 223 (at this point) with Maholmes, McAfrrey, DeseanJax, Crowder and TE Engram leading the way. My big miss was having both Bear RBs (Montgomery and Cohen) combine for 13. I guess Duke Johnson will surpass Cohen's 5 to give me 230+
  2. B - Patrick Mahomes - KC/12 - $27 QB - Sam Darnold - NYJ/4 - $9 Darnold will probably be a swing player that makes or breaks this team. Loved him from day one at USC, he has the weapons. RB - Christian McCaffrey - CAR/7 - $35 RB - David Montgomery - CHI/6 - $18 RB - Tarik Cohen - CHI/6 - $18 RB - Duke Johnson - HOU/10 - $9 This group depends on health, McCaffrey staying the true only back. I had Saquon all the way up to today but the G-Men lack of a passing game scared me off. WR - Mike Williams - LAC/12 - $16 WR - Dede Westbrook - JAX/10 - $13 WR - Anthony Miller - CHI/6 - $12 WR - DeSean Jackson - PHI/10 - $11 WR - Jamison Crowder - NYJ/4 - $11 WR - Paul Richardson - WAS/10 - $7 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 Give me something from three every week TE - Evan Engram - NYG/11 - $18 TE - O.J. Howard - TB/7 - $18 This pair should do something big PK - Dan Bailey - MIN/12 - $4 PK - Austin Seibert - CLE/7 - $3 Cheap dollars good kickers TD - Chicago Bears - CHI/6 - $10 TD - Seattle Seahawks - SEA/11 - $5 Heavy on the Bears again. I like what they toss on the field across the board on D. SEA was a bargain at half the price.
  3. High Risk High Reward for 2019 -- I've never taken this "top heavy" approach but maybe I stick with it. WR is pretty hit and miss with this group QB - Patrick Mahomes - KC/12 - $27 QB - Sam Darnold - NYJ/4 - $9 RB - Saquon Barkley - NYG/11 - $36 RB - David Montgomery - CHI/6 - $18 RB - Tarik Cohen - CHI/6 - $18 RB - Matt Breida - SF/4 - $9 WR - Adam Thielen - MIN/12 - $24 WR - Dede Westbrook - JAX/10 - $13 WR - Jamison Crowder - NYJ/4 - $11 WR - Kenny Stills - MIA/5 - $10 WR - DeVante Parker - MIA/5 - $8 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 WR - John Ross - CIN/9 - $5 TE - Evan Engram - NYG/11 - $18 TE - O.J. Howard - TB/7 - $18 PK - Graham Gano - CAR/7 - $5 PK - Dan Bailey - MIN/12 - $4 TD - Pittsburgh Steelers - PIT/7 - $6 TD - Seattle Seahawks - SEA/11 - $5
  4. Yes -- Thinning that herd will be a must. It wont happen until October. I went RB Heavy too, complementing Jay Howard, Ameer Abdullah and Jay Ajahi with Hunt. My team always looks strong in September then fizzles, so im hoping having 3 kickers and 3 defenses helps soften the edge. Jameis Winston $17 0.00 Marcus Mariota $16 0.00 -- Jay Ajayi $26 0.00 Jordan Howard $26 0.00 Ameer Abdullah $18 0.00 Kareem Hunt $10 0.00 Brandin Cooks $26 0.00 Allen Robinson $22 0.00 DeVante Parker $14 0.00 Robby Anderson $5 0.00 Taywan Taylor $3 0.00 bye Marquise Goodwin $3 0.00 --- Hunter Henry $14 0.00 Eric Ebron $14 0.00 Evan Engram $8 0.00 -- Stephen Gostkowski $7 0.00 Cairo Santos $4 0.00 bye Kai Forbath $3 0.00 bye -- Arizona Cardinals $7 0.00 Pittsburgh Steelers $5 0.00 New Orleans Saints $2 0.00
  5. I love that this is your second post ever, made 8 1/2 years after your first. Here's the origional player list:Z. Miller $6Z. Miller $4Which one do you have?I Sent the original list over email to myself, i imagine i could dig it up if really necessary. I dont necessarily remember who either of the zach millers are though i figure one was at Jax other Seattle?
