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  1. FOX BET SUPER 6 THURSDAY NIGHT $25K (my picks are bolded) Who will score the first TD? Mike Evans / Chris Godwin / Jalen Hurts (rushing) / DeVonta Smith / Miles Sanders / Other Which team will have the most rushing yards and how many? Tam / Tie / Phi 0-90 / 91-100 / 101-110 / 111-120 / 121-130 / 131-140 / 141-150 / 151-160 / 161+ Which team will have the most passing yards and how many? Tam / Tie / Phi 0-200 / 201-225 / 226-250 / 251-275 / 276-300 / 301-325 / 326-350 / 351-375 / 376+ Which team will have the longest completion and how long will it be? Tam / Tie /Phi Which team will have the most total yards and how many? Tam / Tie /Phi 0-325 / 326-350 / 351-375 / 376-400 / 401-425 / 401-425 / 426-450 / 451-475 / 476-500 / 501+ Who will win and by how many points? Tam / Tie /Phi 1-2 / 3-4 / 5-6 / 7-8 / 9-10 / 11-12 / 13-14 / 15-16 / 17+
  2. DRAFT KINGS THURSDAY NIGHT FULL GAME CONTEST (my picks are bolded) Who will cover the spread? Tam - 6.5 / Phi + 6.5 Total Points? Over 52.5 / Under 52.5 1st half spread? Tam - 4.5 / Phi +4.5 Who will score first rushing or receiving TD? Fournette / A. Brown / Evans / Hurts / D. Smith / Other outcome Tom Brady passing yards? Over 295.5 / Under 295.5 Jalen Hurts passing yards? Over 288.5 / Under 288.5 Which player will have more rushing yards? Leonard Fournette / Miles Sanders Which player will have more receiving yards? Chris Godwin / Devonta Smith Antonio Brown receiving yards? Over 58.5 / Under 58.5 Mike Evans receiving yards? Over 64.5 / Under 64.5
  3. There are a lot of free pools out there for the NFL. I have been playing in some since the beginning of the year. I will leave out free survivor pools since there is another thread for them. I have won very little, as its generally luck on many of them, but there is some part that might be interesting to talk about. Also, it can give people a heads up on where to find some of them. I know I do a few, but there are likely more out there. I will start a new reply for each contest starting with the Thursday night game tonight. I'm not dropping any referral codes, and the contests are free, but you will need to create an account if you don't have one already. I want to play in as many as possible. Would like to see someone here get a bit lucky with one of these. Anyone ever win anything substantial?
  4. Used: Offense : Carolina, L.A. Chargers, Minnesota, Cleveland Defense: NYG, Washington, Denver, Tennessee Week 4 Offense - Buffalo Defense: - New England
  5. Used: Offense : Carolina, L.A. Chargers, Minnesota Defense: NYG, Washington, Denver Week 3 Offense - Cleveland Defense: - Tennessee
  6. I still play from time to time. Its hard not having a lot of free time, but with the baseball season pretty much over today, I shouldn't have to work weekends for at least 4 months. Will have to try that with Portugal. I like easy wins.
  7. Felt like a kick in the gut to read that email, and I'm not one who is usually impacted by people I don't personally know passing. I guess I, like others, felt like I knew Tags just because he was so likable and easy to listen to. RIP. I feel like I know Joe a little as well, and I am hoping you feel better soon and can make it to the wedding.
  8. Glad you like the WKRP. I was a little worried I had to compromise with limited time and the breweries not having great choices. Based on your age (according to my research), I figured you would be very familiar with that scene. It absolutely is one of the best. Thanks for posting the pics. I hope a couple of those beers suit your palate.
  9. So, this is not going well. Didn't we say there is an honorable mention for last place? Anyway, I'll keep trying. Used: Offense : Carolina, L.A. Chargers Defense: NYG, Washington Week 3 Offense Minnesota Defense: - Denver
  10. After having a chance to indulge in a couple of the beers, I got to say the October Fest was PERFECT! My kind of beer, and I drank both in the same sitting. I'm usually a one and done when it comes to beer, but when I really like the beer and am in the mood, I can drink two. The Blood Orange Wheat I was so looking forward to let me down except in one area... nostalgia.. it brought me back to when I was 14 and acquiring Busch Light and drinking them with friends. I haven't had a Busch Light in 30 years, but that BOW brought the flavor back like it was yesterday. I love the long sleeve T. Its a great addition as the weather starts to turn cooler. I don't fish, but I think I need to plan a fishing trip in order to wear the hat. I'm not a hat guy, but I do have a lot of them. This fits nicely into the collection. Thanks again @SouthJersey
  11. Keep this on page one to annoy the haters. The Anarchist is truly a kickass song.
  12. We're already seeing an uptick in teams going for it on 4th down. I imagine that would skyrocket if they narrow up the goal posts. I'm not saying that would be good or bad, but I think it would happen.
  13. I kinda think it would be Higbee, but I can definitely see the targets going up for Woods as well in that circumstance.
  14. I will add Robert Woods. He and Kupp were ranked right next to each other all through the drafting season. After two weeks, there is clearly a favorite target for Stafford. That might be based on coverage and scheme, but I am a little worried that Woods just won't be what he was drafted to be.
  15. Imagine people on a fantasy football internet message board calling Rush fans nerds. Its almost like a counter-insult. I think I like it.
  16. BTW, Goetta is a weird seasoned like sausage popular on the west side of Cincy. I personally think it tastes like ###, but the shirt made me laugh. https://www.goetta.com/
  17. Glad to hear it made it safe. Took a little longer than I thought it would.
  18. Pics of the loot from SouthJersey. Great stuff!! https://imgur.com/Xc7pS8R https://imgur.com/QnkUXh2 https://imgur.com/chnKbIl https://imgur.com/w0zMCNP I hope this works.
  19. Offense (Used Carolina) Week 2 - L.A. Chargers Defense (Used NYG) Week 2 - Washington
  20. Was able to get this in the mail today. Sorry @cheeseypoof for being late/last minute. I hope the wait was worth it for you. Like an idiot, in my haste, I forgot to put the note in. I'll send over a PM when you receive it. Hope you enjoy a little taste of Cincinnati.
  21. I have all the stuff. Just need to put it in the mail. Tomorrow is the plan if I am not called into work.
  22. @SouthJersey Package received!! Great stuff. Love the shirts and really looking forward to popping that blood orange wheat (wheats are my favorite) Thanks, man. Will post pictures when I get a chance.
  23. Update for me. I will have the package out on Wednesday this week. Sorry to my stalkee and hope you enjoy.
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