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  1. Well, full disclosure, I have never done this method, but as I have just recently been learning about this method, that is what was stated on a couple of the videos. Would love for someone with more experience to confirm.
  2. How I understand it: The call that you bought at $15 is collateral for the sold call at the $110 strike price. For the poor man's covered call, I don't think you are going far enough down on the strike. It also should be far enough out that you aren't losing a lot of value on the theta. Sell the call at the $110 about a month out, and the idea is, if you hit that strike price and the call gets exercised, your broker will automatically exercise your $90 call as the collateral leaving you with a $20 gap, or $10 more than your cost basis.
  3. He was the only person in the car according to news I am seeing.
  4. Yes, I think we both really started to pay attention to this stuff toward the end of last summer. And yes, I think our portfolios look very similar as far as what stocks we own. I do not have any CBBT (sold waaaay too early), TSNP (regret), WDLF, or RBNW. In addition, I still have my UNVC, obviously. I also bought a little bit of SBES and PHIL. Tailing someone on SBES and total speculative play on PHIL. 8 days red if it doesn't turn around today. I look at it like this. If I had set this all up on January 3rd, and didn't look at it until today, I would be damn happ
  5. I saw that as well. It had really good support at .007, but no support is going to hold with what is going on. It looks like we may get a reboot of the stocks. I have no idea how long this will last, but I will wait through it. CTRL+ALT+DEL
  6. What I find most interesting about this right now is that positive PRs are not even making a smidgen of a difference right now. This is a full on market correction. I am a fairly new investor, but I figure the only way to get through this is to just ride it out and hope that the companies keep making strides toward a better future. I don't think companies are really affected by the stock price unless they are looking to raise capital, so as long as they can continue operations, we will get through this and hopefully be stronger for it in the end. I don't mind the waiting if I feel ther
  7. I have read about it and watched a couple videos on it. I think its fine if you are looking at a stock you don't mind owning. It seems like your just combining covered calls with cash secured puts to me. You always have either one or the other month to month. I also was learning about poor man's covered calls and married puts over the past couple weekends. Lots of strategies. I guess it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.
  8. If that happens, I might actually consider getting back in.
  9. That's not one I have gotten in. I currently have a hold on opening new positions in speculative plays while I let the current ones sit and marinate.
  10. I wish I understood craps so I could make a crapping out joke.
  11. Brutal week so far. I think this will pop back nicely, but hope it doesn't take the stimulus money to make it happen. Who knows when that might happen? Overall, I am way up, but its been hard to watch last Mon-Wed gains slowly disappear the last 5 trading days.
  12. I am not sure anymore. The past four days have been brutal overall and I am trying to figure out how the sentiment comes back without some real information. I think the reason it got as high as it did was because of the New Year's Eve tweets from Doc, but there has been no real anything since. Its hard for people to keep faith forever. I think if this is going to happen, it will be in the next two weeks. I will be looking to phase my position out to free roll status very shortly. Was hoping to be up today and start taking a little off the top. If you believe in the grand pla
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