  6. In at 138.6 - Made it by 2 points or less while missing Jordy, A.Foster and J.Locker. 90% of my byes are behind me. Julio Jones and Shady Mccoy came through; Cam Newton & Vernon Davis better wake up though. I should not have survived this long! http://subscribers.footballguys.com/contest/2012/100184.php
  7. Why are some teams letter font colored purple or black? Is there a difference there?I am still alive, scoring at #2,494. Great if that was actually out of 13,000 but its out of 4,000 http://subscribers.footballguys.com/contest/2012/100184.php Used every week except bye: Arian Foster, Lesean Mccoy Have never used: David Wilson, Taiwan Jones Evan Royster Best values: A. Roberts, J. Nelson, Tannehill & Ogletree Biggest disappointments: Julio Jones, J. Blackmon, Cam Newton Injured Jake Locker
  8. wow i will make it at like 141. Such an average team i have with Cam Newton Locker and Tannehill at QB. But i keep surviving.Note to self: Never choose contest QB based on saving a few $$; yet always have 3.
  9. Wow 120's cut off? Great week to have byes. i Had a great week thanks to Jordy, finishing at 169. Adding the $4 Ryan Tannehill at the last minute also netted me 20 as Locker and Cam are the other 2 QBs. Having guys like Taiwan Jones, Evan Royster, Justin Blackmon and Ogletree on the bench has not helped since week 1. Will likely be my downfall later.
  10. "Value" picks like this and Taiwan Jones; Yuk. I took Wilson in 3 leagues, thinking he would be doing what Andre is doing tonight.
  11. Is the problem they tighten up and focus only on MJD with the offense w/ Reshad out of the picture. And Marcedes, Cecil and J.Blackmon all shut out of catches? It's amazing to be that bad.
  12. No, it's not a matter of opinion. If you had specifically projected Gonzo to score a TD in game 1, you wouldn't adjust your projections for the other games downwards. Nor would you if you had projected him to score zero TDs. The projections for the other games can only rationally be adjusted in the direction of the error; it makes no sense to say "he did better than I expected, so I'm going to downgrade the rest of my projections," nor to say "man, he really sucked in game 1, I'm going to bump my projections for the rest of the year."You are Right, the line of reasoning would mean that player X "MUST" score Y over Z Games.
  13. See if you beat this over the next 4 weeks. : 199.250 last Sunday. Cam Newton $28 17.55 Jake Locker $9 16.55 Ryan Tannehill $4 4.85 ------------------------------------- Arian Foster $34 20.50 LeSean McCoy $32 19.60 David Wilson $9 0.40 Kendall Hunter $6 4.10 Evan Royster $3 1.00 Taiwan Jones $2 0.00 ------------------------------------- Julio Jones $23 28.80 Jordy Nelson $20 11.40 Mike Wallace $16 13.70 Justin Blackmon $7 5.40 Andre Roberts $3 17.90 Kevin Ogletree $3 31.40 ------------------------------------- Vernon Davis $17 14.80 Jared Cook $11 12.40 Marcedes Lewis $7 18.70 ------------------------------------- Matt Bryant $4 20.00 Steve Hauschka $3 13.00 ------------------------------------- Green Bay Packers $6 10.00 Kansas City Chiefs $3 1.00 -------------------------------------
  14. Wow 18! I thought my 22 was lean and bold. You have massive talent in the WR/TE department, good pair of QBs. Your RBs hinge upon Ridley keeping the job.
