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  1. If I needed a plugin, I would certainly take a chance over many others who are available on the wire. In some leagues, I roster him and based upon his production (and my losses due to injury/covid), the would easily be my wr3.
  2. How fast the merry-go-round spins. Just a few short weeks ago I was patting myself on the back for have a super #4 wr on my squad for the stretch run. Now he has slipped into a carousel of other misfits including his rookie teammate.
  3. Came down to a toss up for the flex position. I chose the one who was sure to get his team's top share of targets and so I started Corey D and sat Sammy W. Ooof.
  4. Ditto. Looks like we both under estimated the stink of the Pats D. (sigh)
  5. No. Normal-till-you-drop-player dynasty. I have been in the league several years (with both owners) and have not see anything askance until this. My only thought (other than the obvious reaction) is that perhaps Team 1 had intended to receive a 2nd asset (pick or player) and mistakenly clicked send without including it and Team 2 jumped to click before Team 1 saw his error. I have come close to doing this a few times myself. But surely, Team 1 would have said something to Team 2/Commish if that were the case and Team 2, I would say, has been a most upstanding citizen. I find it hard
  6. Dynasty,12-team, ppr. Hot off the wire: Team 1 gave up Bryant, Dez DAL WR Year 2019 Round 3 Draft Pick Team 2 gave up Britt, Kenny NEP WR Is there new information out on Dez or Britt?!!
  7. I am starting him. Guaranteed to he will not go off now. Guess we get to see whose voodoo is more potent.
  8. 12 Team PPR Team A gave up: Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR Kelce, Travis KCC TE Year 2017 Round 3 Draft Pick from Rocky Mtn High Rollers Team B gave up: Graham, Jimmy SEA TE Year 2017 Round 1 Draft Pick from SALSA BUT DEADLY Year 2017 Round 2 Draft Pick from SALSA BUT DEADLY
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