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  1. i turned down a lot of nice trades last year. whoops.
  2. bumping this. how long is jonathan worth a hold in a deep league while he remains on the practice squad. and do the signings of langford and CJ0k to other teams discourage you? i have a suspicion he's going to be a waiver wire darling at some point this year and i'm keeping a bench spot for him but that decision is going to be a bit harder once we get into the bye weeks and injuries start rearing their ugly head. i feel like if booker makes a game day roster over him, that might be time to completely give up on him and cut bait since it'll have given the broncos a few weeks to assess their talents side by side and i think activating booker before jonathan is probably a sign of how they feel about their futures. any others holding out hope on him? and what would you need to see to keep him through the season?
  3. i mean this is fair, but take a gander at receivers drafted in the top 5 or 7. i only found one real bust going back about 10 years and that was heyward-bey and consensus at the time was the raiders really, really reached on him. cooper, sammy, mike evans, julio, AJ were all WR1s or WR2s. calvin johnson and blackmon struggled some, but were still a reliable WR3. i'd put decent money that corey davis produces like a WR2 this year while healthy based on history and what we saw of him in limited snaps on sunday.
  4. i watched a bit of this game. i got giddy when they fed him twice early in the first few plays and i started fantasizing about having stretch run 2015 sammy back... overall, his first performance was a bit of a mixed bag. goff looks competent, so the offensive pie is probably a bit bigger than most of us projected. he had 4 targets/receptions in the 1st half. he only saw one more target (3rd quarter) after the game was decided. i didn't see him on the field much in the 2nd half, but goff and gurley and kupp all kept getting reps. deep into the game. on the one hand, that makes me feel like he's their "franchise receiver" and they're protecting him. on the other hand, considering he's new to the team and all the other major pieces continued to play together, i'd have liked him to get some more reps with the offense... but i still feel like low end WR1 / high end WR2 is still a possibility here.
  5. you think they'll tag a receiver coming off this injury? i'm not sure. that seems like a lot of dough to commit for a single season when for only a little bit more overall, you could probably lock him up for three years.
  6. after living through the dyno nightmare that was laquon treadwell last year, i'm most happy to just see a guy on the field and making plays even if he's not 100%. never again will i sit back and watch a receiver basically be a healthy scratch for 6 weeks without moving him... glad that's not the case with corey!
  7. watched most of the game and loved what i saw. that first catch was beastly. i'm going to have a hard time keeping this guy out of my lineup next week. he looks capable of monster games.
  8. the $$$ makes me think he had active roster offers, for what it's worth. it's right at second year vet minimum and about 400k over practice squad minimum.
  9. yesterday i thought his dyno value was relatively unchanged. today, i think it took a huge hit...
  10. there are two types of fresh legs guys, too. opportunity guys and talent + opportunity guys. dixon is the latter and things are trending in the right direction for him to make an impact.
  11. that might be what you saw, but when a team rushes 25 times for 36 yards the RBs are not to blame. almost all fault lies somewhere between game plan and offensive line.
  12. definitely with you about the old days. the league has become pretty pass heavy and it's been a while since a receiver sat this much to start and went on to do much. times have changed. looked for this thread to see if anyone has moved him lately. then i checked out tweets @dynastytrades on twitter and his value isn't completely tanked, but his value is probably a 2017 2nd which is pretty discouraging for a guy most people picked in the top three three months ago. most dyno players would rather have a late 2017 1st than him. https://twitter.com/search?q=treadwell dynastytrades&src=typd i'm a treadwell owner, don't wanna sell low, but would have accepted this trade in a heartbeat:
  13. i did notice the pack turned away from him a lot in obvious passing downs last week. could be the snap count thing, could be they want better pass pro from the back in the game. but one thing's certain: he's putting up about 95 total yards a week in three straight games. that's a trend. he's also had 15 opportunities in the red zone without a score. sproles is the only player with more opportunities and no scores. an argument could be made that he's unlikely to have a high TD % because of his playing style/team but it seems pretty unlikely he doesn't score on his next 15 red zone opps. that to me suggests even if his workload dips a bit going forward, a couple scores here or there would offset that. i think he's a great buy. people are sort of on the fence about him.
  14. i'd have him slated around WR20 ROS. dyno-wise, i could see asking for something in the value range of WR20 to WR35 for him. i probably wouldn't move him for anything less.
  15. i've been with them since 2009 and i don't remember ever seeing that. (i'm 99% sure they just go off of whatever the team's official roster says). but considering flexibility is about the only thing they have going for them these days, i'm sure they can handle it. they do allow leagues to customize individual players' positions, too. so depending on your league rules, your commish could force it thru if everyone votes on it.
  16. this is the takeaway. the packers offense has looked the best it's looked in a year and a half and that's largely due to having a player who can play both RB and WR in the huddle for a huge chunk of the plays. this is making their offense a little more difficult to scheme against. i don't see them taking away this strategic advantage just to give 15 carries to some 3 yards and cloud of dust back. the real question: what's montgomery's value right now? ROS and/or dynasty. i'd put him in the 19-24 range ROS. definitely would rather have him than maclin or jordan matthews. dynasty? i have ZERO clue... i picked him up and wouldn't trade him for a second round rookie pick right now and i'm sure nobody would give me a first just yet. he'll probably get RB/WR eligibility heading into next season, which is probably something to think about, too.
  17. yeah. had him over emmanuel all day until kniles and adams were active and jackson was the starter... really a coin flip!
  18. i think it's the combination of adams and jackson starting along with some contradictory reports about who will be in the backfield the most. gah. he was in. now he's out. i'm wavering... maybe i'll just play him in my tiebreaker slot.
  19. i just swapped montgomery back to my bench for emmanuel sanders... this was way more actives tonight than i anticipated.
  20. montgomery is flying up WR rankings today. as of right now, koerner has him at #15, paulsen at #20, and scott pianowski and justine boone both at #26... those are higher rankings than i'd have expected for a waiver wire grab from those guys... EDIT: a couple of the main FBG staff rankings have him in the #16-#20 range too... start him with confidence!
  21. yeah maybe. maybe i'm being an idiot, but my thoughts are that since i'm playing a better team i'd rather go for the homerun... if he gets 5-10 carries and 6+ targets, i think he's got the better chance for a huge game... but i've still got 5 hours to waffle on it!
  22. he's in there over emmanuel sanders and hunter henry at flex for me.
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