  15. Just another year, another stab at madness. Ive always done ok never lasted until in December. Previously i had 26 on rosters, going with higher end talent this year as i feel its needed. This team is not reasonably deep enough to survive injuries but it could be a heck of a lot of fun to watch (like a firework) 22 players QB - Cam Newton - CAR/6 - $28 QB - Jake Locker - TEN/11 - $9 QB - Ryan Tannehill - MIA/7 - $4 RB - Arian Foster - HOU/8 - $34 RB - LeSean McCoy - PHI/7 - $32 RB - David Wilson - NYG/11 - $9 RB - Kendall Hunter - SF/9 - $6 RB - Evan Royster - WAS/10 - $3 RB - Taiwan Jones - OAK/5 - $2 WR - Julio Jones - ATL/7 - $23 WR - Jordy Nelson - GB/10 - $20 WR - Mike Wallace - PIT/4 - $16 WR - Justin Blackmon - JAX/6 - $7 WR - Andre Roberts - ARI/10 - $3 WR - Kevin Ogletree - DAL/5 - $3 TE - Vernon Davis - SF/9 - $17 TE - Jared Cook - TEN/11 - $11 TE - Marcedes Lewis - JAX/6 - $7 PK - Matt Bryant - ATL/7 - $4 PK - Steve Hauschka - SEA/11 - $3 TD - Green Bay Packers - GB/10 - $6 TD - Kansas City Chiefs - KC/7 - $3
  16. I Dont think anyone who watches football has a problem with Flynn. But in Wilson we are seeing something rare. So if a fraud means you dont have rare talent, that is all that poster could mean. Flynn is very capable and would be heads and tails above what they have in Arizona, and a few other places.
  17. have you seen any of their games this season? all naanee does is drop passes... if he does catch them, it's a fluke. he's been targeted 12 times and has "caught" 3 passes. lafell is building a good rapport with cam and cam is looking his way when smitty doesn't have 3 guys around him. outside of cam, smitty, the te's, and the rb's, lafell is the only rosterable player for the panthers... imo.B. Lafell doesn't have the mentality of a pro = but he has the raw skills and its showing. Reason, (and only reason) that Naenae is on the team is Lafell's immaturity and familiarity that the head coach had with him form his days in San Diego. S.Smith helps Lafell not hurt him.
  18. The fact that he got the ball in that situation says a lot, and I honestly don't think any RB in this league could have scored on that last play with the push the Saints o-line was allowing, dude didn't stand a chance. Very encouraged from this performance.I would think "not dissapointed" is more appropriaet than very encouraged, unless he was coming back from an injury i dont know about. Ingram did alright but he failed to make the big play to win.
  19. I'm pretty sure you were involved in some respect in the Forte thread, but to summarize what myself, EBF and others have covered ad naseum so far: I/we don't think Forte is an extraordinary player, only that he had extraordinary opportunity last year (particularly in PPR with Orton aka Sgt Swing Pass aka Cpt Check Down). Forte is an average/above average back, but it is unlikely he will ever have the perfect storm of opportunity again like last year. Most rookies you sort of extrapolate an increase based on their improvement, but I personally think we've seen his peak. It's not about McCoy being greater than Forte, because from a fantasy perspective Forte still has more opportunity at this point. But, then, that wasn't the trade being discussed. Westbrook is, for as long as he stays healthy, capable of top 5 numbers.... and for me, I think McCoy has at least if not more upside and is more likely to be in a starting role in 3 yrs time.Forte is above average back, great hands, decent power and speed.
  20. With Castillo/Orshansky still pretty young I've been hoping that they'd look more towards young depth at DT behind Williams for the past several year. Not a 1st/2nd rounder but at least a "project" type guy with a lot of upside you could develop. Williams had actually been healthy for the past two years(the defense used to fall apart whenever he missed time in '02-'04) but he's 31. I don't trust Bingham long-term. They need a stronger backup there.Donnie deserves some of the blame to be sure but if a guy is THAT important to your defense and you are looking at the prospect of losing both your starting ILB's..... you gotta work with the guy. Did you read some of the quotes going back and forth between AJ and Edwards before LAST season? Even after AJ had "won" and Edwards was just going to finish out his contract in SD AJ couldn't keep his mouth shut. He just kept pouring salt onto the wound. After all those years without missing a single game and putting up with AJ's digs in the media I don't think there was any way Edwards would have stayed with SD for any amount of $. People talk about AJ's ego but that's the only situation where I clearly think it hurt SD in an obvious, indisputable way.If Edwards wants more $ than he's worth, well at least don't alienate him to the point he'll make your competition stronger for less $. Then AJ compounds that mistake by failing to address the ILB position. At the time I thought Wilhelm/Cooper were serviceable but nothing special. I still feel that way.I agree with everything you just said.To get this thread back on topic.. Do you think Philip Rivers sucks worse the Craig Whelihan? Would the Chargers be a better team if they had kept Wheels?Hillarious -I played against Wellihan in high school, 1987, Santa Theresa Saints! Rivers is slightly better than good old Wheels.
