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  1. Not sure if anyone is still holding UNVC, but Doc just sent a tweet last night. "Train is leaving the station" It could just be another stall, or it might mean something. Either way, its trading around a nickel right now, so decent time to get in if you want to take the chance on it. His tweets do usually cause a bit of a bump as well, so even if you just want a potential quick flip, you might have a chance early today. Of course, no guarantees. Just putting it out for people.
  2. I'm still just holding. Waiting for the day things turn back for the better. Even being down 65% from my high, I'm still up 300% on the year. So, there's that.
  3. Disappointing road trip. Before they left, I was hoping for at least 3-3. Would have been happy with that on the west coast, but it wasn't to be. I guess we will see how they rebound from it coming back home.
  4. I think announcers in general are not good. In football, I just turn em off or watch Redzone, but I like to have them on with baseball as I am usually doing something else, and not solely dedicated to the game. This brings me to my main point, which is, I don't like announcers who's voice raises 19 octaves on a lazy fly ball the center. If its not something worth turning around and watching, I don't need all the excitement. Baseball is boring 90% of the time. Don't try to make it what its not. Just my
  5. Most of them. I will take off about 1 per homestand. Boss let me take off the Easter game this week because of my 4 year old twins. Thought that was pretty cool.
  6. Yes. We are at 30%, so that is about 12000 seats being sold. I don't have the numbers on season tickets, but I think its a fair percentage. They usually give us that number based on the previous season, so this year was a bit skewed for obvious reasons. I believe there are enough give aways to get through the full two games with max capacity of 12K. They don't actually have that on our internal calendar, but its always as supplies last. If you are at the first of the two games, it should be no problem. If you are at the second, might still want to plan a little early if you want to
  7. Some of us have been here all along. But we'll be happy to have you back, GB.
  8. I am holding. Its either going to happen or its not. It will take a plunge if it doesn't happen this week, but I suspect it will find its way back up eventually.
  9. I feel like I could average down nicely on ETFM, but I already have too much money in it. Only reason I would do it would be to make it easier to sell and break even. My cost basis is .0213
  10. Yep. I am tapped out of available penny stock funds right now, otherwise I would be in. I do like it longer term.
  11. But seriously.... I'm still free rolling DPLS. Its in a Roth, so I got time to wait that one out. I sold out of AITX, but I would get back in under 20 cents if I have the opportunity later. GTEH has been the biggest disappointment. I sold out on the Roth for a nice profit, but holding in the other account since I'm under water there. Profit could have been a lot greater, but waited too long. That one cost me, but the company CEO is just making horrible decisions IMO. Holding my XMETD, partially cuz I have no choice with TD. I am up on those pretty nice, so as long as it
  12. I decided to start selling raffle tickets for a buck a piece. Winner gets to kick me in the nuts as hard as they want. I figure I will make more money and it will hurt less than the rest of the penny stocks right now.
  13. Waters are only going to get more choppy as we get closer to the end of the quarter. If we don't see some financials soon, it will probably get very ugly. I have resigned myself to just hold.
  14. I used to not care, but then I watched an episode of Charmed where they said you should celebrate every birthday because you never know if you will get another one. Now I care even less.
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