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  1. Any word on if he practiced today (Friday) or not? The decision for Gronk owners boils down to this question: What can you better live with? Him getting 0-3 points in your lineup? Or him scoring 22 points on your bench?
  2. That is my feeling as well. If you're going to be carrying a backup RB or two at the end of your bench that doesn't really offer a ton of value unless a starter gets hurt, DeAndre looks like one of the guys I'd like to have. I think he would be the lead in the "tandem attack" if something were to happen to Latavius, and I think there are a lot of points to be scored by Oakland RB(s) if the pool gets knocked from 3 backs to 2. Perfect combo of talent + opportunity. I wouldn't be shocked if his role continues to grow even without a LM injury.
  3. Pretty sure Hopkins dominated with Hoyer last year. Not sure if it is a hit at all.
  4. What about the stats for the 5, 7, or 26 Freeman games? I'd be VERY concerned if I owned him.
  5. Matthew Berry Verified account ‏@MatthewBerryTMR Sep 12 Last 5 games, Devonta Freeman has averaged 2.87 yards per carry. Over that same time frame, Tevin Coleman has averaged 5.08 yards per carry. If you go further back, Devonta Freeman has actually only averaged 2.96 yars per carry over his last 7 games. So while Devonta Freeman did go absolutely nuclear for a 6-game span last season (you can't take that away from him), he has looked VERY PEDESTRIAN in the other 26 career games he has played (211 total carries, 658 yards, 3.12 ypc, 4 TDs).
  6. With so many people going zero RB this year, JAG Lives Matter.
  7. I'm holding. Matt Jones is an awful RB who, despite being a big man, tries to dance and bounce everything outside. With a poor Oline, you can't do that. You have to run smash mouth, north-south and just keep positive yards churning. I have more confidence in Kelley doing that than Jones and I'm confident that Gruden and the coaching staff will soon too.
  8. It says DeSean played 9 games last year, but he really played 8 games as he pulled his hamstring in the 1st quarter of Week 1 last year before recording a single reception on Washington's first or second drive of the entire season. He returned weeks later and played 8 games (exactly half a season) and recorded 528 yards and 4 TDs. Extrapolated over 16 weeks that is 1,056 yards and 8 TDs which would have been good enough for WR #17 in non-PPR leagues last season. Those numbers are VERY in-line with his career numbers, and about the floor of what I expect him to have this season (barring health of course) which would be about 1,050 yards and 6 TDs (which would have been good enough for WR #23 last season in non-PPR). Either way you are getting a WR2 at a WR4 price this season. I expect many, many playoff teams to have DJax on their roster.
  9. Those look like PPR averages. Some of those seasons are downright atrocious numbers in non-PPR.
  10. Lol @ the Zod/Superman references. I see what you guys did there... Anyway, does anyone know what that little dance is/or is called?
  11. Really like this guy. It's obvious how much fun he has playing the game. With that said, what is that little "step thing" he is doing now before his Superman celebration?
  12. Starting Kendall Wright home vs Buffalo over him. Buffalo has been thrashed by WRs this season, and I'm sold on Mariota. With that said though, if I had to start Benjamin, I would absolutely be doing it with confidence. The kid is a football player.
  13. I asked these same questions in the Joique Bell thread, but that thread has about as much steam right now as Joique himself does when dragging his feet up the middle for a 1.1 yard run. Does anyone even know how/when Joique got hurt? I don't recall seeing/hearing about anything until Thursday when he just simply didn't practice - And now he can't practice at all on it? Anyone else thinking this could turn in to a long term thing? Complications from previous surgery(s) perhaps? If so, Detroit is going to need someone to play the hammer role. This might be a long term role for Zenner and not just a one week play.
  14. I don't have to start him (have Julio, AJ Green, and Larry Fitz), but if I did have to (bye week, injury, etc) it's getting to the point that i'd be starting him with (a high level of) confidence as well.
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