  21. I don't think they dumped Stevens because of reliability. I think they dumped him because they were tired of his act (and his salary) and thought they could replace him with Daniel Graham. J. Stevens is a huge clown act who got his life together for one year, one excellent camp and season when Seahawks went to the Superbowl and then returned to his old ways. There is a story about his neighbors absolutley hating him up in Washington as he was a nightmare. Here it is.. Neighbors don't miss Jerramy By Nicole Brodeur Seattle Times staff columnist Related Nicole Brodeur's columns via RSS They paid $500,000 and more to live at Astoria at Meydenbauer, but there are times when some wonder if it's such a privilege. One resident woke to find his deck splattered with vomit. Another found used condoms. Others told of being awakened at 3 a.m. by loud fights, or were startled by strangers who partook of their patios. And they have had it. The noise, the fear and the man behind it — fifth-floor resident Jerramy Stevens. Last month, the Astoria condominium board sent the former Seattle Seahawk tight end a letter, calling him to a meeting this week to discuss the complaints against him. Be there, it warned, or risk legal action to push him out. But since Stevens was cited Tuesday in Arizona on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana, Astoria board President Jay Kasin isn't sure Stevens will make it. "If he does not show up, we will give him one more chance to respond," Kasin said. That's far more consideration than Stevens has given his neighbors since moving in a few years ago, according to several residents. He has parties that last all night. He has set off illegal fireworks from his deck, showering other units with debris. He takes up two spaces in a lot reserved for the building's retail shops. He gives the building security code to friends, who walk in at all hours. "[stevens] just seems to ignore authority," Kasin said. "I'm not bothered by him, but I do know a number of residents are afraid." One said that if Stevens gets on the elevator, he will get off. "It's not because he's black," said the resident, who asked not to be named for fear of retaliation. "It's because he's a big guy and he has a terrible history and everybody knows it." It wasn't that long ago that, after years of tracking his various misdeeds, I was open to the idea that Jerramy had grown up and straightened out. But I spoke too soon. And to me and the folks who live with him, the Scottsdale arrest was simply overdue. On Jan. 28, Astoria residents called police to report noise coming from Stevens' unit. The first call came in at 3:40 a.m. Yelling and screaming, the police log says. A fight between two males. Police arrived, but by then it was over, and, neighbors said, no one inside would answer the door. Kasin knew all about it. The police have been called several times, he said, "but if they don't have a search warrant, they can't do anything." The condo board has fined Stevens several times for rules violations at $500 a pop. "But, you know, the guy's got a lot of money," Kasin said. "It's chump change to him." Residents have considered asking for help from city officials, Kasin said. "We are officially trying to file a complaint," he said. "But I'm pretty sure it's hard to kick someone out of a place that they own." Neighbors hope Stevens gets another job in another city. For now, his out-of-town jam is a blessing enough. "He's been gone for a month now," one resident told me. "And it has been like a vacation for us." Reach Nicole Brodeur at 206-464-2334 or nbrodeur@seattletimes.com. She'll say it again: Call, Jerramy.
  22. yes it was SDSU Aztecs in 1992 and '93, not Fresno state; just the same uniform colors I thought Marshall Faulk played for SDSU? I am from San Diego, but have never followed College Football closely. I remember driving with my dad up to Yosemite, CA for a job and he was saying that Faulk was robbed for the Heisman. We were listening to a game (The Mighty 690am broadcasting out of Tecate Mexico, you can get the signal up past LA) and I could have sworn it was SDSU.
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